Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Snack

Big Snack is back in action on his new site... The Pittsburgh Penalty Box Check it out ASAP!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Go Bucs

Ok guys, I just wanted to throw a quick state of the Bucs address out there...hope you enjoy!

My basic thoughts so far are how well the pitching staff has played and how the offense is shaping up. First, for the pitching...

So far, the pitching has held up exceptionally well. Except for one poor start by Ian Snell, the Bucs have been one of the better starting staffs in the majors. Zach Duke has pitched two gems, including a complete game shutout today, and our bullpen hasn't really shown the dysfunction of last year yet.

If we plan on being close to .500, this staff has to keep pitching this way.

The other thing I noticed was about our hitting. I think the early games of this season have been pretty telling as to what kind of hitting to expect from the Buccos. We've had a couple games where we've exploded for alot of runs, and with Doumit and McLouth gaining a year of experience and Adam LaRoche hopefully not doing his usual April sucking, I think we can see this team has a little pop.

The problem, however, are those games where the bats aren't working, which I suppose is a problem in all MLB Clubhouses, but with our lineup, that could come more often then usual, as seen by our losses this year. I have a strange feeling that if we plan on winning games, we're going to have to win 3-1 or 4-2, or we're gonna get blown outta the water.

So the basic assessment is so far, so good. It's too early to tell how the season will end up, but so far, I like what I see.

Until lata...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Couple of Prospects...

Well boys and girls, with the NFL Draft coming up in a few weeks, I felt it was time to tell yinz about a coouple of the guys that numerous mock drafts have us linked to. Now keep in mind, this is all subjust to change based on who's left, etc..., but here's the linemen we've been linked to, and next time i'll post about the cornerbacks...

Alex Mack is a center from Cal, who is considered the top prospect at his position and would be a nice fit for the Steelers. He is a very strong and physical blocker, which would be a nice change for the Steelers, as we've been having trouble recently with the bigger noseguards in the AFC North. He's a three time All Pac 10 player and two time All-American, and has been impressive thus far in the scouting process.

If it were up to this humble reporter, Alex Mack would be our first round selection.

Another name being thrown around is Max Unger from Oregon. He may possibly go before the Steelers pick, but to honest, he doesn't seem like as good a fit as Mack. Unger is very versatile, and can effectively play all three positions on the line (although he's mostly thought of as a center/tackle). The problem I have with him is he's known as more of a finesse blocker, and once again, the AFC North has a lot of big bodies to move so you best be strong as an ox or you could be in a lot of trouble.

Phil Loadholt, a massive left tackle from Oklahoma is another name possibly on the Steelers draft board. His size is definitely a plus, although he's not really known as a quick player and may have fallen into the second round. He'd be a nice fit for the Steelers as he's a big man who can play physical, however we already have a project in last year's pick Tony Hills, so therefore I wouldn't take him unless both center options are taken. But he has visited the Steelers' complex, so that might be an indicator that he's on our radar.

Finally, the last lineman linked to us (at least that I've seen) is A.Q. Shipley from Penn State. He's a second to third rounder, and is somewhat like Mack in that he is strong and very tough. He has also visited the Steelers, and he won the rimmington trophy as last year's best college center.

So what's with all the centers you ask? Well, first off, no one drafts guards in round 1, unless there's an Alan Faneca type player available, which there isn't this year, and secondly, with us having the last pick in round 1, most if not all of the first round tackles are expected to be gone. But who knows, I personally think the Steelers will probably trade down or pick a corner in round 1, as players like Shipley will be available in the later rounds.

Until next time...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Wind-Down

Here's another new entry from our newest contributor, Fat Daddio...he'll be posting about once a week or so, and I'll be posting something on Wednesday...


-- Pitt's big three of DeJuan Blair, Sam Young, and Levance Fields held up their end of the bargain at the dance. But every game was a struggle, in large part because Tyrell Biggs, Juan Dixon, and Brad Wannamaker didn't show up. If we have one bit of advice for Jamie Dixon next season, it would be to trust Ashton Gibbs a little more and Wannamaker a lot less.

And give Agnus Berenato lots of love. Her team is risen with a bullet, and unlike Dixon, she took over a program with no tradition and fewer players. Her girls may be in over their heads in the NCAAs now, but she's put them on the map.

-- And some props should go to Duquesne's Ron Everhart and Suzie McConnell-Serio. They're single-handedly dragging basketball back to prominence on the Bluff. We can't wait to see the City Game regain the edge it had when the Mike Rice and Tim Grgurich teams got it on.

-- The Pens are amazin'. Sooner or later, all that penalty time is gonna catch up to them, but right now their guys are playing pond hockey as well as it can be played. Our only question is whether or not their legs can stand up to the pace, especially in the every-other-day Stanley Cup format. But what a difference Sergei Gonchar, Chris Kunitz, and Billy Guerin make on the ice. Ray Shero has reinvented the team.

-- Pitt is getting ready to step out in football this year, but they still have a lot of question marks. Can the linebacking come together? Will a running back step up? And most importantly, can Tito Sunseri wrest the QB job from Billy Stull? Wanny has some players now, but he still doesn't have the depth that a Top-Ten team needs.

-- The Pirates start on April 6th against the Cards. Does anybody care? Hey, they should be better this year, but they'll go as far as the rotation takes them. Paul Maholm looks like a hoss, but will Ian Snell rediscover his nasty stuff and can Phil Dumatrait rejoin the staff before it's too late? The answer best be yes if the Buccos want to avoid their historic 17th straight losing season.

The cavalry is on the way, with Pedro Alvarez, Andrew McCutchen, and Jose Tabata all looking ready to join the show in the next season or two. But the minor league pitching hopes hinge on Altoona starter Brad Lincoln and Lynchburg's Bryan Morris, and that's not exactly what you call depth.

But as long as you've got bobbleheads and the Zambelli Brothers...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Tale of Two Coaches....

Thanks to my dad for writing this one...he's usually a Bucco blogger over at The Green Weenie, but I think this recent run of success inspired him to take on something a lil' different...Check it out, and make sure you check out his blog for all of your Pirate needs as he updates alot and sure knows his baseball...

Hey, Dan Bylsma has become the greatest thing in Pittsburgh since IC Lite. And why not? His team has rolled up the points, leaving the dark days of futility under Michel Therrien in the Zamboni’s rear view mirror. So what’s the Magic Dan done to turn the Pens back into Lord Stanley‘s darlings?

Well, two things. First, he set the dogs loose, something the defense-minded Therrien just couldn’t find in his heart to do. His D sets up at the blue line, his forecheckers go after the puck relentlessly, and his guys have the freedom to pinch and bolt up ice when the situation is ripe. Caution has been replaced by kamikazes.

And secondly, he put together his lines, and pretty much sticks to them. Consistency means something in sports, and knowing your linemates is a big thing in hockey circles. Everyone remembers Therrien’s mix-and-match lines, and none too fondly. Jus ask Sidney Crosby.

Sheer genius, right? Well, maybe. But before we’d compare Bylsma to Einstein, we’d take a good look at the team Therrien had and the team Bylsma now coaches. They were both called the Penguins, but the similarity ends there.

Why did Therrien hunker down with the dreaded and snooze-inducing trap? He didn’t start the season in round-the-wagons around Fleury mode, but as the defeats piled up, it became obvious that he didn’t have the horses for pond hockey; he’d have to win 3-2 games, not 5-4 matches, and tightened up accordingly.

Ditto with the lines. He didn’t have enough wings to cover one line, much less three, to mesh skills with world-class centers Sid the Kid, Gino, and Jordan Staal, who were desperately looking for some help.

Therrien knew that; so did Ray Shero. But Shero opted to hang Therrien out to dry, and it could well be that the gruff Frenchman had lost the locker room and management‘s confidence. But the club Shero gave him wasn’t strong; at best it was a bubble team, especially with Sarge and Whitney riding bikes instead of clearing pucks and the AHL winger-of-the-month roster philosophy.

In comes Bylsma, a safe bet for Shero. He’s a scapegoat if the team continued to sputter, a placeholder if he did just OK, and a cheap replacement if he kicked some butt. And the squad he got from Shero was a far cry from the minor-league try-out camp that Therrien was trying to piece together.

First, Sarge came back and Ryan Whitney left, addition by subtraction if there ever was an example. Neither is a physical presence, but Gonchar eats up minutes, head-mans the puck, and collects points like Whitney collects minus ratings. And hey, suddenly the power play finds the net, as an added bonus.

With Sergei back, he had the luxury of a six-man defense again, and a top pairing with Gonchar and Brooks Orpik. It also gave Kris Letang a chance to play. So no Bylsma brainstorming there; Sarge gave him a gimme.

As for the lines? We’d like to see what Bylsma would do without Chris Kunitz and Bill Guerin to plug in around the Kid. Pasquel Dupuis went from the first line to checking and penalty killing. Miroslav Satan went to Wilkes-Barre. Suddenly, there were three lines to roll out. Crosby looks rejuvenated; Staal looks like a number one pick, and Malkin looks like an MVP and Ross Trophy winner.

Hey, don’t misread us; we like what Bylsma is doing. The locker room is filled with positive energy again. Pittsburgh is the home of go-go hockey, and he’s got everyone buying in. He’s brought some consistency to the lineup.

But remember that Ray Shero took Ryan Malone and Colby Armstrong away from Therrien and didn’t replace them until Bylsma arrived. Two of the team’s top three defensemen were missing when Therrien was around; Bylsma got Gonchar and a seasoned Latang to man the backline.

Letang and Staal are the two biggest winners in Bylsma’s upbeat game planning; they were squelched by Therrien‘s tactics. The final piece fell in when The Flower entered one of his otherworldly zones once more, stopping every biscuit tossed at him.

It’s a tale of two teams, not two coaches. And the results show.

Until lata....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Holy Crap They Won Again...

Well boys and girls, today marked the end of the Pens' recent 5 game road trip. Going into it, I would have ventured that a 3-1-1 record or even 3-2 record would be nice, but as most of you already know, they went 5-0, finishing up with a 4-3 shootout winner against the Caps this afternoon.

The usual suspects have been playing pretty well on this trip, with Crosby and Malkin both playing their usual games and Marc Andre is on top of his game, but I think the real difference has been the players we acquired at the deadline.

Chris Kunitz has been a burst of energy on Crosby and Staal's wings. He hits hard, has proven to be a force battling for pucks, and has shown the soft hands needed to help push the loose garbage around the crease into the net. He also seems to be meshing really well with Crosby, which is big because its exactly what Hossa did last year and look where it took us...

Another trade dealine deal gained us Bill Guerin, the former captain of the Islanders. He's played in 2 games and has 4 points - nuff said. But what seems to be his greatest asset is his ability to keep the goalie occupied in front of the net. A perfect example was the goal Sarge Gonchar scored today - the goalie from the Caps didn't even know the puck was shot until it hit the net behind him. That's what good screening can do for a team.

And finally, new coach Dan Bylsma has taken the leash of the dogs as they say, letting the offensive skills of the Pens take over as opposed to Therrien's more defensive approach. The players have been revitalized and seem to enjoy playing again, as they did last year during their run to the Finals.

All in all, I wouldn't pop the champagne just yet, but this fat kid l ike where the Pens are heading...

Until lata...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bye Bye Whitney...

Today, the Pens took step one towards adressing their need for a scoring winger to compliment Sidney Crosby by acquiring Chris Kunitz and Eric Tangradi in exchange for Ryan Whitney this afternoon.

Whitney hasn't played up to par since his return from off-season surgery, and he happens to play at a position we have a great deal of depth at, so letting him go wasn't all tha big of an issue in my mind. He was a good locker room personality and has tremendous upside as far as his scoring capabilities go, but there's nothing to say he's going to be the Sergei Gonchar we all thought he'd be.

As for our return, I think Kunitz is a very good, if underrated, player. He's not overly large, and has been known to wear down against physical defensemen, but he has a good scoring touch and isn't afraid to mix it up. He should fit in nicely with Sidney, and his experience on a Stanley Cup champion cannot be overlooked. He's also signed through 2011-12, so he should have enough time to get a good chemistry with his new linemates...

Eric Tangradi is a very interesting prospect, seeing as he's a huge kid (6'4, 240 lbs I believe) who is the second leading scorer in the OHL (behind Tavares, who is a momnster himself). His stock has done nothing but climb in the past few years, and he is looked at as a future power forward, which is exactly what the Pens need. Hopefully he's a Ryan Malone in waiting, which is what the Pens are banking on.

So basically, it was a good run Ryan Whitney. Good luck out west, and welcome to the team Kunitz and Tangradi, you better be good...

Until lata..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ok boys and girls, first and foremost, Big Snack would like to thank his lil brother Pizzy for sending this to me. He actually spent an entire Monday afternoon making this, and I'm not gonna lie - it's pretty good, at least I think.

So without further ado, here goes...

This mock draft has lineman slipping farther than they probably will, but I went with the idea of finding the teams' biggest need and trying to address it. I also do not believe we will see anything like last year where linemen went off the board in record time. 1. Lions- Matthew Stafford (QB Georgia) – He has the arm strength needed to be a franchise QB with above average accuracy. Durability is not a question with him; he never missed a college start due to injury. His problems are that he hasn’t won the big game, he’s inconsistent at times, and never got a chance to call any plays based on his opponents' defense. All in all he’s a tough kid that will take a year or two to develop, but well worth the first overall pick for a team in need of EVERYTHING.

2. Rams- Eugene Monroe (OT Virginia) – He is the most polished tackle in this years draft with exceptional feet for a man-child his size (6’5 ½”). He’s a master pass blocker due to his quick feet and finesse nature. Needs to add bulk to become a better run blocker. Had some injury problems early in his career, but it seems to be a thing of the past. Rams need help on their offensive line more so than any other position and with this pick they should have a solid LT for a while.

3. Chiefs- Aaron Curry (LB Wake Forest) – Has all the physical tools needed to be a star in the NFL and with a new GM in charge, it would be wise to invest in a defensive player since they seem to have a quality tackle in Brandon Albert. Curry is the best defensive player in this draft and they Chiefs need all the help they can get. He's the most NFL ready LB at either position and has produced at a consistently high level in his 3 years as a starter. Never missed a game due to injury. Matthew Stafford would be their ideal pick, but in this mock draft he is gone.

4. Seahawks- Jason Smith (OT Baylor) – He has great speed for a tackle in the NFL since he used to be a TE. He's very aggressive and needs to continue to improve his technique to become a Pro-Bowl type player. Teams love his upside and long arms, but he doesn’t dominate in any one characteristic. He missed a handful of games last year due to injury. Crabtree is an option here, but I don’t see them using a pick this high to get anything but the offensive lineman of their choice.

5. Browns- Malcolm Jenkins (CB Ohio State) – Jenkins is a hard-nosed CB that has exceptional intangibles. He has good speed and size for an NFL CB and has shown throughout his career that he is up to any challenge. He had a few injuries in 05, but since then has been on the field constantly. He's very talented at any secondary position and may actually be better suited to be a safety. The Browns secondary is terrible and this pick would solidify the opposite CB of McDonald.

6. Bengals- B.J. Raji (DT Boston College) – After last season's near miss with Sedrick Ellis going to the Saints, I don’t see them passing up the one legit DT in this draft. They have Peko and need help on their offensive line, but their biggest concern is to keep improving their defense, which continually got better as the year went on. Raji has character issues so he should fit in perfectly in Cincinnati. Seriously though, he is a strong run stopper who would anchor a line in need of some stability.

7. Raiders- Michael Crabtree (WR Texas Tech) – The best talent at any position in the 09 draft, he has the size, strength, and speed needed to be a dominant force in the NFL (think Larry Fitzgerald). With Al Davis in charge in Oakland I would never expect him to pass up the most physically talented player. The Raiders need help on offense even with two top 5 draft picks at QB and RB. WR is a need and Crabtree is the most accomplished receiver to enter the draft in a while, seeing as he only played two years at Texas Tech and had 40 career receiving touchdowns. You don’t have to be a genius to tell he has talent and could change the Raiders offense from being OK to an actual threat.

8. Jaguars- Chris Wells (RB Ohio State) – With the release of Fred Taylor comes the new era of Maurice Jones Drew and “Beanie” Wells. He has the size, power, speed, and vision to be an elite player in the NFL. He has suspect receiving skills at best, but Jones Drew would be their 3rd down back. They need help on the offensive line, but with a draft that is deep at O-Linemen, it's not a must have in round 1. Instead, they can pick a player that could hopefully do what Jonathan Stewart did last year for the Panthers. He has injury problems, but his skills are too great to pass up. Don’t be surprised if they trade back in to the first round later to get a lineman that they targeted.

9. Packers- Vontae Davis (CB Illinois) – He is the younger brother of Vernon Davis, TE for 49ers, and has the prototypical body and speed of a CB in the NFL. He can tackle as well as change direction very fluidly. Character is a problem, but with two aging CB’s in Green Bay they know it’s time to get a future starter and with his potential, it’s a simple pick. Durability has never been an issue with him.

10. 49ers- Mark Sanchez (QB USC) – He came out a year early, but he has potential through the roof. He only started one year at USC and only has adequate height for the position, but he does, however, have a very quick release that is very important in the NFL, especially if you play for the 49ers. They could go with an offensive lineman here, but the chance to grab a franchise QB to forget about Alex Smith is just too tempting to pass up.

11. Bills- Rey Maualuga (MLB USC) – He is a scary man with the best natural instincts at any position in the draft. He takes great angles to tackle the ball carrier and uses his hips well. He has great size, strength, and speed to play MLB and Posluszny has the skills to move outside. The Bills have a strong secondary and an offense with potential so all they need is a front seven to fear and Maualuga definitely accomplishes that right away.

12. Broncos- Knowshon Moreno (RB Georgia) – He is a reckless runner who has average size and speed for the position. He has durability issues as well , but he is the second best RB for a reason. He has produced in his two years at Georgia and is a great competitor. He is willing to do whatever is asked of him and he leads by example. With a new coach running Denver, the GM may realize that the running game that Shanahan has produced in the past was due to the system and not the players. After realizing that, the pick seems obvious because last year they got a lineman and receiver to help the offense with a good, young QB. Their defense is terrible, but their mindset doesn’t have to be defense first. Josh McDaniels will improve their already potent pass offense with his scheme and with a back like Moreno in the back their defense may never see the field again.

13. Redskins- Michael Oher (OT Ole Miss) – He is a well-proportioned tackle with great durability. He is a beast at run blocking and is very good at pass blocking. The Redskins are very old at the tackle position and having a tackle of this caliber slip to them at the 13th pick may be a very lucky sign for the Skins. Zorn is a pass first type of coach and Oher is much better then Andre Smith at pass protection. He also has a mean steak in him that could fully come out as he becomes more comfortable and dominant at the NFL level.

14. Saints- Aaron Maybin (DE/LB Penn State) - They need secondary help and the top two prospects are off the board so they are forced to either trade down or select a defensive front seven guy to help them. With this being the case, I see them actually trading, but for the sake of a mock draft I will say they choose Maybin just because he is versatile and has a nack for making big plays.

15. Texans- Andre Smith (OT Alabama) – He is the top run blocker coming out of college in years, but he doesn’t have the speed needed to stop faster DE/OLB from getting the corner. He is massive and has produced against strong competition in college, but he makes too many physical mistakes to be a top five pick like many other mockers are saying. The Texans have the luxury of having Duane Brown, their first rounder from last year, already playing LT and protecting Schaub’s blindside. With this addition their tackles are set for years and they can let the undersized Eric Winston move inside to guard where his small frame is better suited. rR they could move Smith inside and have the most dominating guard to come out of college in years.

16. Chargers- Jeremy Maclin (WR Missouri) – He has nice size with exceptional speed and the Chargers have shown us that they no longer want to run the ball, with L.T. possibly leaving along with Sproles. Rivers last year had the highest QB rating in the NFL and if he is given another receiver to spread the field this offense will be as dangerous as any other. Maclin can change a team immediately and since this is a mid round selection it could be a steal for the Chargers to take a chance and put the offense on Rivers' back.

17. Jets- Josh Freeman (QB Kansas State) – He has all the physical tools needed to be an NFL QB and with the Jets seeing Favre walk away they should look to their QB of the future. Freeman has the arm strength needed to throw in the winds of New Jersey and with Joe Flacco coming out of Delaware State and having a tremendous rookie year they see a chance of a repeat. He will need work to become NFL ready, but the Jets have few glaring holes for a team selecting in the mid round.

18. Bears- Hakeem Nicks (WR North Carolina) – He may not be a speedster, but he is a true NFL receiver. He can make catches that seem impossible and since there isn’t a QB prospect worthy of this pick, they have to look at other skilled positions on the offense since it is so very bad. With Hester being a speed receiver this pick would make sense since most teams chose to employ a possession receiver and speed receiver to spread the defense and then attack the underneath routes.

19. Buccaneers- James Laurinaitis (ILB Ohio State) – With their linebackers aging and the need for youth at linebacker, James seems like a nice fit. He is a leader that is very productive and instinctive who can rush the passer as well as cover in both man and zone. The new defensive coordinator in Tampa will be asking the GM for immediate help on defense and James is the guy to do it.

20. Lions- D.J. Moore (CB Vanderbilt) – Moore has below average size but makes up for it with speed and nice hands for a CB. He is very fluid with great instincts, but lacks the strength and size to come off of bigger WR's blocks. He is durable and is very tough for a man his size. The Lions need help everywhere, but their secondary is so atrocious that this reach is worth it.

21. Eagles- Brandon Pettigrew (TE Oklahoma State) – He has the size needed to be a quality TE in the NFL and he has the receiving skills needed to become a favorite target for whoever is throwing the ball to him, and his blocking skills are exceptional. His biggest problem is straight-line speed because he is quick for his size, but he is just missing that extra something needed to be a Pro Bowl TE for years to come. Character is terrible, but it’s worth the risk this late in the first round.

22. Vikings- Brian Orakpo (DE/OLB Texas) – The Vikings do not need immediate help on their defensive line, but Orakpo is far too talented to let slip past them. Imagine a line with both Williams’, Orakpo, and Jared Allen. This line would single handedly win them their division. Orakpo has problems with motivation, but having Allen to look up to could change that. Allen and him could realistically have 25 combined sacks between them. Scary if he really slips this far.

23. Patriots- Brian Cushing (OLB USC) – Has great height, size, and speed for a linebacker and the Patriots need to get younger at that position. He has durability concerns, but he is too talented in all phases of the game to pass up. They will take the best available approach like they always do and Cushing is the highest left on my board and he fills a need. This is a win-win for a team that doesn’t need it.

24. Falcons- Everette Brown (DE/OLB Florida State) – He is thickly built and seems to have reached his max on his frame build, but he is such a great pass rusher that it doesn’t even matter. Very durable with high character and he possess a fast first step. The Falcons surprised everyone by making a playoff run last year and by adding Brown to their defense it’s very realistic to see it happen again.

25. Dolphins- Percy Harvin (WR Florida) – This pick doesn’t make sense for a Bill Parcells run football team, but with his explosive nature he is too big of an offensive threat to pass up. The Dolphins went far above their expectations last year and that was due to hard work and winning in the trenches so I figured a weapon for Pennington to throw to only makes sense. He has durability issues, but that is the only reason that he slipped this late. He is more athletic than any offensive weapon in the draft, but since he is undersized and prone to injury he slipped to the Big Tuna.

26. Ravens- Larry English (OLB Northern Illinois) – He has great size, decent rush speed, and can cover exceptionally. The Ravens are at the cross roads with three of their four starters at LB so this pick is more for need than talent. He produced very well in college, but he had some serious injuries that might scare off a few teams. Nice first step and seems like he could be a quick fix for the Ravens no matter who they lose in free agency.

27. Colts- Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR Maryland) – Has good size with very nice, if not exceptional speed for a man his size. He has never had a quality QB throwing him the ball so his college stats aren’t accurate to his talent. If he had Peyton Manning throwing him the ball his stats could finally show his talent. With Marvin Harrison probably gone and Gonzo being a better slot receiver, this pick would solidify a pass offense that still has a lot of pop left in it.

28. Eagles- Duke Robinson (OG Oklahoma) – He is the elite guard in this draft class and is a physical mauler in the running game. The Eagles have few holes that need to be addressed and with Robinson they get a monstrous guard that could be a fixture in the line for years to come. In great shape for a man his size.

29. Giants – Max Unger (OL Oregon) – Unger is so versatile that he gives the Giants numerous options on their offensive line. Their line is strong, but this late in the draft it is a steal to get a lineman that is as talented and versatile as Unger. He is very smart and could emerge as the most versatile and underrated lineman in this draft.

30. Titans- Juaquin Iglesias (WR Oklahoma) – This pick is a stretch, but their need is at receiver and Iglesias is the best one left. He has OK size and speed with nice hands and a nack for making big plays. He can make people forget all about the receivers they passed up on last year.

31. Cardinals- LeSean McCoy (RB PITT) – He has the speed and elusiveness to be special in the NFL. The Cardinals need to upgrade their backfield and McCoy is a gem this late in the first round. If he is here and the Cards pass him up I will understand why the Steelers let their coaching staff leave and gather in Arizona. This is a need pick that is perfect for both parties.

32. Steelers- Tyson Jackson (DE LSU) – The best DE for a 3-4 defense and the Steelers need to get younger on both lines. He has exceptional strength and is unstoppable against the run. If he is gone the Steelers could go either with Alex Mack, the best center to come out in years, or Herman Johnson, 6’7” 382 pounds guard who would scar any player who opposes him on the playing field.

Well guys, that's it - it's a little different from the other mocks you may see, but I think my bro did a pretty damn good job. Hope yinz enjoy reading it as much as I did, and thanks again bro.

Until lata...