Saturday, October 27, 2007


I’m going to post some random grumblings and grievances on a somewhat regular basis…or whenever someone pisses me off. This segment, by far my favorite, is called SNACK ATTACK!

Jimmy McGuire…who the hell are you? You are all over the stations Snack frequents pushing off some eyeglass chain when no one, and I mean NO ONE, I know has ever heard of you. I did some research and found out he’s some jagoff from Jeopardy!. Obviously not the host, mind you, but he’s the guy who travels around for those video clues. That’s really tapping the bottom of the barrel as far as celebrities go. This guy is on the N-List of celebs…the NO ONE F-ING KNOWS YOU LIST!

Matt Cavanaugh…I know we’re all supposed to be feeling good about Pitt beating Cinci, but I’ve seen way too much of this guy trying to go for the tricky play when all you need to do is give the ball to your future All-American running back. That’s right; I said it, future All-American. Hell, he could be a Heisman candidate if Wanny ever gets it together enough to put a winning team on the field. But I digress. When you are on the goal line in overtime looking at third-and-goal from the 2-yard line, anyone with half a brain would give it to Shady McCoy who already scored 3 touchdowns to go along with 165 yards, or let the true freshman Bostick throw two incomplete passes in the end zone. I understand hindsight is 20/20, but this is ludicrous. Anyone who has ever seen a football game knows better then that, and after 3 sub par seasons someone has to pay, and with a little luck it’ll be Cavanaugh. I can't blame him for Shady fumbling the ball as he did yesterday, but I didn't think his play calling did much to prove me wrong. Until that last drive Bostick had almost no yards and our team was completely one-dimensional.

Pens lose...

So the Pens lost in OT to the Canadians, and Snack and Diego were in the house...not a good omen to start the blog off with a loss, but hey, at least we got a point...

Some observations...

1. It was good seeing Sid the Kid getting physical...especially since he was scrapping with Alex Kovalev. It really got the crowd going and was the impetus of that two goal outpour in the second. I only wish he woulda dropped the gloves for the first time in his NHL career. Talk about bringing down the house, that woulda been front page news in every newspaper in Canada. I can see the picture now, Sid bleeding from the face like that poor bastard from Chicago who got his nose busted two games in a row.

2. Marc Fluery is as inconsistent as advertised. I watched those two games in a row where he looked like Patrick Roy reincarnated, and I had hoped all this was behind him...God, was I wrong. Those goals he allowed tonight looked soft and his confidence gotta be shattered.

On the same note, Dan the Man Sabourin looked outstanding in that shootout. I swear he has the quickest glove I've ever seen. I can't believe he stopped 5 shots in the shootout and still came away with the loss. Where did the vaunted Pens attack go? You'd think as talented as they are, they'd be better at shootouts, but I guess 1-on-1 isn't their strongpoint.

3. I was not a big fan of how many Canadian fans were in attendance. For a team that prides itself on selling out all its games, it seems a lil odd for so many fans of a different color to be there. But I guess that's what happens when you play an Original 6 team (except the aforementioned one gives a damn about them...). Thank God those Pens girls were running around the crowd to liven up the "atmosphere". And whoever Vinny from the X is, you better watch might be the next victim of a Snack Attack!

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