Thursday, June 26, 2008

Buccos Suck, other stuff

Ok, so we were planning a large scale review of being at the Pirates - Yankees game last night, but since they sucked and decided to lose 10 to 0, we decided to skip the recap and talk about more important things...mainly, Big Snack.

Why are we so bad?

ESPN is currently running a contest called the Top Fan contest, where you get 2 minutes to discuss one of the given topics into a microphone, with the winner getting a job at ESPN Radio.

Well, since your boy Snack is currently unemployed, he decided to give it a shot, and apparently did soomewhat OK. On the link above, make sure you check out "contestant 9", as it is none other then I. I sound like a bit of a tool but I think I did a good job, and they must feel the same way.

I'll be heading back out to the Rivertowne Pour House in Monroeville on Tuesday for the next contest, so come on out and support your boy - and in the meantime, feel free to email ESPN and tell them you want to hear more of contestant number 9, or as I'm so elegeantly referred to "Rocco Teraci" (some aretard couldn't see the bottom of the I I guess).

With you guys helping out, I know they'll have to hire me - especially when I get our great Pittsburgh blogosphere all whipped up in a frenzy at the chance of getting one of their own on the air. It could be a new beginning for PNA and Snack and Diego, so let's get after it guys, and thanks for helping Snizzle get his ass a job.

We'll have some actual links or a top 10 up later today or tomorrow, but for now, I'm off to spread the word and see what kinda deal we can get goin...

Until lata...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Bad

Ok guys, we know it's been a week since we last posted, and yes we do in fact suck. It's been a crazy week with job interviews and mini vacations(for Snack...well kinda) and lifting weights and arm wrestling people (Diego). Anyway, starting tomorrow we will be back to our old selves...

We just wanted to let yinz all know that we'll have a new top 10 coming soon, and tomorrow, we'll have an in person recap of the Buccos vs. Yankees game tonight. That's right, Snack, Diego and their entire posse are grabbing a barrell of brew, a grill and our bats and are heading down to PNC to watch us beat those damn leafers from NYC.

Go home jagoffs, we don't like your kind round these parts...

Jeter makes as much as our whole team and even he couldn't save them


Until lata...