Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pens Link O Rama

Fear the Penguins, Doobie Doobie Doo. All Pittsburghers have a birthright of hating everything that is Philly. In my lifetime there has never been a greater commonwealth battle between the two cities then there is right now. This series is huge! I can’t wait to get the action underway, so here are some Pens articles to get you fired up and keep you busy before the big game on Friday night…

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Let's get read to rumble...

The Post Gazzete’s Empty Netters has a TON of Penguins links and other good stuff. Check it out, well done, PG.

Anyone feel like talking some crap on some Flyers fans? (I know I do) You can do so at the Flyers message board. (I especially like the thread titled “OK I’ll admit it I’m worried, The Pens are pretty good”)

The Penguins own your soul!!!!!!

A Pens vs. Flyers recap from Fanhouse...

Sorry for being a hater Mr Therrien...

**NEWSFLASH**The Pens and Flyers hate each other.

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If Downie plays in this series, he will once again get Rutuu'd

Note from Snack - I just went to the Flyers' website to figure out a lil info on Downie, and discovered their playoff motto; "Vengeance Now". Just when I thought these goons couldn't get any lower, they go and pull this crap. They'll get their vengeance alright - get their vengeance on a golf course in Philly that is. I mean honestly, who comes up with that as a playoff motto? It sounds like something straight out of Slap Shot (great movie), and I'm surprised the suits in Toronto even let this go.

Here's to hoping for a sweep, just to hehar them piss and moan about how Crosby takes dives and Darien Hatcher is a saint and we're the worst thing to ever happen to the NHL...Man I can't wait...

The Hockey Network shows that history points to a Penguins-Red Wings Stanley Cup Final this year.

Renderings of the new Pens arena are out today; eat your heart out Mellon Arena.

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So that's what $290 million will buy you...

Pennsylvania is hockey heaven. So where is hockey hell? I'd say Idaho (Snack says Philly).

**NEWSFLASH** RJ Umberger is from Da Burgh.

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Hopefully we send back to Philly bloody...

And now some videos to pump you up -

Until lata...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Snack Attack

Today I feel the urge to go after two of my favorite topics - the Buccos and the F-ing Flyers. I'll start with our Buccos...

What the hell are you guys doing? All you're doing is giving us all hope that you can do something with the season, which we obviously all know you won't. Nasty Nnate McLouth is tearing the cover off the ball, which is a surprise to everybody but the Buccos apparently. Nady has played pretty well, and Bay isn't the complete jackass he was last year (still not up to par though) and even Doumit is hittin the ball well.

So where lies the problem? Where it always does, with our pitching. We had to swallow $11 million to get rid of Morris, Snell is playing like a pansy (he even says so), Duke will never be the hoss we thought he was, and Gorzo and Maholm have been up and down to say the least.

Hell, we only have three pitchers with ERAs under 4.00 - that's piss poor, and I would hope they'd be the first to admit that.

What I'm trying to get at, all you jagoffs I hear saying "Oh, the Buccos are hitting OK and they have a shot and..." should go and jump off the Bobby Clemente Bridge because it ain't gonna happen. Until there's a way for us to have the same amount of cash at our disposal as the Yankees or Sox, we'll always be a little back water team trying our best to play with the big boys.

Long story short, we still stink, so don't get all excited...(that being said Diego, Snack and lil' Snack are going to the ballgame tonite as long as we don't get rained upon)

My other topic for the day will be the hatred of this city for Philly and why this playoff series should be ALL we talk about in the sports world until the it's over. Anyone who wants to talk Steeler mini-camp or whatever else may be running through your heads can stop reading now, because odds are you won't see it here.

Anyway, back to Philly. We all know why we hate them. And it's a fact that we hate them. Therefore, I want to be the first to propose an "I hate Philly week", where we will make bets with our counterparts on the bad side of the state (I'm lookin at you Mayor Luke) and talk trash to them as they go drown their sorrows in NYC - you know, the city Philly wishes it was.

I think all of us faithful bloggers should make it our duty to talk trash on the city known for a cracked bell and a movie about AIDS. We should tell them, thru words (or fists - we all know Snack likes a brew ha ha), that they are no good, Santa booing bastards who will get a championship when they pry it out of our cold, dead hands.

You may be able to scare Washington and Montreal, but my boy SS Gill and Scary Gary will be waiting...Oh so, almost forgot about Big Georges...He'll be waiting too...

Until tomorrow, when we'll have some links and hopefully a recap of tonite's game for yinz (well, what we can remember anyway)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Go home Rangers, Bring on Philly - Random Steeler sightings

So your boys Snack and Diego somehow managed to snag 4 seats (thank you very much Lance Vance Dance) to the Pens game yesterday in the uber-exclusive Gold Circle section. Yes, we did at center ice, yes we did have a private row and TVs in our console in front of us, and yes, if we would have chosen to, we could have used our private waitress to snatch us some Ahrns if we wanted. So we were living the high life to say the least.

The game itself was a spectacle, and I've never heard Mellon Arena go crazy like it did after Hoss'a game winner. It was a crazy, loud game the entire time, and the OT thiller couldn't have ended any better (Snack would like to apologize to the little kid he grabbed and shook after the OT goal - my bad lil buddy, at least your dad didn't seem to care).

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Why the hell is there a Ranger fan in Row 1?

I know it's not much of a recap, but I figure by now everyone knows about the game and how it went. I do, however, have some interesting news that only someone in our section would know - Skippy Reed is a Pens fan!

Yes, the chubby, whiskey-swilling ladies man kicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers was spotted in the men's room at Mellon Arena by Diego and I. I was waiting in the line for a stall, I looked over my shoulder and saw Skippy in line next to me. Some jagoff across the bathroom starts yelling about Pitt hoops. and Skippy starts yelling about UNC hoops. Keep in mind, this is at the second intermission of a 2-2 elimination hockey playoff game.

My guess is, the SOB was so drunk he didn't know what sporting event he was at. But then again, wasn't yesterday the last day of mini-camp for the guys? He prolly didn't have time to get adequately ripped, so PNA's guess is he just lit up a fattie doobie and rolled his ass down there to cheer on whichever sports team he thought it was.

His not-as-drunk-but-still-a-drunk QB Ben Roethlissberger was down there as well, but unlike Skip, he had the brains/money to get good seats, and was spotted on the Jumbotron, not yelling with us commonfolk in the pisser.

All in all, it was a good afternoon of entertainment, and we're looking forward to seeing the Flyers next round. The Broad Street Bullies aren't nearly as tough as us, which I find absolutely hilarious seeing as we're a "finesse" team.

The series starts Friday at Mellon Arena - hopefully we can sneak our way into that one too...

Until lata...