Monday, May 5, 2008

Go home Rangers, Bring on Philly - Random Steeler sightings

So your boys Snack and Diego somehow managed to snag 4 seats (thank you very much Lance Vance Dance) to the Pens game yesterday in the uber-exclusive Gold Circle section. Yes, we did at center ice, yes we did have a private row and TVs in our console in front of us, and yes, if we would have chosen to, we could have used our private waitress to snatch us some Ahrns if we wanted. So we were living the high life to say the least.

The game itself was a spectacle, and I've never heard Mellon Arena go crazy like it did after Hoss'a game winner. It was a crazy, loud game the entire time, and the OT thiller couldn't have ended any better (Snack would like to apologize to the little kid he grabbed and shook after the OT goal - my bad lil buddy, at least your dad didn't seem to care).

(Pic from

Why the hell is there a Ranger fan in Row 1?

I know it's not much of a recap, but I figure by now everyone knows about the game and how it went. I do, however, have some interesting news that only someone in our section would know - Skippy Reed is a Pens fan!

Yes, the chubby, whiskey-swilling ladies man kicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers was spotted in the men's room at Mellon Arena by Diego and I. I was waiting in the line for a stall, I looked over my shoulder and saw Skippy in line next to me. Some jagoff across the bathroom starts yelling about Pitt hoops. and Skippy starts yelling about UNC hoops. Keep in mind, this is at the second intermission of a 2-2 elimination hockey playoff game.

My guess is, the SOB was so drunk he didn't know what sporting event he was at. But then again, wasn't yesterday the last day of mini-camp for the guys? He prolly didn't have time to get adequately ripped, so PNA's guess is he just lit up a fattie doobie and rolled his ass down there to cheer on whichever sports team he thought it was.

His not-as-drunk-but-still-a-drunk QB Ben Roethlissberger was down there as well, but unlike Skip, he had the brains/money to get good seats, and was spotted on the Jumbotron, not yelling with us commonfolk in the pisser.

All in all, it was a good afternoon of entertainment, and we're looking forward to seeing the Flyers next round. The Broad Street Bullies aren't nearly as tough as us, which I find absolutely hilarious seeing as we're a "finesse" team.

The series starts Friday at Mellon Arena - hopefully we can sneak our way into that one too...

Until lata...

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tha friendly stranger said...

Looks like big ben isn't "sharing the wealth" with lil skippy reed, must suck to be the lonesome kicker the drunk pens fans weren't even showin him respect