Friday, January 25, 2008

Pens lose 4-3

Here's a recap of the Pens' loss last night. We watched the game at the lovely Crystal's on Penn Ave., so needless to say, the game wasn't the number one priority on our list.

One thing I did notice was Big Georges beating the hell out of somebody and then getting a game misconduct for slamming someone into the boards face first. Sure, it was a dangerous play, but that jagoff who got hit put his head down first. And as Georges said "If I want to hit somebody from behind he's not going to get up."

Anyway, that puts us one point behind the Devils and Flyers for the Atlantic Division lead going into the All-Star break. Not too shabby considering where we were at the beginning of the season.

And I swear, they better not fine and/or suspend Big Georges for that hit, or I might lose all respect for the game. That punk who got hit fought in the third so obviously he was fine, and it was his own damn fault for getting in Georges' way anyways. And Mr. Flyer Coach - the only thing wrong with that hit was YOUR guy's inability to brace himself for a check, so save your preaching for someone who cares.

God do I hate Philly...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Swineburna 1/24/08

(Note from Snack - Here's another edition of the Swinburna, our friend's take on things other then sports. As always, his views aren't necessarily the views of PNA...So enjoy, ladies and germs, I'll try to get a Pitt recap up later today!)

For any readers out there who give an f’, let me just say that my introductory rantings were limited a bit by the masterful editing of Big Snack. Apparently, he’s trying to uphold the pureness of PNA. So in this edition, I shall tame down the language, and Snack won’t have to replace certain colorful context...

So we are officially slipping into a nice recession here. Not too surprising I would assume though. Our spending down in Washington resembles that of monkeys punching calculators, the stock market drops about 400 points a day, and half of America is in debt paying 20% interest on everything. So Bush and his elite team of advisors say to themselves, “Lets give everyone in America $800, and all of our economic troubles will be over! Everyone will spend money, and give the economy that much needed shot in the arm! Yeeaaa!” I really don’t see this working. Now, trust me, I would love a new iPhone, a bunch of weed and my gas bill paid for a month; but how would that pull the economy out of its downward spiral. A month from now, however, I’d be unable to pay my phone bill, have nothing to roll up, and be cold.

Now maybe...just maybe...if we weren’t spending $300 million a day in Iraq ,we’d have some extra spending money. The cost is already $500 billion and is estimated to go well over $1 trillion...the Pirates will win the World Series sooner than it would take me to count that high...thats a lot of freakin money.

Lets throw away that stupid argument and beliefs that the world is safer without Sadaam, terrorism is bad mmm’ k, the Geneva Convention doesn’t apply to us cuz we’re fighting for freedom!!, Toby Keith 4 President, and the you-have-to-stop-terrorism-at-its-source-this-will-make-the-world-a-safer-place mentality. If you believe that, stop reading now because your stupid and I hate you. There are a lot of special interests involved, with the obvious giant pink elephant in the room being Oil. Ahhhhh...liquid gold it is! That’s fine, I’d accept the fact that the reason we’re invading a country is for money. Don’t lie to me. I’m on the internet. I read blogs. I’d surely find out the truth sooner or later. Sure it took five years, but I got ya! The problem is it didn’t really work out. Gas ain’t too cheap these days, and we’re still apparently spending quite a bit to try and make it so. The Swineburna’s onto ya George!

Truth is, we could cut off all ties to foreign oil, live on our reserves for about 15-20 years while diverting the Trillions of dollars saved from dealing with the Middle East into research and development of alternative energy sources. I think this might be wise to do, because like it or not, we’re gonna use up allllll the oil and need to do that anyway. But this is all prevented by about 50 old white guys who are pretty powerful and enjoy being ridiculously, ridiculously rich.

So my jagoff of the week goes to ‘Old Ridiculously Rich White Guys’ because I really really dislike spending $45 to fill up my Mitsubishi Galant. It just isn’t enjoyable for me.

So in a few months, everyone can come over to my warm crib in the North Side, we can play on our iPhone’s together, while giving each other high fives and smoking doobies while listening to Toby Keith…..the American dream.

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Diego's links n' at...

I started off my day as usual waiting in the bitter cold for the bus to ride me downtown to my job, but as I did I got to hear my main man Merril Hoge on the DVE morning show with Jim and Randy. Hoge preceded to diss Deion Sanders for trying to call out LT for his toughness on Sunday night. You could actually hear Hoge getting fired up as he talked about how much of a wuss Deion was, and how badly he wanted to get a chance to go out of the field again and hit up with the frail cornerback.

This whole LT thing seems to be polarizing as half the comments I read empathized with the RB’s situation, while the other half were talking smack on LT. I agree with Hoge; Deion may have Super Bowl rings, but lord knows he wasn’t ever trying to make/take a hit on the football field. He is one of the best coverage corners to ever play, but like Merril said, I’d take Rod Woodson over him any day. As for LT, if he would have just taken a little initiative and cheered on his team, there would be a lot less people criticizing him after the fact. On to the links...

With rumors swirling about the St. Louis Rams possibly going after free agent guard Alan Faneca, Fanhouse recaps the Steelers needs in the 2008 Draft.

Should Coach Dixon keep Keith Benjamin in the starting line up when Levance Fields returns from injury next month? He has been lighting it up since becoming a starter.

Former Schenley high school (go City League) teammates Dejuan Blair and D.J. Kennedy will face off at Madison Square Garden tonight when Pitt takes on St. Johns.

Could the Tom Brady walking cast be a ploy? I wouldn’t put it past him and Belichicken, cheating bastards.

In other Burgh news...

I heard a rumor on the Tim Benz show this morning on 105.9 the X. Producer and co-host Bob McLaughlin broke news that there is a new season of MTV’s the Real World that will take place in the Burgh. I couldn’t really find any confirmation on-line, but Bob seemed like he got the news from reliable sources and seemed pretty confident. I am thinking maybe cast a few Bucco’s on the show so people outside of Pittsburgh will actually know who the hell they are. I did find an article about a casting call for the show.

(Note from Snack - I was going to try out for the Real World, but it turns out I'm too old. 25 is too old? You gotta be kidding me. I guess that settles it - Me and Diego are now gonna have to find out where they live and force our way onto the show. Nothing says "put me on TV" like beating the crap outta some frat boys on MTV...And those California girls that are inevitably gonna be on there - watch out ladies, Snack and Diego are gonna be on the prowl for some rich, spoiled foxes...)

The other day I’m driving up Hazelwood Ave. and I see a crap-load of trailers and a sign on Gladstone middle school that’s says Monroeville High School. Apparently, Kevin Smith picked Hazelwood of all places to part of his new flick ‘Zack and Miri make a Porno’. I guess this movie is low budget - that or they needed some fiends as extras for a scene or two.

Until lata...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday Morning Hangover...

Lots of sports action to recap this weekend. The Pens took a big loss, Pitt dropped another one on the road in the Big East, and championship Sunday lived up to expectations. Pretty disappointing for Pittsburgher’s as Sid the kid got hurt and the hated Pats continued their amazing winning streak.

I’ll start by talking about our beloved Penguins. The injury to Sid sucks, that’s for sure, and it happened on my friend’s birthday - way to go "Shiver me Timbers" Pricer, at least he was too smashed to remember it (most likely). Anyhow, the injury looked serious, and it was confirmed at a press conference this morning that Sid would be out till March, a good 6 to 8 weeks at least is likely.

Although this is bad news for the Pens, it could also prove to be beneficial as well. Just look at last night for example, no Sid, no problem. I know what your thinking, yes we did loose the game, but on the other hand we managed to score 5 goals without the captain skating. And that’s with a 4th line filled with players I’d never really heard of, and Sabourin pooping the bed for more then half the game.

Without Sid there a lot of players who are going to be forced to step up and be forced into bigger roles on the team. Undoubtedly Geno Malkin is the first name that comes to mind here, but contrary to popular belief and 7 goals, 2 assists, and +5 in the last 5 games, he can’t do it alone. Players like Jordan Staal, Max Talbot, Eric Christensen, and Petr Sykora will all have to step their game up and make plays in order to keep up the current pace that they’ve been on and keep a high seed going into the playoffs.

Also, the minor league players who are playing in the NHL for the first time will have a couple months to get accustomed to the speed of NHL play. This could prove to be valuable as #47 Tim Brent, #34 Jonathan Filewich, #48 Tyler Kennedy, #39 Chris Minard, and #33 Ryan Stone may be able to contribute come April. With that said, as long as we can get solid goalie play from Conklin and the Flower the rest of the way out we should be in good shape come March when Sid returns to the ice.

The Pens went 1-1-1 over the weekend, and managed to nab an extra point by going to OT last night against the Capitals. This was the battle for Red Square as Geno Malkin faced off against former roommate and Russian counterpart Alex Ovechkin. Versus got pretty lucky picking this one, as it was one of the most entertaining games of the season, and it didn’t even feature the game's best player.

Geno and Ovechkin stole the show; they each put up 2 goals and an assist, and both made spectacular plays throughout. Malkin finished with 7 shots and Ovechkin fired 11. The best play came in the 2nd, when Malkin was swooping in behind his own goal and Ovechkin came at him like a charging freight train from the opposite direction. Luckily, Geno saw him at the last minute and managed to shoulder check him and send him spiraling down to the ground like a Blackhawk helicopter shot down by an RPG (Note from Snack: That's a Call of Duty 3 reference for those of you not hipto the scene). This play almost resulted in Malkin dropping the gloves with his former Russian buddy, but alas, it never ended up happening. This coulda been a nice heavyweight battle as Ovechkin goes 6’1” 215 lbs and Malkin goes 6’ 3” 200. There’s always next time I guess (March 9th at Washington).

Crazy stat of the game: The Pens took 15 shots and scored on 5 of them...that’s pretty efficient shooting even though we were playing against Ollie the goalie.

Side note: The Pens looked good in the shootout again; Christensen and Letang both beat Kolzig, but both managed to miss the open net. Even though we lost, I like the line up the Pens used last night for the shoot out. I think that’s the line to stick with for the time being, as those guys have the ability to win a lot of close games for the Pens in the last couple months.

* Thanks to the reader for mentioning this in the comments - that hit by Staal on Donald Brashear was sweet, young Staaly really rang the big man’s bell on that one, way to go Jordan!

(Note from Snack: It's just been announced that Geno Malkin is in the All-Star Game, replacing an injured Sid. I'm glad this injustice was finally taken care of, but it doesn't diminish the fact that he should have been there in the first place.)

Pitt loses to Cinci

I'm not going to discuss much about the Pitt game, as I was stuck working and am relying on Snack's "expert" account. Here's a recap from someone who saw it, but I will say this - If Blair doesn't play well, Pitt doesn't play well.

It seems like as he goes, so does the team. The hard nosed, physical aspect of his game is missed every time he's not on the court, and to be honest, without his inside presence, we're just a perimiter team, and that won't get it done in the Big East.

Championship Sunday

Now on to some football action, and Sunday had plenty of it with both championship games taking place is some sub zero temperatures (the way football was meant to be played). The early game wasn’t such a good one, as the Pats pretty much held control throughout, but the night game was one of the best playoff games I’ve seen in quite some time.

Patriots vs Chargers

No one really thought the Chargers were gonna win this one, especially the odds makers who set a 14.5 point spread in favor of the Pats. The Chargers did have a shot, but they ended up with too many mistakes and not enough TD’s to get the job done.

Tom Brady did everything he could to keep the Chargers in the game by throwing three picks and looking very un-Bradylike. It was the Chargers who could not make the most with the opportunities given to them as they made four red zone appearances, but scored zero (count em zero) TDs against the rugged Patriots defense. It didn’t help that LT sat on the sideline in an overcoat and that tinted visor helmet of his the whole game. (Hey LT I know your pissed about not playing but how about getting your teammates a little fired up) That really made me mad that he was just sitting there like that, cheer your team on ya jagoff.

On the other hand, Phillip Rivers gained some points with me for the performance he put forth that cold afternoon in Foxboro. After the game it was released that Rivers has his knee scoped during the week, and he was noticeably limping all through the game Sunday. Rivers still managed to play a pretty solid game, even though he had two picks. I strongly disagree with the halftime assessment of Bill Cowher, Dan Marino, and company who all wrote Rivers off in favor of Billy Volek. It took balls for Rivers to play in that game, and I believe it was his game to be won or lost.

The true error in judgment came toward the end of the game when the Chargers were facing a 4th down and 10 from the Patriots 36 yard line. Norv Turner elected to punt in this situation. The Pats did what they do, and Norv and the Chargers offense were forced to watch from the sidelines as time ticked down and they lost the game and were sent back to sunny San Diego.

Note: TMZ posted pics today of Tom Brady going to his girl’s apartment in NYC with a walking cast on his leg. Could be trouble for the golden boy.

(Pic from

Poor baby...Waddle up to your supermodel girlfriend, jagoff...

Packers vs Giants

Now this game was a nail biter, with both teams repeatedly gaining and losing the opportunity to put this one away and move on to the Super Bowl. It was bitter cold in Lambeau with a wind chill temperature dropping down to a frigid negative 25 degrees. (It wasn’t much warmer in the Burgh Sunday) And I admit, I expected to see some maniacs with their shirts off, but I definitely didn’t expect them to be girls...those female Pack fans are hardcore, no doubt about it.

(Pic from

How you doing?

I was rooting for the Pack in this one, and not just for Favre, but for Mike McCarthy as well. As you saw, friends of PNA from Pittsburgh made it to the game - all the way down to the sideline - and were kind enough to send us some exclusive pics. Who says we don’t know people? If the Pack woulda won please believe there woulda been some rowdy celebration pics...there’s always next year I guess. (That seems to be the theme of this post)

I thought this would be a good game, but I had no idea how crazy it would get. After battling back and forth for 3 quarters the score remained knotted up 20-20. Luckily for the Packers it stayed that way after Lawrence Tynes missed two field goals to send the game into OT. (I didn’t think there was a snowball's chance in hell he was missing the second one) Apparantly Tynes was wearing some leg warmers so he wouldn’t get cold...guess that didn’t work out too well for him.

Favre was forced to throw most of the day as the Giants D wasn’t giving the Pack any room to run the ball. A mistake by Favre in OT proved to be the turning point of the game, as he threw an INT on an out pattern in the second play of overtime. In my opinion, Corey Webster, the man who intercepted Favre, saved the life of Lawrence Tynes, who surely already had money placed on his head in NYC for missing those two easy kicks in regulation. (even my friend from Jersey who roots for the Giants gave up hope after miss # 2) Tynes, seemingly knowing his life could have damn well been on the line, booted a 47 yard game winner sending the Giants to the Super Bowl.

This has been quite the run for the Giants in the playoffs, winning all their games on the road to make it to Arizona in two weeks. Eli Manning is easily the playoff MVP thus far, as he has yet to throw a pick all post season (knock on wood). Also, how about Plax? This guy really learned to catch since leaving the Burgh...He was grabbing up everything thrown his way, finishing with 11 catches and 154 yards, and looked pretty unstoppable in the process.

Side note: Some jagoff called in Mark Madden yesterday talking about Santonio is a better WR then Burress. Madden basically laughed at the dude and told him there’s not a GM in the league that would take Holmes over Burress, and I agree. The Steelers really miss a player like Plax with an amazing combo of size and speed. Sure he might not be the toughest guy, but there is a lot to be said about a guy who plays hurt all season long and still manages to put up the numbers that he did this year… not to mention dominate in the playoffs.

See yinz next week…

Pens lose 6-5 in shootout...

The Pens lost last night to the Caps, 6-5 in a shootout. I watched the entire game, and I gotta tell ya, it was not at all what I expected.

It was a high scoring game, which shocked me, seeing as Crosby, Armstrong, Hall and Roberts were all out, but it was good to see nonetheless. Granted, Olllie the Goalie always plays like crap against the Pens, and he didn't dissappoint in that regard last night, but we have to find a way to not give up 5 goals in regulation.

I think if Ty Conklin had started, he may not have let up those soft goals Sabby did, but in last night's case, I agree with Therrien for staying with him. You can't bench a goalie who pitched a shutout in the team's last game. You gotta give him a shot, so I can't blame him for it.

Malkin played well, as usual, but his two goals and one bone jarring hit on Alex Ovenchkin just wasn't enough. Our boy the Tal-bot also had a goal, but our lack of discipline in the defensive end is not a good sign. We cannot count on scoring like this every night, and, let's face it, the only way we're going to stay atop our division is with good defense and solid goaltending.

Next up for the Pens is the hated Philly Flyers...Time to get it together boys, and Ty, you gotta keep the ship from sinking my man...

In other Pens news, Sid the Kid will be out for 6-8 weeks with his high ankle sprain...That has him returning in March, so let's hope we keep on the right side of the .500 until his comeback...

Until lata, when we post a new Swineburna and possibly a new MMH...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I really hate the Pats...(Part Duex)

Well the jagoff Pats beat the Bolts 21-12 this afternoon in the AFC Championship, sending them to the Super Bowl...again...

God do I hate these guys...

I figured that LT was a man and wanted to play football in the biggest game of his life, but apparently I assumed wrong. Unless his knee was falling apart at the seams, there is absolutely no excuse not to play. His replacements did admirably but let's face it, none of them are LT.

The sideline kept reporting that the coaching staff was keeping him out - if that's the case, someone needs to take Norv Turner out back and get rid of him...Old Yeller style...

Anyway, Brady played like crap and still managed to win, mostly because the Chargers couldn't find the endzone with a flashlight and a map...4 field goals against the Pats just ain't gonna do it.

In the NFC, the Giants stunned the Packers at Lambuea Field, 23-20 in OT. The Giants' kicker, Larry Tynes did everything in his power to blow the game for the G-Men, but in the end, it was his leg that carried them to the Super Bowl. He nailed the game winning 47 yard field goal in OT, just minutes after missing two much closer chances pretty badly.

It's a shame Favre had to end the season throwing a pick like he did (his pick lead to Tynes FG), but something tells me the old man will be back for one more go round next season...

We also had a reader (actually a family of readers) at the game in Green Bay, and they snapped a few pics for us from their vantage was on the sidelines (thanks Mr. D.) and one was in a luxury box (thanks Deez)....


So it's the Pats vs. the Giants in the Super Bowl. Not exactly who I expected, but I guess the G-Men have as good a chance as any of those poopy NFC teams...

I can't believe what is about to spew out of my mouth, but because of my disdain for the Pats here it is -

Go Giants...