Thursday, July 17, 2008

Some stuff for ya

Hey guys, sorry bout the lack of posts - I know we've been struggling in recent months, but there's actually a legitimate excuse this time; not only have I been busting my hump for some job interviews, but we also had an illness in the fmaily (my grandfather) which was weighing pretty heavily on the old Snack. Luckily, Pap is ok and is chillin at home, so now I can get back to writing and boozing as usual.

I'm gonna start off slow, but here's a couple links to keep ya busy until I put up a Big Snizzle Happy 26th Birthday (it's this Sunday, whoo hooo) post tonight or tomorrow (we're headin out Friday/Saturday night to celebrate if anyone feels like taggin along, you know how to get a hold of me)

Here's a blog devoted to failures (like ur boy here...hahaha) and pictures of failures. Trust me when I say this, that this is probably the funniest link Diego ever sent my way.

I think half of them are in the minors, and all of them are failures...well, most of them anyway.

We also want you to check out our newest advertisers, Avete Osservato, a local t-shirt company who specializes in Pittsburgh gear. And don't worry ladies and gents - the will be PNA t-shirts made by them too. So if anyone is the creative type and has any ideas of what would be good on a shirt feel free to hollar at us or them, and make sure you chek out all their gear; there's stuff for every Pittsburgh occasion and even includes some stuff for the ladies. We'll have their ad up as soon as my largess figures out to get it posted.

Here's a little homage to the grand old dame of Pittsburgh Sports, the Civic/Mellon Arena. God am I gonna miss that ugly POS. But the new arena is gonna be gangsta, so who am I to complain...

I say we open her up one last time...Who's with me?

And finally, here's a couple quick hits from Diego, apparently he's bustin' his hump at work today so excuse me if the pics suck, it'll be Snack himself finding them...

Both Xavier Nady and other Pirates players don’t want the X-Man to be traded. Guess he enjoys not having the pressure of being on a winning team(or he just likes to lose).

Shout out goes to Green Bay Packer coach and Greenfield native Mike McCarthy for donating 100 grand to his old neighborhood of Greenfield. Being from GF, it's nice to see someone who came from here and got famous giving back to the community.

It takes a real Greenfielder to shut up Brett Favre...

A roundtable discussion on whether or not Jack Wilson should be traded this year. Didn’t we have this conversation last year?

I’ll bet it was a woman who pitched the idea to turn the Igloo into a shopping mall...

Sidney Crosby is Canada's #2 favorite sports star, and surprisingly enough Gretzky isn't #1.

Who does #2 work for? Oh that's right, the Pens.

The Pens signed some people this week.

Until lata...