Monday, December 1, 2008

Go Steelers...

What's up everyone? Sorry for the long wait, I didn't give up again already (as I know many of you thought), I've just been rather busy with the Turkey Day events and a visit from the little brother. Anyway, enough of that crap, onto the sports...

So how good did the Steelers look yesterday? Their defense is playing like the Steel Curtain of the 70's and the offense, well, God bless them they're trying. Ben's been playing better, and the running game actually mustered over 160 yards yesterday, but having to settle for four Skippy Reed field goals kept the game alot closer then it should have been. But I guess I'm really nitpicking when I pick on a unit that dropped 33 on the pretty decent Patriots defense.

And as for our defense, all I can say is wow. James Harrison has to be the defensive MVP in the NFL, no questions asked. He has 14 sacks, has forced 6 fumbles and seems to be in on every big play this big play defense creates. And let's not forget his partners in crime, Woodley, Potsi Farrior, Timmons and Foote, who are all having sensational seasons. They are the meanest SOB's in the league and have shown the ability to take over games when needbe, which is something nice to have up your sleeve in case the on again off again offense has an off day.

Last but not least, I can't forget the defensive backs, namely our safeties (sorry CB's, yinz get hurt too much to know who to write about, so I'll just say Ike, you're playing good but ya gotta learn to cath the ball buddy). Ryan Clark is an unsung hero, as he's been delivering crushing hits (ask Wes Welker what his name is today - I bet he still doesn't know) and playing an overall excellent safety, allowing his counterpart, Troy "Tazmanian Devil" Polamalu to do his thing. And for those of you that don't know, his thing is making 6 interceptions and countless other big plays and tackles for losses. If it weren't for Silverback, I'd be saying Taz should be the MVP; he's been that good this year.

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On a that note, all this talk about Kris Jenkins and Al Haynesworth being MVP is absolute crap; all they do (for the most part) is stuff the run. Funny, I don't remember anyone saying Big Snack Hampton or even Joel Steed being mentioned for that honor, and I'd venture to say they both were as, if not more effective then those two. Defensive MVP should go to a game-changer, and Silverback is most certainly that.

So overall, I'd say the Steelers are looking good with a 9-3 record and heading into big matchups with Dallas and Baltimore (screw you Ravens). Go Steelers!

Our other boys in black and gold, the Pens, have been playing well recently, completeing a 9-2-1 month of November, which has them near the top of the Eastern Conference. Geno Malkin is leading the league in scoring, with Sid closing in on him, which is always a good sign. Even our much maligned defense, struggling a bit without Sarge Gonchar and Ryan Whitney, is playing better. I still think a trade to acquire a left winger (Illya Kovalchuk anyone?) would be wise, but for the time being, all things look pretty good in Mario's world.

And finally, Pitt is off to a 7-0 start and won some little tourney in New Jersey, which is good, and they're ranked in the top 5, so all's well there. Sam Young looks to be a superstar and Levance Fields will be getting healthier and healthier as the year goes on. With Blair and Dixon playing well, this team could finally be the one that cracks the Elite Eight or even Final Four, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. We'll see how they do in the toughest conference in the country before we start annointing them as the best Pitt team in recent memory.

Until lata...