Friday, March 7, 2008

Quick Thanks...

Hey guys, sorry about there not being a post today - I just worked a ten hour shift and Diego got swamped at his place of employment. I'm going to try and post something worth a damn tonite or tomorrow, depending on how it goes (got another 10 hour run tomorrow too, so I may just go get hammered afterwards, you just never know).

But on thing I wanted to make sure I mentioned was a big thank you goes to our boys over at the 2008 Mock Draft Database, who posted our link and has made this crappy Friday into our biggest day ever at PNA. As of this post, we've already TRIPLED our highest traffic day ever! So thanks a ton.

While I'm at it, I should also thank my boy Don over at Mondesi's House, Pittsburgh's number 1 sports blog. He's really helped turn our site into something worthwhile - hell, without him, we'd only be known by the people we tell to look at our site at the bar. And writing for his site has turned us into Pittsburgh legends (in our own minds), and it impresses the ladies when Mondesi's House is dropped on the radio and we can say "yea, we write for that site." So we owe him a lot too.

And last, but certainly not least, Snack would like to thank Jake and Alex over at Bucco Blog for letting him (try) to drop some knowledge on the yinzers about his beloved Buccos. It's the hardest to write for (as they kinda suck), but definitely the most fulfilling. They're giving me a shot at "the bigtime" with them, and I really appreciate it. Who knows, with Snack on their side, maybe they'll break .500 this year...maybe.

I know, this isn't what you guys expected to be reading today, and I apologize. But seeing as this was a lazy Friday for us, and our biggest day in history, I felt the need to let yinz know who brought us here. So check out their sites, and enjoy the weekend.

PS - Let's hope the Pens don't crap themselves like they did last night again on Sunday. Good Lord did they stink the place up.

Until lata...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A few quick links for yinz...

Diego made some links up yesterday - and I forgot to post them. So I'm an idiot. But here's some links I found and he told me about to hold ya over until we post our pens game recap. Enjoy....

The Steelers are looking at Chris Crocker in free agency. I personally don't know much about him, but we need all the help we can get at safety. But he did just come off a stint playing with the Falcons, so god only knows what kinda attitude this jagoff has...

The Pens look to go 2-0 with Sid back in the lineup when they face Florida tonight at 7:30. Let's hope they don't stink up the joint like they enjoy doing against crappy teams - especially crappy teams from Florida...

(Pic from

Here we go Steelers, here we go!

Speaking of the Penguinos, PNA's boy Gary "I'll Eat Your Children" Roberts seems to be rounding into form right in time for the playoffs. The Trib is saying his goal is to play 5 regular season games to "warm up" and be ready to kick a lil' ass come playoff time.

Some people think Old Balls Roberts is too old to make an impact on our playoff run - I say he's a proven playoff winner and should be added to our playoff roster every year until he's 50. The way he was punishing people in Game 5 last season, even when it was clear we weren't going to win, was an inspiration to the guys. Plus, he scored 2 goals in 5 games, which ain't shabby for someone roughly my dad's age.

(Pic from

"...and you can count, on me, waiting for you in the parking lot."

PS - I searched Google Images for this pic of Gary Roberts, like I would for any picture. But when I typed his name in, let's just say there were some images DRAWN by some jagoff named Gary Roberts, and they're f-ing crazy. I won't even link you up to Google Images they're so wild, but if you're daring, you can check it out for yourself...

In celeb news, Patrick Swayze has cancer. It's a sad day for me (and apparently Mark Madden - who knew?), mostly because I always like Road House. Luckily, the reports of him having only 5 weeks to live were untrue, but his prognosis isn't necessarily all that good. So we'll have to see how this one plays out.

And finally, It's Always Sunny in Philadephia, a show Snack and Diego both think is funny as hell, has been picked up for another season. Check it out on F/X when the new season rolls around. And don't forget to catch the series finale of The Wire on HBO. It's on Sunday night at 9, and it looks like Marlo and Chris are about to get busy livin', or get busy dyin'...It's gonna be sweet.

(Pic from

RIP Snoop - someone will be joinin' ya shortly girl.

Until lata...

NFL Mock Draft

OK boys and girls, here's our first mock draft for 2008 - it was compiled by our boy JG, who surprisingly enough knows his stuff, and Diego and I think it's a great preview.

Look for Snack and Diego to post their own version sometime before the draft, although it probably won't be all that different from this one (unless we go the toolbox way and wait for John "Salsbury makes me cry" Clayton and Mel "creepiest guy on TV" Kiper to ruin draft day for us by telling everyone who the Dolphins will pick)...

So enjoy...

1 Dolphins Chris Long DE Virginia

Parcells may decide that Matt Ryan is their future QB, but if he is satisfied with Jordan Beck, Chris Long is too good to pass up.

2 Rams Jake Long OT Michigan

If Chris Long isn’t the number one pick, he should go to St. Louis, but they would also like to beef up their O-line and Jake Long is the best man for the job.

3 Falcons Matt Ryan QB Boston College

If he doesn’t go to the Dolphins, the Falcons should take Ryan, though he may not be worth Top-3 money.

4 Raiders Darren McFadden RB Arkansas

The Raiders need help on their O-line and D-line, but are known for trying to bring in playmakers. They should probably take Glenn Dorsey but after signing DT Tommy Kelly to a huge deal, I don’t see it.

5 Chiefs Glenn Dorsey DT LSU

This is a tough spot for Kansas City because they really need an offensive-tackle and may overpay for Boise State’s Ryan Clady, but there will be much better prospects still on the board. Their best bet is to trade down.

6 Jets Vernon Gholston DE Ohio State

The way the Jets are bringing in big free-agents makes me believe they are praying for McFadden to fall in their hands, which could happen. If he’s not still around, they would probably like to trade down and pay less money for a WR, or an ILB to fill in for Vilma. USC DT Sedrick Ellis would have been the pick if they hadn’t traded for Kris Jenkins.

7 Patriots Leodis McKelvin CB Troy

The Patriots have their eye on Gholston, but if he is off the board, Leodis McKelvin would be a nice fill-in for Asante Samuel.

8 Ravens Sedrick Ellis DT USC

Though this is not a major need for Baltimore, he is the last of a handful of elite prospects, and they would be pretty much forced to take him in this spot. Expect them to take Ryan, Gholston, or McKelvin, respectively, if they should drop.

9 Bengals Ryan Clady OT Boise St.

The Bengals are filling most of their needs in free agency, so may decide to address the O-line with their first pick. After signing DE Antwan Odom, choosing a DE seems highly unlikely.

10 Saints Keith Rivers OLB USC

With the top DT’s off the board, New Orleans may choose the first LB in the draft. The Saints like Rivers, who would probably enjoy being paired with Vilma. They also want a tight-end, but this is too early of a pick to address this need. They may even trade down if they don’t like their options, and don’t think Rivers is worth Top-10 money.

11 Bills Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma

The Bills are surely looking for a tall receiver and have been keeping their eye on Texas WR Limas Sweed, but Kelly is considered the top receiver in the draft and has the height the Bills are looking for. Don’t be surprised if it’s Sweed instead.

12 Broncos Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt

Clady may drop to the 12th pick, but if K.C. or Cincy decides to reach for their tackle, Denver will settle with Williams. Pitt OT Jeff Otah is next in line.

13 Panthers Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh

If he is already off the board, they would most likely make a decision between one of the remaining first-round defensive ends (Harvey, Merling, Campbell).

14 Bears Limas Sweed WR Texas

What don’t they need on offense? The only thing they had was solid receivers, and they’re gone. I believe Lovie Smith is sticking with Cedric Benson, but if not, Illinois’ RB Rashard Mendenhall could be the answer.

15 Lions Aqib Talib CB Kansas

They would also like to get a solid offensive lineman, but with all the top names off the board, they are likely to go with a corner instead.

16 Cardinals Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois

They would love to have Mendenhall and E. James as a one-two punch, but they will have to decide if they rather use this pick on a top corner. Mike Jenkins is a possible option.

17 Vikings Phillip Merling DE Clemson

They may choose a wide receiver, but would like to find a solid defensive end to build on their already incredible run defense, not to mention help their pass rush.

18 Texans Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon

This is likely if he is still available, but there is a good chance he won’t be. Alternate options include S Kenny Phillips, and any of the previously mentioned corners, as well as Tenn. St. CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

19 Eagles DeSean Jackson WR Cal

Phillip Merling and Miami DE Calais Campbell are other options for the Eagles after releasing Jevon Kearse, but McNabb needs more options.

20 Buccaneers Mike Jenkins CB South Florida

Tampa is slim on receivers, but there may already be four or five taken. If this is the case, they will most likely look to build on their defense, whether it is cornerback, or defensive-end.

21 Redskins Derrick Harvey DE Florida

They may opt to choose a WR if they like the remaining options at this point, but they are also looking for a DE and a fill-in for the late Sean Taylor. DE Calais Campbell may be their choice instead.

22 Cowboys Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB Tenn. St.

The Cowboys are in need of a corner and this could be his time in the draft. Brandon Flowers and Reggie Smith should be other options still available at this position. If Jonathan Stewart and/or Rashard Mendenhall are still not chosen, Dallas may take a corner with their next choice.

23 Steelers Branden Albert OG Virginia

Tomlin believes they are in a position to take the best player available in the upcoming draft. If this is true, they could possibly land a superstar. If RB Jonathan Stewart falls to the 23rd pick, he could be our short-yardage back, but that’s not all. This guy is a machine, weighing in at close to 235 lbs. and running a 4.4 40-yard dash. Yes, I know we all like Fast Willie, and with a better O-line (Mahan) he probably would have found the end-zone more often, but doesn’t it seem like they’ve been missing something since the departure of Bettis? The answer could be Jonathan Stewart. But, after signing Mewelde Moore, this seems highly improbable. It would be nice if Pitt tackle Jeff Otah were available as well. Word is the Steelers are interested in the lineman, and there is a slight possibility he could fall as far as the 23rd choice. He could definitely help their offensive-line issues.

If the Bills do not choose WR Limas Sweed and decide take Malcom Kelly instead, there is a chance he could fall in Pittsburgh’s hands. He is 6’4” and has the build to be a #1 receiver in the NFL. There’s no doubt he’ll be smarter than Plaxicco was during his stint in the Burgh. A 6’5” James Hardy wouldn’t be too bad either. CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had an outstanding combine and has the best chance to be available out of all these guys, besides Hardy. Steelers fans know we could use another corner, but teams are worried because of his lack of competition. He played at a small college in Tennessee St., but I happened to believe this is the #1 or #2 corner in the draft. Teams let his cousin, Antonio, slip in the draft, and I don’t think they should make the same mistake twice.

In the end, I’m going to call Tomlin’s bluff and say he chooses Virginia OG Branden Albert. But don’t be discouraged by the choice because this guy could fill in for Faneca for years to come. He is by far the best guard in the draft and has all the tools to become a consistent pro-bowler. This would be the smart choice, but we all may be surprised. RB Rashard Mendenhall and CB Mike Jenkins may still be on the board as well.

24 Titans Mario Manningham WR Michigan

Vince Young needs some help from his receiving corps, but Manningham had such a bad workout at the combine that the Titans may turn to Indiana WR James Hardy, or LSU WR Early Doucet.

25 Seahawks Kentwan Balmer DT N. Carolina

Balmer could go higher in the draft, and the Seahawks would like to at an OT, but with all the top names off the list, Balmer would be the best choice for Seattle.

26 Jaguars Calais Campbell DE Miami

Now that the WR situation has been resolved, Jacksonville’s main concern will be defensive end, and Campbell would be a great addition to an already dominant defense, who already added ex-Charger CB Drayton Florence.

27 Chargers Sam Baker OT USC

The Chargers are in position to take the best available, but would like to at a right tackle to help Tomlinson. Boston College OT Gosder Cherilus is another option for San Diego.

28 Cowboys Felix Jones RB Arkansas

If they already have their corner in place with the 22nd pick, expect the Cowboys to use their 2nd first-round choice on a RB. Chances are they are not going to make a trade to get McFadden, but his college backup will work just fine.

29 49ers James Hardy WR Indiana

If Hardy lasts this long, he would be a huge help to Alex Smith. The addition of Issacc Bruce is not the long-term answer.

30 Packers Gosder Cherilus OT Boston College

The Packers would like to see Rodgers-Cromartie still available, which is a strong possibility, but may need choose the best player available this deep in the first- round, while still addressing their needs. CB Reggie Smith, CB Brandon Flowers, and TE Fred Davis have are viable choices as well.

31 Giants Dan Connor ILB Penn State

He may be gone by this point, but not many teams are focusing on linebackers as their top priority this year. OLB Keith Rivers could even drop as far as the Giants, or even into the second round.

Other First-Round Possibilities

Fred Davis TE USC, Kenny Phillips S Miami, Brian Brohm QB Louisville, Early Doucet WR LSU, Quentin Groves DE Auburn, Chilo Rachal OG USC, Reggie Smith CB Oklahoma, Brandon Flowers CB Virginia Tech, Devin Thomas WR Mich. St, Other Notable Players, Dustin Keller TE Purdue, Ray Rice RB Rutgers, Jamaal Charles RB Texas, John Carlson TE ND, Chris Johnson RB East Carolina, Carl Nicks OT Nebraska, Mike Pollak OC Arizona St., Steven Justice OC Wake Forest, Anthony Collins OT Kansas, Roy Schuening OG Oregon St., Pat Sims DT Auburn, Curtis Lofton ILB Oklahoma, Ali Highsmith OLB LSU, Andre Caldwell WR Florida, Eddie Royal WR Virginia Tech, Colt Brennan QB Hawaii, Owen Schmitt FB WVU, Peyton Hillis FB Arkansas, Jacob Hester FB LSU, Lawrence Jackson DE USC, Jerod Mayo OLB Tennessee, Xavier Adibi OLB Virginia Tech, Erin Henderson OLB Maryland, Tracy Porter CB Indiana, Antoine Cason CB Arizona, Dejuan Morgan S NC St., Trevor Laws DT ND, Wesley Woodyard Jr OLB Kentucky, Lavelle Hawkins WR California, Cody Wallace C Texas A&M, Donnie Avery WR/KR Houston, Dexter Jackson WR/KR Appalachian State.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Top 10 Movies filmed in (or around) Pittsburgh

With all the recent news of movies being filmed in Pittsburgh and all the controversy that goes along with that, we decided to dedicate this weeks top 10 to movies filmed right here in the Burgh (or somewhere close). It's a little off the sports topics we usually cover, but a little pop culture never hurt anyone. We hope you enjoy, and we'd like to thank our boy, your boy, Mondesi himself for throwing us this idea...

10. Deer Hunter

Ok, I'm not going to lie, I've never actually "seen" this movie. However I do know that it won whole bunch of Academy Awards in 1978 and has also been named one of the 100 Greatest American Movies of all time. Not to metion this film stars Robert DeNiro and Christopher Walken as well. Hard to go wrong with that combo. Throwback movies aren't usually our favorites, but it never hurts to respect your elders. Plus Walken is the man. Period.

Who knew Bobby was a blood?

9. Robocop

Another old school movie at the bottom of the list, Robocop came out in 1987 and somehow ended up makin $56 Million and two more sequels, which is ludicrous. This movie probably cost about 500 grand to make as the Robocop costume looks like something your mom made you for Halloween out of tin foil and carboard boxes - and don't even get me started on the effects. The funniest part about this movie is that it featured the least scariest villain of all time; Red from that 70's show. Man that dude has been bald forever.

Rogaine didn't work for him...

8. Sudden Death

And the classics keep on coming here with the 1995 hockey classic/action flick Sudden Death. This one stared Jean Claude "Who wants to party?" Van Damme, Mike Lange, Jay Caufield, Luc Robaitaille, Paul Steigerwald, and even the mascot Iceburgh makes an apperance (and gets to commit a felony - Go Pens!). Gotta love the Van Damme movies as there is always plenty of unintentional comedey that goes along with them, this one being no different. Plus, the 80's style kung fu or whatever it is he uses on his foes are the best martial arts this side of Stephen Segal.

The only terror in this movie is the acting...

7. Kingpin

This Farrelly brothers movie is hilarious; it's a movie about hustling people in bowling. Woody "Legalize It" Harrelson plays Roy Munson, who is the inspiration behind the term "munson'd", which pretty much means getting screwed over. Randy Quaid plays an Amish bowler named Ismael and Bill Murray also sticks his nose in this one as the slimeball opponent who cost Munson his hand (and somehow is a pimp and player in the movie, even though he rocks a combover and is a pro bowler). Kingpin manages to equally offend a wide variety of people, which is always a plus. Even pitching great/enemy of the state Roger Clemens makes a cameo as a redneck named Skidmark - I'm sure this was a real strech for Roger.

6. Striking Distance

Bruce Willis is one bad dude, and him filming an action movie in the Burgh is pretty freakin' sweet. Unlike most movies filmed here in Pittsburgh, this one was actually supposed to be Pittsburgh in the movie. Bruce plays a butt-kicking river rescue cop who has a chip on his shoulder, which makes him wanna kick more butt, solve mysteries, and more unsolved murders in the Burgh. Tom Sizemore also was in this instant classic. So basically monthly earnings for the girls working Liberty Ave. and local crack dealers were up while this one was being filmed.

5. Night of the Living Dead

This one is born and bred in Pittsburgh - according to Wikipedia (god bless that site), the man who brought Night of the Living Dead to life, George Romero, went to CMU, and used a Pittsburgh based film company on the flick. He even got his start filming spots for Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. The 1968 mega-low budget picture is one of, if not the most well known zombie flick ever made, and brought forth a series of sequels and a couple remakes. It's kinda funny to watch nowadays. but it is truly a classic in every sense.

They're coming for you...

4. Dogma

Kevin Smith's foray into the world of organized religion, Dogma was criticized by the Catholic Church for portraying God in a less then appropriate way - as a mute Alanis Morissette who likes to do cartwheels and make beeping noises. We're both Catholic and we thought it was hilarious (sorry pope). It's a great satire about the church, but we mostly like the stupid jokes and gratuitous violence. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck also star in this as angels who were banned from heaven and sent to Earth for all eternity as a punishment, as do Jason Mewes and Smith himself as Jay and Silent Bob, the two stoners who basically made Smith into what he is today. George Carlin, Selma Hayek, Jason Lee, Alan Rickman and Linda Fiorentino round out this all star cast.

Buddy Christ is the man!

3. Groundhog Day

Bill Murray stars as a TV weatherman from the Burgh' who travels to Punxsutawney on Groundhog Day to see everyone's favorite rodent, Phil the Groundhog, predict the weather in this 1993 classic. The probem is, Groundhog Day keeps repeating itself over and over and over again, until he lives the day right and gets with Andie MacDowell (well played old man). This movie is also big in the physchological community, where it's been used in many different ways. My humble opinion is this is the movie that sent Bill Murray from coke snorting SNL alum to bigtime comedic actor, which is a very good thing, because if that never happened, we'd never have classics like the Royal Tannenbaums, Lost in Translation and Rushmore.

Look ma, no hands!

2. Hoffa

What's not to like about Jack Nicholson playing Jimmy Hoffa in a movie shot in Pittsburgh? This 1992 biography of Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa is a favorite of ours for two reasons; tons of violence and lots of swearing. I know, we're like 12 year olds. It was filmed all over Pittsburgh, but was actually set in Detroit. Who woulda guessed Pittsburgh would be a poor man's Detroit for the movie industry? Nicholson steals the show, and the story follows him from his beginnings burning down businesses all the way to his disappearance. Add in a great supporting cast of Danny Devito and John C. Reilly, and you got yourself one helluva movie.

Where did you go, Jimmy Hoffa?

1. Silence of the Lambs

Academy Award winners Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins bring the story of physcologist/serial cannibal Dr. Hannibal Lector to life in this 1991 Best Picture Winner. This movie still sends chills down my spine over 15 years later. It was one of the first horror movies I saw, and probably is why I don't like them to this day. Much like Night of the Living Dead (and every other horror movie I know of), this movie spawned sequels and I think even a prequel. It's also one of the most "copied" or mocked movies of all time, with everyone from South Park to the movie Joe Dirt (another Snack favorite) using something from Lambs. If you've never seen it, make sure you check out the episode of South Park called Toilet Paper - it's a spoof of this and is one of the top 5 episodes ever.


Honorable mention -

Inspector Gadget, Angels in the Outfield, Lorenzo's Oil, The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh, Milk Money, Flashdance

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Link's N'at

Sid the Kid will be back in action for your Pittsburgh Penguins tonight in Tampa Bay. It’s been too long - we miss ya Sid. Just for the love of god, be careful out there...

Geno “Milkman” Malkin has been honored as the NHL’s top player in the month of February. People are starting to finally catch on to the sophomore phenom...

WV made up for being embarrassed in this years football version of the Backyard Brawl by scraping up Pitt last night 76-62. Does this team even deserve to play in the NCAA tournament? I know losing Mike Cook shouldn’t hurt this bad.

Rotoworld's list of the Buccos top 10 prospects.

It’s a sad day for John Madden (and the state of Wisconsin) as the player whom they love, Brett Favre, retired today after 17 long seasons in Green Bay. How much you wanna bet the gray bush doesn't stay retired?

In true PN@ fashion here is ESPN’s Top 10 Favre career moments.

And here’s a link to a funny Madden/ Favre clip...

Old man stregnth at it's fullest...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Morning Hangover...

Hope everyone enjoyed the Top 10 from Friday, and went out and got himself or herself some pizza this weekend. I know it made me hungry writing it. There wasn’t too much drinking for Diego this weekend as I was nursing a cold, but there were plenty of sports. There’s no time to waste on this unseasonably warm Monday (we were overdue for this).


In the game Saturday the Pens lost 5-4 against the Ottawa Senators. It seems like Ottawa still has our number, as they have beaten us twice, with two different goalies, in the matter of one week. The Milkman, Geno Malkin, looked good again scoring a goal and dishing out 2 assists to receive the #2 star in the game, but Ty Conklin struggled and was pulled early on. Heatley and Alfredsson continue to kill the Penguins as they combined for 3 goals.

No more games against Ottawa this year, but something tells me we will be seeing them again this year in the playoffs. (Hopefully not in the first round like last year)

Welcome back! On Sunday the Pens welcomed back Armstrong and Christensen as they defeated the Atlanta Thrashers 3-2 in a shootout victory. This game also marked the return of the Flower, Marc Andre Fleury in goal, rocking his brand spanking new all white pads and starting in goal. It seems like forever since the Pens have had all their key players on the ice at the same time, but hopefully that day is near.

Christensen missed on his shootout opportunity, I thought he’d go for the bread and butter deke move, but instead he opted for a quick wrist shot. Fleury was ready as he turned away all three Thrasher chances. Kris Letang, the Pens new go to guy in shootouts, got the game winner on a fake wrist shot, deke to backhand score.

Flower Power is back!!!

Note Mad Max Talbot got a goal in this one on a pretty backhand, but he also fired up the team Saturday by fighting Senator Antoine Vermette. Talbot was back to a slow start after returning from the dreaded high ankle sprain, but it looks like he is back to where he left off now. Just in time for the Penguins stretch run into the playoffs.


**Breaking News**

We’ve been hearing rumors since last week that a Big Ben deal was on close, but it is finally here. Its official the Steelers have repaid Ben for winning that one for the thumb and it’s a HUGE payday for the big man, $102 million over 8 years! This deal has 36 million guaranteed and is comparable to contracts for QB’s such as Peyton Manning and Michael Vick (pre-dog fightining scandal). Nice to see that two Pittsburgh sports teams have locked down their two biggest young stars (Roethlisberger and Crosby) for many, many years to come. This deal seemingly makes Ben a Steeler for life, now all we need is someone to block for him. And can we please get this man a tall wide out? For the love of everything that’s holy!

Come on, GIMMEE MONEY!!!

Big Red Faneca also got his payday this weekend raking in a cool $40 mill from the Jets. It will be nice having all that money red beard, but you will still have to breathe that polluted New York/New Jersey air brah!

The Steelers signed Mewelde Moore to be a third down back for us. He'll also return kicks and punts. He could be an OK addition, but I really don't see him being all that much better then Rossum, but who knows?

The Steelers also brought in Eugene Wilson, safety from the Cheatriots...God knows we need all the help we can get at safety...

Also, be on the lookout for the official PN@ NFL mock draft, our local Mel Kiper Jr. (minus the wild hair piece) JG is helping us piece it together and it should be up sometime this week…


Pitt almost flushed their NCAA tournament hopes down the toilet this past Saturday against Syracuse. I will admit though that was one hell of a comeback by the Pitt Panthers this weekend. Thanks to big plays from Sam Young, Gilbert Brown, and Keith Benjamin the Panthers managed to sneak out of the Carrier Dome with a win, 82-77, giving them 21 for the year and just about guaranteeing them a spot in the field of 64 (NCAA tourney).

Even with a rather weak outing from Dejuan Blair (weak for him at least 8 points 6 boards). Pitt still managed to win after trailing by 11 with less then 5 minutes to play in the game. Syracuse Jonny Flynn lit up the Panthers for a career high 28, 6-6 from beyond the arc. Even though Pitt is supposed to play ferocious defense, they sure do end up surrendering career high games to players a little too often. All other Pitt starters Benjamin, Young, Fields, and Ramon scored in double digits, as did sixth man Gilbert Brown.

If you missed the end of this one, (like Big Snack did cuz he went to Monroeville golf expo) then you missed probably the third most exciting finish of the year behind Duke and the first West Virginia game. Syracuse had the ball ahead by one with under 30 some odd seconds left on the clock, Cuse inbound, and Sam Young steals the ball on a double team. Young’s momentum is carrying him out of bounds, so he throws the ball behind his head to a wide-open Benjamin, who hits the game winning lay-up. After Cuse missed a chance to take the lead Fields rebounded the shot and was fouled, shortly after words Jim Boehm rushed the court to argue a foul on the Young play and was promptly T’d up. Game over, Pitt wins!

Maybe next year Syracuse...

Look out for Pitt tonight in the Backyard Brawl against those cousin’ loving West Virginia Mountaineers 7 PM on ESPN’s Big Monday.


Can’t forget about our beloved Bucco’s. They have announced an all you can eat plan, costing $40. Snack and Diego are waiting for the $50 all you can drink plan - we think it'll blow all you can eat out of the water. Plus, itd be nice to hear some drunken slobs actually cheering for our Buccos instead of the usual sober grumbling...

Until lata...