Friday, March 7, 2008

Quick Thanks...

Hey guys, sorry about there not being a post today - I just worked a ten hour shift and Diego got swamped at his place of employment. I'm going to try and post something worth a damn tonite or tomorrow, depending on how it goes (got another 10 hour run tomorrow too, so I may just go get hammered afterwards, you just never know).

But on thing I wanted to make sure I mentioned was a big thank you goes to our boys over at the 2008 Mock Draft Database, who posted our link and has made this crappy Friday into our biggest day ever at PNA. As of this post, we've already TRIPLED our highest traffic day ever! So thanks a ton.

While I'm at it, I should also thank my boy Don over at Mondesi's House, Pittsburgh's number 1 sports blog. He's really helped turn our site into something worthwhile - hell, without him, we'd only be known by the people we tell to look at our site at the bar. And writing for his site has turned us into Pittsburgh legends (in our own minds), and it impresses the ladies when Mondesi's House is dropped on the radio and we can say "yea, we write for that site." So we owe him a lot too.

And last, but certainly not least, Snack would like to thank Jake and Alex over at Bucco Blog for letting him (try) to drop some knowledge on the yinzers about his beloved Buccos. It's the hardest to write for (as they kinda suck), but definitely the most fulfilling. They're giving me a shot at "the bigtime" with them, and I really appreciate it. Who knows, with Snack on their side, maybe they'll break .500 this year...maybe.

I know, this isn't what you guys expected to be reading today, and I apologize. But seeing as this was a lazy Friday for us, and our biggest day in history, I felt the need to let yinz know who brought us here. So check out their sites, and enjoy the weekend.

PS - Let's hope the Pens don't crap themselves like they did last night again on Sunday. Good Lord did they stink the place up.

Until lata...

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set your calanders for Pierogifest!