Friday, February 29, 2008

Top 10 Places to get Pizza in the Burgh

We at PN@ love pizza more then any other food, after all both Snack and Diego are both partially Italian. Besides pizza and sports go along like peanut butter and jelly. We picked all our favorites from all around the city, so no matter where you are in Pittsburgh you can find some good ‘za. We realize that some of you don’t care about our opinions on pizza, and those of you who don’t can feel free to kiss our ass. So enjoy this week’s special bonus edition top 10 list and feel free to let us know your favorites….

10. Village Pizza- Shadyside, 810 Ivy St. 412-682-6878

You're drunk in Shadyside, it's 2 am, and you're hungry, what do you do? Look no further then Village Pizza, it is right off of Walnut, a short walk from most Shadyside bars. Not only does Village offer you single huge slices for a cheap price, but they also have cold 6 packs to go and a bar of their own. You also get to mingle with the other boozers at the bar - always a fun way to end your your night in Shadyside before you take it back to your crib for the late night...

9. Fuel and Fuddle/Joe Mama’s- Oakland, Oakland Ave. at Fobes Ave.

These two places are one in the same as they are not traditional pizza joints, but easily have the best pizza in Oakland. Diego is a Pitt graduate so he knows a thing or two about eating Oakland 'za. Both places feature individual sized pizzas that are cooked in a brick oven. Brick oven is old school, but Fuel and Fuddle adds a twist by offering a variety of themed pizzas including the big fat jerk, garlic portabella, and smashed potato. Diego’s personal favorite is the flying buffalo, a pizza topped with mozzarella, chicken, celery, homemade buffalo sauce, and sprinkled with bleu cheese or ranch.

8. Di Sallas Pizza Parlor- Homestead, 948 E 8th Ave 412-462-5070

Snack and Diego aren’t too familiar with this neck of the woods, so when we found Di Sallas pizza we were pleasantly surprised. Don’t make the mistake of ordering a whole pie here, unless you are trying to feed an army. Di Sallas makes large square pizza. So order it by the slice here. But don't forget the square pieces - the last thing you need is to go all the way through that Waterfront traffic and come back a few slices short.

7. Rialto Pizza- Greenfield, 623 Greenfield Ave. 412-421-2121

Rialto has been around in Greenfield for a pretty long time, and it just keeps getting bigger and better as the years pass by. Rialto’s menu is huge you can get anything from pierogis to gyros to Italian donuts (Rialto has it all). Rialto also messes with the specialty pizzas such as pierogi pizza, BBQ Chicken pizza, and cheeseburger pizza. However, their crowning achievement is the ranch steak/chicken ranch pizza. This is hands down the best specialty pizza of all time, consisting of ranch, mozzarella cheese, onions, french fries, ranch dressing, garlic sauce, and your choice of steak or chicken. If you never had this pizza before I suggest trying one ASAP. And make sure you visit the shop, so you can see our boy, The Danny "Tteado" Hahn in his natural element...

6. Napoli’s- Sq Hill, 2006 Murray Ave. 412-521-1744

The first of the big 3 pizza spots on Murray Avenue in Sq. Hill, Napoli’s has been a long time favorite of Snack and Diego. Unfortunately, they had a fire a few years back that destroyed half their shop, but now they are back to business as usual. Napoli’s has a nice variety of pizza, pasta, hoagies, and other items. The best thing about Napoli’s is their pepperonis. They use the small pepperoni’s that curl up when you cook 'em and they are awesome. If you're not in the mood for pizza check out their pepperoni calzone or chicken parmesan hoagie. Also, it’s the only shop in Sq. Hill that delivers.

5. Vincent’s Pizza- Forrest Hills, 998 Ardmore Blvd. 412-271-9181

Vincent’s, or Vinny pie, as it is also known, looks more like a truck stop then a pizza place really. It's not about the ambiance in this place though, its all about the pie. They will pile on fresh toppings to the sky at Vinny pie, as they definitely don’t get cheap with them. Owner Vincent Chianese has been known to chain smoke while making pizza’s, and he’s been at it for the last 50 years. Also, let me not forget about the waitresses here at V pie, they are not scared to get rude and ignorant with the customers - now that is my kind of place. This place might be a health inspector’s worst nightmare, but their pizza is fire.

4. Fiori’s Pizza- Brookline, 103 Capital Ave. 412-343-7788

Fiori’s has a unique pizza, and that is what makes it so good. Fiori’s is your typical mom and pop place located just off of Liberty Ave. in Brookline. Only problem with this place is that its usually packed, due to it's popularity. The thing that makes this pizza so good is the sauce; it is sweeter then your every day run of the mill pizza. Also, the crust is very tasty as well. All in all this place is worth checking out as it’s one of the best pizzas in the Burgh.

3. Mineo’s Pizza- Sq Hill, 2128 Murray Ave. 412-521-9864

Another Murray Ave. pizza place makes the list. Mineo’s is known for being greasy, and that is why we at PN@ love it. If you are one of those sissies who use a napkin to dry some of the grease off your pizza before you eat it, then stop reading here, and reevaluate your diet. Their pizza is great, especially the yellow crust. The best part about Mineo’s is that you can walk right in order an ‘extra’ and they will give you a pre-cooked pizza. You will be home 10 minutes later getting your grub on. If you are impatient eater, then this is should be where you get your pizza.

2. Aiello’s Pizza- Sq Hill, 2112 Murray Ave. 412-521-9973

This pizza might not be all that impressive to look at, but man does it taste it good. Aiello's has been around forever, and there is a good reason why, as it puts out a quality product that people keep coming back for. You can find owner Joe Aiello cooking pizzas almost everyday during the week, and trust us, he is a pro. Snack and Diego have been going there our whole lives, and we’ve never been disappointed. You can come into to Aiello’s and order slices ‘off the top’,from on top of the oven so they are luke warm and you don’t burn your mouth. You can order both red and white pizza ‘off the top’ which is excellent if you're in a hurry. And if you can’t finish the whole pie, have no fear, Aiello’s tastes just as good cold as it does warm.

1. Beto’s Pizza- Banksville, 1473 Banksville Rd. 412-561-0121

Again, Beto’s is one of those places where you don’t wanna order a whole pizza unless you're having a big party at your house, by the slice is the way to go here. There is one thing, and one thing only that makes this pizza stand out from any other place in Pittsburgh, and that's cold cheese. That’s right; Beto’s cooks its square pizza in the oven with little to no cheese on top of it. Once it is done baking they throw a ton of cold mozzarella on top of it. This has it's pros and cons. Con you have to eat the pizza there, if you wait till you get home it's not the same because all the cheese has already melted, and it's just like every other pizza out there. Pro it is the best pizza I ever tasted, some cheese melts, some remains cold and the combo is simply delicious.

Until lata...

Welcome aboard?

The Pens lost 5-1 to the Boston Bruins last night, but that might not be all they lost - uber star Marian Hossa hurt his knee, but thankfully, it doesn't appear to be all that bad. Initial indications are that he'll miss up to a week, but he's going to be re-evaluated today.

(Pic from

Nice game, Conk.

Check back with PNA for an update if any more news on his injury becomes available.

As for the game, Ty Conklin looked like crap, and had to be yanked in the second. Granted, one of the goals was a deflection that he couldn't do anything about, but still, he let in a softie and didn't look as sharp as he did in his 50 save performance a few nights ago.

Pascal Dupuis looked good on the top line with Malkin and Sykora, and he also netted our only goal of the evening. I like the way he plays, and I hope we sign him for a few years after the season - he shouldn't cost all that much.

But back to Hossa. He looked pretty good out there - although that knee-to-knee hit looked bad. Hopefully Sid and him both return on Sunday...wouldn't that have this city in a frenzy? Two of the top players in league making their "comeback" performance on home ice to start the playoff push; it doesn't get any better then that.

Until lata...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Link N'At

Beloved Steeler’s broadcaster for 35 years and inventor of the terrible towel, Myron Cope, has passed away. Myron you will be missed by all and you were truly a Pittsburgh legend.

RIP Myron Cope (January 23, 1929 – February 27, 2008)

Ty Conklin turned away 50 shots last night, to give the Pens a 4-1 win against a hot Islanders hockey team. Conk continues to impress even with the added pressure of Fleury being back on the Pens roster.

What is the best thing about the Pens trading for Marian Hossa? Eastern conference rivals and possible playoff opponents, the Senators and the Canadians, didn’t get him on their teams.

Hopefully Pitt can turn things around tonight at Cincinnati; at this point we need all the wins we can get.

Tennessee’s run at the top of the food chain in college hoops didn’t last very long. Vanderbilt beat the new, and soon to be former, #1 team in the nation last night 72-69.

Inside the NFL was cancelled by HBO, and now former co-host Chris Carter will replace Sean “Sexual Harrasment” Salisbury as the NFL analyst on ESPN. Happy trails Salisbury, you stink and we at PNA hate you and wish you the worst in whatever you decide to do next.

In Pittsburgh news, the morons who work at port authority found 1.5 million dollars in bills and coins stored in barrels. Wow! PAT was hurting that’s why I am getting waxed that 10% Onorato tax when I go boozing, but yet they have a piggy bank with $1.5 mill in it? That ain’t right.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Holy Shero!

My original plan was to discuss ALL of the trades made on this NHL trade deadline, but in the last 20 minutes of the trading period, our Pens got Hal Gill from the Maple Leafs and Marian Hossa and Pascal Dupuis from the Thrashers. This is about to be a very interesting last 20 games...

Hossa is that ever elusive "pure scoring winger" we've been looking for to be Crosby's wingman ever since he donned the black and gold. If we sign him past this year (and if there's a God in heaven we will), we can expect about 50-70 goals from him, as long as he stays healthy. This was a huge splash of a move by Ray Shero, showing he thinks the Pens are poised to make a run at the Cup this season. His teammate Dupuis is basically a capable fourth or possibly third line player, and adds a little depth to the roster.

Gill is a shut down defensemen (at least according to TSN's coverage of the deadline), who carries a big stick and knows how to use it. He's physical, and brings experience to our blue line, something we will definitely need in the playoffs. The only problem with him is he's not really suited for a speed game, but as a defender in our third pairing, his physicality overtakes his lack of speed.

What did we give up you say? Well, one of our favorite Pens, Colby Armstrong is on the way out, as is Erik Christensen and Angelo Espisito. There's also a pretty good chance we lose a first round pick too. Not too bad at all, considering what we got in return.

Here's how Snack sees our lines playing out once Sid returns and we're at full stregnth.

Hossa - Crosby - Roberts

Malone - Malkin - Sykora

Ruutu - Staal - Kennedy

Laraque - Talbot - Dupuis

Gonchar - Scuderi/Orpik

Whitney - Sydor

Letang - Gill

I think this trade makes us the team to beat in the East. I know it's a bold statement, but when Roberts and Sid come back, everyone else better watch out. Not only will we have the most skill in the league with Crosby, Malkin, Hossa, Sykora, Gonchar and Letang, but we'll be one of the grittiest, most in your face teams withe the likes of Roberts, Laraque, Ruutu, Talbot, Staal, Gill and Orpik. This could be the nucleus of one of the best teams in recent memory if we can somehow manage to keep it together.

So in short - LET'S GO PENS!!!!

In other Pittsburgh Sports news, it's being reported on ESPN Insider that the Steelers are talking to DE Justin Smith about joining the club. Smith would be a nice addition, but would also probably signal the return of the 4-3 to Pittsburgh. Why else would you go after a somewhat bigtime DE? Maybe they're considering moving Aaron Smith the DT alone with Hampton, and leaving Keisel and J. Smith as the DE's.

Or maybe it's just a load of crap that the Justin Smith camp is throwing out there to try and get more money from his potential suitors. Who knows?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mondy Morning Hangover

Argh the dreaded Monday morning is back and if your like me your sitting at your desk at work staring blankly at your computer screen as you attempt to pound some caffeine in order to keep yourself awake. Who doesn’t love them some Monday? It makes it extra disappointing, as the home teams were big loser’s all weekend long.


Our Pens had two afternoon home games this weekend against a couple quality teams the Senators and the Sharks. First up was Ottawa on Saturday afternoon; the Pens came out of the gate playing well. Senator’s goalie Ray Emery, and his Muhammed Ali decorated goalie mask, looked discombobulated early letting in a goal from a Sykora slapper to get the Pens off to a nice 1-0 lead. Sykora was firing away in this one taking repeated slap shots, most of which were off target, with more the one hitting off a goal post. Emery continued to struggle in the 2nd period letting up two more goals, but the lead wouldn’t last long.

Senators who looked horrible in the 1st and most of the 2nd period, finally got their shit together and managed to creep two goals past Ty Conklin. Heatley added his second goal of the night in the 3rd to force OT, and was also robbed of a hat trick by Conk. Just when it looked like the Pens had held off the Sen’s in the OT period Steigerwald had to go and open his fat yapper talking about how he hadn’t mentioned Daniel Alfredsson’s name all game long. About 2 seconds after he said this, with only a few seconds remaining in the game Daniel buried the game-winning goal for the Senators.

All in all it wasn’t a bad game for the Pens, but giving up four unanswered goals is never a good sign. The Penguins also need to make teams pay for taking penalties, which they did not do on Saturday. The Senators played tough and it looks like they will once again be a forced to be reckoned with in the playoffs this year, and they still might make a deal before the deadline. If Emery keeps playing well they are a tough team to beat, even when you have a lead, as they proved on Saturday. Also, the line of Spezza, Heatley, and Alfredsson is probably the best in the entire NHL. Pens will have to step up their game or the Senators may send them packing in the playoffs for the second straight season.


Sunday we had the Sharks, a west coast team who we rarely get to see here in the Burgh. This game wasn’t nearly as exciting as the one the day before, but ultimately it ended with the same result. This one started out kinda weird as the zamboni machine leaked some hyrdolic, fluid. (when I first turned on the TV I though maybe Iceberg was run down in some type of horrible zamboni accident)

There was no scoring until the 3rd period when Cheechoo single handedly abused our defense and scored the first goal of the game. Later in the period, Pens evened it up at 1-1 on a goal from Christianson on a one-time slap shot on the power play. In overtime, we were out shot 5-1, but no one managed a goal. It always seems to me that the Pens struggle on 4 on 4 hockey. The Sharks won the shoot out 3-2 after Conklin could not stop any of the Shark’s shooters.

It was good to get a couple points this weekend…. Let me rephrase that it wasn’t good but it was important especially with how tight the race is in the Eastern conference. Still though when you get the opportunity to pass up the Senators in points its never good when you blow it, particularly when you have a 3 goal lead. Ty Conklin was making a lot of nice saves this weekend, but is starting to make me a little nervous letting up 4 unanswered and 3 in a row in the shoot out. That can’t happen if we want to make it far in the playoffs this year. Coincidentally Marc Andre Fleury is back; they showed him at the arena on Sunday. Maybe the Flower’s presence will help Ty to step up his game, we will soon see. Be sure to check out our Top 10 on Mondesis House dealing with potential Pens trades.



I think it was the big Duke upset that got us all fooled about this year’s Pitt hoops team, well me at least that’s for sure. After getting that big win I thought that Pitt was actually something more then a mediocre team this year, after watching the last three games I’m thinking that is not true. It is getting more and more frustrating to watch this team with each passing game. Here are a couple things I am having a problem with and would like to bitch about…

Levance Fields-
How tall are you Levance? Oh 5’10”, I didn’t know that they stacked crap high. I am thinking that maybe it isn’t a coincidence that Fields came back 3 games ago, and that Pitt has lost all three of those games. In those games he’s shot 9 for 30 scoring a wimpy 22 points while playing 82 minutes. Maybe Fields shoulda took a lil more time off. I would rather have Benjamin and Ramon out there at this point. Levance better pull his head out of his ass or else Pitt will be playing in the NIT this year.

As soon as Dejuan Blair gets in foul trouble, as he’s been doing lately, Pitt has no one on the team to get rebounds. We need to establish some toughness in the paint. Sam Young may grab a couple here and there, but it isn’t enough. And you can forget about having any second chances on the offensive end, which sucks cuz all we do is jack up three pointers every game. Tyrell Biggs is 6’8” 240lbs, but he plays soft when in there, he needs to start hitting the weight room with Blair that’s for sure. Gary McGhee is a seven footer, but is still wet behind the ears. If Blair has to keep playing conservatively to avoid foul trouble, he’s not going to be as effective.

Random thoughts and links

After consulting with my main man Swineburna, I realized it would be in the Bucco’s interests to land a big name free agent before baseball starts in spring. Who are we endorsing for the Pirates to pick up? None other then Barry Lamar Bonds, yes that’s right folks, we want Barry back in the Burgh. I am surprised the Pirates PR team has already thought of this themselves. Just think, the Buc’s stink, the only way they can get asses in the seats or people talking about them is through promotions such as pierogi races, fireworks, and bobble heads (we actually considered naming the site this due to that fact). Signing Bonds would be the greatest publicity stunt ever! Love him or hate him Barry would bring people to PNC Park. And isn’t that what its all about for the Nutting’s anyway profit?

I don’t see the difference

Jets have given middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma permission to seek a trade… to any team but the Patriots, that’s pretty awesome.

Darren McFadden ran a 4.29 40-yard dash at the combine, but he is also facing 2 paternity suits. I would probably run that fast too if I had two paternity suits hot on my tail.

That’s it your now catch you’s later….