Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Beloved Steeler’s broadcaster for 35 years and inventor of the terrible towel, Myron Cope, has passed away. Myron you will be missed by all and you were truly a Pittsburgh legend.

RIP Myron Cope (January 23, 1929 – February 27, 2008)

Ty Conklin turned away 50 shots last night, to give the Pens a 4-1 win against a hot Islanders hockey team. Conk continues to impress even with the added pressure of Fleury being back on the Pens roster.

What is the best thing about the Pens trading for Marian Hossa? Eastern conference rivals and possible playoff opponents, the Senators and the Canadians, didn’t get him on their teams.

Hopefully Pitt can turn things around tonight at Cincinnati; at this point we need all the wins we can get.

Tennessee’s run at the top of the food chain in college hoops didn’t last very long. Vanderbilt beat the new, and soon to be former, #1 team in the nation last night 72-69.

Inside the NFL was cancelled by HBO, and now former co-host Chris Carter will replace Sean “Sexual Harrasment” Salisbury as the NFL analyst on ESPN. Happy trails Salisbury, you stink and we at PNA hate you and wish you the worst in whatever you decide to do next.

In Pittsburgh news, the morons who work at port authority found 1.5 million dollars in bills and coins stored in barrels. Wow! PAT was hurting that’s why I am getting waxed that 10% Onorato tax when I go boozing, but yet they have a piggy bank with $1.5 mill in it? That ain’t right.


Lance said...

I think its wrong for the general public to be forced to fix Pendots problems. Just because they can't manage themselves we have to pay. Based on that logic then no company should ever go bankrupt, cuz the gov't will bail them out. How about firing the idiots who screwed up in the 1st place. Onorato, you suck more than Santorum.

RIP Myron Cope, a sad day in the 'burgh.

Anonymous said...

No posts in 2 days? Snack must be hitting the rookie wall with this job thing.

Find Christ brah...