Friday, February 29, 2008

Welcome aboard?

The Pens lost 5-1 to the Boston Bruins last night, but that might not be all they lost - uber star Marian Hossa hurt his knee, but thankfully, it doesn't appear to be all that bad. Initial indications are that he'll miss up to a week, but he's going to be re-evaluated today.

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Nice game, Conk.

Check back with PNA for an update if any more news on his injury becomes available.

As for the game, Ty Conklin looked like crap, and had to be yanked in the second. Granted, one of the goals was a deflection that he couldn't do anything about, but still, he let in a softie and didn't look as sharp as he did in his 50 save performance a few nights ago.

Pascal Dupuis looked good on the top line with Malkin and Sykora, and he also netted our only goal of the evening. I like the way he plays, and I hope we sign him for a few years after the season - he shouldn't cost all that much.

But back to Hossa. He looked pretty good out there - although that knee-to-knee hit looked bad. Hopefully Sid and him both return on Sunday...wouldn't that have this city in a frenzy? Two of the top players in league making their "comeback" performance on home ice to start the playoff push; it doesn't get any better then that.

Until lata...

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