Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Morning Hangover...

Hope everyone enjoyed the Top 10 from Friday, and went out and got himself or herself some pizza this weekend. I know it made me hungry writing it. There wasn’t too much drinking for Diego this weekend as I was nursing a cold, but there were plenty of sports. There’s no time to waste on this unseasonably warm Monday (we were overdue for this).


In the game Saturday the Pens lost 5-4 against the Ottawa Senators. It seems like Ottawa still has our number, as they have beaten us twice, with two different goalies, in the matter of one week. The Milkman, Geno Malkin, looked good again scoring a goal and dishing out 2 assists to receive the #2 star in the game, but Ty Conklin struggled and was pulled early on. Heatley and Alfredsson continue to kill the Penguins as they combined for 3 goals.

No more games against Ottawa this year, but something tells me we will be seeing them again this year in the playoffs. (Hopefully not in the first round like last year)

Welcome back! On Sunday the Pens welcomed back Armstrong and Christensen as they defeated the Atlanta Thrashers 3-2 in a shootout victory. This game also marked the return of the Flower, Marc Andre Fleury in goal, rocking his brand spanking new all white pads and starting in goal. It seems like forever since the Pens have had all their key players on the ice at the same time, but hopefully that day is near.

Christensen missed on his shootout opportunity, I thought he’d go for the bread and butter deke move, but instead he opted for a quick wrist shot. Fleury was ready as he turned away all three Thrasher chances. Kris Letang, the Pens new go to guy in shootouts, got the game winner on a fake wrist shot, deke to backhand score.

Flower Power is back!!!

Note Mad Max Talbot got a goal in this one on a pretty backhand, but he also fired up the team Saturday by fighting Senator Antoine Vermette. Talbot was back to a slow start after returning from the dreaded high ankle sprain, but it looks like he is back to where he left off now. Just in time for the Penguins stretch run into the playoffs.


**Breaking News**

We’ve been hearing rumors since last week that a Big Ben deal was on close, but it is finally here. Its official the Steelers have repaid Ben for winning that one for the thumb and it’s a HUGE payday for the big man, $102 million over 8 years! This deal has 36 million guaranteed and is comparable to contracts for QB’s such as Peyton Manning and Michael Vick (pre-dog fightining scandal). Nice to see that two Pittsburgh sports teams have locked down their two biggest young stars (Roethlisberger and Crosby) for many, many years to come. This deal seemingly makes Ben a Steeler for life, now all we need is someone to block for him. And can we please get this man a tall wide out? For the love of everything that’s holy!

Come on, GIMMEE MONEY!!!

Big Red Faneca also got his payday this weekend raking in a cool $40 mill from the Jets. It will be nice having all that money red beard, but you will still have to breathe that polluted New York/New Jersey air brah!

The Steelers signed Mewelde Moore to be a third down back for us. He'll also return kicks and punts. He could be an OK addition, but I really don't see him being all that much better then Rossum, but who knows?

The Steelers also brought in Eugene Wilson, safety from the Cheatriots...God knows we need all the help we can get at safety...

Also, be on the lookout for the official PN@ NFL mock draft, our local Mel Kiper Jr. (minus the wild hair piece) JG is helping us piece it together and it should be up sometime this week…


Pitt almost flushed their NCAA tournament hopes down the toilet this past Saturday against Syracuse. I will admit though that was one hell of a comeback by the Pitt Panthers this weekend. Thanks to big plays from Sam Young, Gilbert Brown, and Keith Benjamin the Panthers managed to sneak out of the Carrier Dome with a win, 82-77, giving them 21 for the year and just about guaranteeing them a spot in the field of 64 (NCAA tourney).

Even with a rather weak outing from Dejuan Blair (weak for him at least 8 points 6 boards). Pitt still managed to win after trailing by 11 with less then 5 minutes to play in the game. Syracuse Jonny Flynn lit up the Panthers for a career high 28, 6-6 from beyond the arc. Even though Pitt is supposed to play ferocious defense, they sure do end up surrendering career high games to players a little too often. All other Pitt starters Benjamin, Young, Fields, and Ramon scored in double digits, as did sixth man Gilbert Brown.

If you missed the end of this one, (like Big Snack did cuz he went to Monroeville golf expo) then you missed probably the third most exciting finish of the year behind Duke and the first West Virginia game. Syracuse had the ball ahead by one with under 30 some odd seconds left on the clock, Cuse inbound, and Sam Young steals the ball on a double team. Young’s momentum is carrying him out of bounds, so he throws the ball behind his head to a wide-open Benjamin, who hits the game winning lay-up. After Cuse missed a chance to take the lead Fields rebounded the shot and was fouled, shortly after words Jim Boehm rushed the court to argue a foul on the Young play and was promptly T’d up. Game over, Pitt wins!

Maybe next year Syracuse...

Look out for Pitt tonight in the Backyard Brawl against those cousin’ loving West Virginia Mountaineers 7 PM on ESPN’s Big Monday.


Can’t forget about our beloved Bucco’s. They have announced an all you can eat plan, costing $40. Snack and Diego are waiting for the $50 all you can drink plan - we think it'll blow all you can eat out of the water. Plus, itd be nice to hear some drunken slobs actually cheering for our Buccos instead of the usual sober grumbling...

Until lata...

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