Friday, January 25, 2008

Pens lose 4-3

Here's a recap of the Pens' loss last night. We watched the game at the lovely Crystal's on Penn Ave., so needless to say, the game wasn't the number one priority on our list.

One thing I did notice was Big Georges beating the hell out of somebody and then getting a game misconduct for slamming someone into the boards face first. Sure, it was a dangerous play, but that jagoff who got hit put his head down first. And as Georges said "If I want to hit somebody from behind he's not going to get up."

Anyway, that puts us one point behind the Devils and Flyers for the Atlantic Division lead going into the All-Star break. Not too shabby considering where we were at the beginning of the season.

And I swear, they better not fine and/or suspend Big Georges for that hit, or I might lose all respect for the game. That punk who got hit fought in the third so obviously he was fine, and it was his own damn fault for getting in Georges' way anyways. And Mr. Flyer Coach - the only thing wrong with that hit was YOUR guy's inability to brace himself for a check, so save your preaching for someone who cares.

God do I hate Philly...


The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I couldn't agree more with your assesment of GLR hit. Steve Downie basically dove into the boards and GLR just nudged him.

The ironic thing is that Steve Downie came back later in the game, got in a fight with Pen's rookie Ryan Stone and then was thrown out of the game for not having his jersey tied down correctly. What a loser. I guess he was filling in for Eager.

I love GLR's quote about the hit:
"If I want to hit somebody from behind, he's not going to get up."

tha friendly stranger said...

Agreed that quote rocks... and snack what no shout out to the strippers at the cricket?

BooBoo said...

It did expose our d's weakness, though. Teams that play the old timey crash the net attack meet very little resistance from the Pens - Knuble got the game winner with Scuderi watching him, looking for the puck instead of the body. When the other team has more guys in your blue paint than you do, it can't be good. The Pens have to win games when they score three times, especiallly without the Kid.

Bobinkle said...

Yes. Cricket strippers need a shoutout brah.

Also a shoutout to Diego's "man down" Friday night. He might be on the day to day list with a bruised hip.