Monday, January 28, 2008

Quick recap from Snack

Well boys and girls, it's Monday, and other then Pitt pooping themselves against Rutgers, it was a rather uneventful weekend.

The X Games were on, and Shawn White was his normal, sick self. The silly bastard had the quote of the day - he was warming up and snapped his board, and as he did it yealled out "Aww, Fuck!" (pretty much woulda been Snack's reaction too)...The part that was funny was on the telecast they said he broke his board, they go to commercial, THEN play the clip of him, I coulda done a better job of editing then whoever that jagoof was...

It was cool to watch, but I don't know anyone other then White in the events (and Blair Morgan, the snowmobile racer...don't ask me how I know his name), so the main draw is always the wrecks, and yesterday was no different. We saw 3 different people getting drug off the slopes, and they even ran out of ambulances - thats how bad it was.

And if you saw the All-Star game in hockey, the highlight was Rick Dipietro dropping the f-bomb during the skills contest (thanks to reader Beans for sending me the link). It was a bad weekend all around for editors everywhere...

In local news, a reader named Joe (thanks buddy) sent me a link from the Trib saying Jared Zabransky will sign with the Steelers. Who is he? He's the guy who quarterbacked Boise State to a BCS win 2 seasons ago on the strength of two big plays, including a Statue of Liberty play and a hook-and-ladder play...Take a look -

And finally, the Pens resigned Kris Beetch, who spent a few years here in the Burgh already but who's tenure is mostly forgotten by Snack as he resided in Craphio (Ohio) during his run. All I know is it can't hurt to have another veteran player on a team making a playoff push.

Until lata...

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