Saturday, October 27, 2007

Welcome to the site.... is your one-stop shop for all things Pittsburgh. We’ll have a daily segment written by one of our staff writers (Big Snack and Diego) and will have links to pages that yinz guys will like. Our segments will hit on the hot topics of the day, or whatever the hell we feel like talking about. Nothing is off-limits, and any topics you wanna hear us take on just send us a message or post what you think under our original article (trust me, we won’t be offended if you think we got it wrong…Diego maybe, but Snack’s cool).

Check PNA after all the Pittsburgh games and get Snack and Diego’s take on why we won or why we need to shoot the coach, and for our preview of the next opponent that our Pittsburgh (insert Steelers, Pens or Bucs here) will be running over (well, probably not the Bucs). We’re also going to give our take on any big game or story going on in the world of sports and we’ll follow our favorite college team, your Pittsburgh Panthers. If you are a Penn State fan, this may not be your spot (and we’ll meet you in the parking lot to prove it…).

Our inside sources give us the best trade rumors and our slight gambling problem gives us the edge when we tell you who to bet on come Sunday afternoon. We’ll pick all the big games and give you our reasoning…we won’t guarantee a win and nobody in their right minds would listen to us (especially Snack) when it comes to working the lines, but it’ll be another resource for yinz guys going to see your man over in Bloomfield.

Snack and Diego are recent college grads who have bled black and gold for 25 years a piece, and this site is their way to add their twisted take on everything Pittsburgh and to makes yinz guys laugh your buns off watching videos (like the classic Brian Trottier and Kevin Stevens versus Brian Bellows during the Stanley Cup…hilarious) and reading our homemade Top 10 lists (such as the Top 10 biggest criminals in sports and Top 10 most beloved Steelers of all-time).

Our most important section by far will be our bar review section. Snack, Diego and crew are quite the men-about-town and enjoy an occasion cocktail (Jagabomb! Jagabomb! Jagabomb!). We will be doing an all inclusive look at the bar scene in the Burgh, telling you which bars are Snack approved and which ones Diego wouldn’t even sucker punch somebody in. We’ll let u know all about the “atmosphere” (code for ladies) and which drink specials are worth pulling yourselves away from Halo 3 for (best game EVER…definitely Big Snack and Diego approved.).

PNA is all about interacting with the readers, and we would really like your help making this site all it can be. If any of yinz have a funny page or a comment about what a jackass Snack is, holler at us at

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