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Top 10 Most Outrageous Statements Made on the Philadelphia Flyers Message Board

Since we have a nice two game lead in the Eastern Conference Finals against the hated Flyers, we figured we'd give you the best of them whining and complaining. These are messages all posted on the Flyers message board, and we thought we'd share them with ya just to show you how backwater, minor league, jagoff these guys really are.

So without further ado, here's the best of the best...

10. I don't know, I disagree with you Pittsburgh guys. I don't think he (Malkin) likes the physical play and the rowdy atmosphere...he literally doesn't like playing hockey in Philadelphia. Every guy prefers to play at home, but guys also like to play on the road in rowdy buildings..

Some guys embrace the intensity, some guys shy away from it.

I'm betting that Malkin shys away from it in games 3,4 and 6 (if there is one.)

(That being said, he's a phenominal player and I'm very much afraid of him, especially on the power play.)

Username: Bettman Sucks!

"The Penguins' Evgeni Malkin, on playing the Flyers in Philly: "When we play there, we have problems, like people throwing popcorn on the bench. I don't really like playing against them. I don't like that team." This is the quote this guy is referring to and I believe he’s taking it out of context. It doesn’t mean Geno is scared or will “shy away” in Philly. It means, just like everyone else here in Pittsburgh, he hates those douches and their band wagon jumping fans. If anything, he’s gonna be fired up in Philly, but certainly not scared. (like you are of Malkin, judging by that last line chief)

9. I am telling you guys that this is going to get the Flyers angry early and that's a very good thing. This team plays better when it is pi$$ed off.

Username: Chocula 78

Ohhhh we’re shaking in our boots here in Pittsburgh. This guy was referring to how every media outlet/ hockey writer under the sun has picked the Penguins to win this series. If anything, when the Flyers get pissed at the Pens skating circles around them they will just take cheap shots (as usual, Philly’s MO) and will take penalties, where they will be destroyed by our superior power play.

8. I'm not to worried, what will win this series for the Flyers will be heart. The Flyers have way more heart than the pens. Crosby is all about himself, Hossa is just looking for the next big payday and Malkin can't do it himself. Fleury hasn't seen scoring depth in the playoffs yet. I'm not even worried about the ref's, I hope the calls are a little in favor of the pens, it will make victory that much sweeter. The Flyers are the better team and we are the better fans

Username: Pat

Wow, not even sure where to start in picking this one apart. More heart, are you kidding me? If you really think heart is gonna win this series then you sir, are sadly mistaken. Crosby is all about himself? Is that why he has the most assists in the NHL playoffs with 12? Hossa is in it to win the cup and if he gets paid too I’m sure that wouldn’t hurt. As for Malkin he is a MVP candidate cuz he absolutely took over BY HIMSELF when Crosby went out with injury. I’ll get to Fleury later. Oh ya, Pens fans = greatest hockey fans in the league. (just check the NHL TV ratings and the fact we sold out every home game this year)

7. RE: Will there be any gloves dropped in this series?

Richards vs Crosby

Username: Pat (Snack wonders if this is the same jagoff as b4?

Saying Crosby will fight is asinine. Crosby isn’t a fighter, he’s a scorer and a passer. As for the original question, Flyers fans better hope there isn’t any dropped gloves cuz I don’t see anyone on that roster that’s stepping to Pens enforcer, and the most feared man in the NHL, Big Georges Laraque.

6. That entire article is completely biased. I'll bet Crosby was tickling his balls while he was writing it.. while Malkin was jerking it in the background..and Bettman filmed.

I love that the Flyers are the underdogs. There is nothing on this earth I love more then seeing the underdog prevail, which has already happened a few times this season for the Flyers. I just can't wait to see what happens with this series.

Username: DudeBrah87

I’m sure you do love underdogs seeing as how you’re a Philly fan and their teams are always considered the underdogs, cuz they suck. Don’t hate on us just cuz everyone including Scott Burnside (author of this article) know that the Pens are the better team, and that the Flyers aren’t even on our level. Get ready to get outmanned and outclassed - hey at least you made it this far that’s something to be proud of.

5. We went 5-3 against them in the regular season.

We can beat them.

Username: Eggplant

Sure, you just go ahead and keep on thinking that the playoffs are the same as the regular season. I don’t even need to respond to this one, a Pens fan posting on the Flyers message board already has done so, “your 1-3 against us with Hossa”. Looks like the Flyers ain’t been so hot against the Pens as of late anyway Eggplant. Lets remember Crosby didn’t even play in the final game in fear one of the Flyers player would cheap shot and injure him. (cuz they fear him)

4. The Flyers will win and thats that !! Unless the Reffs want to gift wrap the series for them and there "poster child" Cindy .. I dont have 1 worry im sorry . I worried when they were playing the Caps and they won , then I really worried when we had to play the habs and we beat them . Sorry but the Pens are just another practice series to get the boys ready for the Cup !!!!!!!!!

Username: THE KO KID

First off that’s some awesome grammar right there, good to see you never made it to the 8th grade graduation, KO KID. Calling him Cindy instead of Sidney? That is SO funny AND original.

How in god’s name you can be scared of the Caps and Habs is beyond me, but referring to playing us, as a “practice series”, is ludicrous. Obviously my man hasn’t been watching too many Penguins playoff games this year.

3. Crosby takes more dives then Michael Phelps

Username: Carter 17

I will give Carter 17 a few creative points for this one as I did kind of chuckle after reading it. I just think its funny how the default smack talk against the Pens is always “Crosby is a cry baby and he takes dives to get calls”. I guess fans just like to hate on the great players, just ask Lebron and the Papa John Crybaby T-shirts fiasco in the last series against the Wizards. The only diving Sid will do in this series is to celebrate when we send the Flyers home, and move on to the cup.

2. Martin Biron is a GOD.

Username: Carter 17

Did he win a couple playoff games? Sure he did, but to call him a god is a stretch. I guess they should be singing Biron’s praises in Philly though, because without him they probably would have lost in the first series against the Caps. Only problem is the Penguins are not the Caps, and we are the best offense in the NHL. Not to mention the fact that Fleury, and his two shut outs, has been better then Biron during the playoffs. Once he faces Geno, Sid, Hossa, Sykora, and Gonchar on the power play Biron will be wishing they woulda lost to the Caps in round one.

1. We have shut down all the other teams top lines. let me explain this to NO ONE is scared of crosby. Malkin is who we have to contain. Crosby and the pens we have the same problem that the Habs had. They will get plenty of shots from the outside that biron will handle with ease. Who on pitt will have the heart to get beat up in front of the net to get the hard-work goals. NO ONE...

Username: VengeanceNOW

So is this dude taking crazy pills or what? First off, you were correct in saying you should be worried about containing Malkin, because the kid is explosive. Secondly, Crosby is easily better then any player on the Flyers. Third, Malone will post up in front of the net all game long and there’s not a thing any Flyer can do about it. Lastly, as I have stated before it will come down to discipline. All you jagoffs in Philly do is take penalties and the Pens power play is too much for you to handle.


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