Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Do or Die...

As I’m sure everyone is well aware, it is do or die for the Penguins tonight. The puck drops at a little after 8, on NBC.

No doubt both clubs will be ready to go. The Penguins managed to weather the storm against the Red Wings on Monday, but they must be ready again tonight. The Wing’s will be giving it their best effort in order to secure the Stanley Cup.

One thing the Pens have learned over the last couple games is that no lead is safe, so scoring early and often is essential.

I can’t wait for the action to get started tonight and to hear the fans going wild to cheer on our Penguins…

Daily Pens Links

The instant-classic game from Monday night has helped to propel hockey to the forefront of the sports spotlight in the USA. This is definitely not an easy task. No wonder why everyone believes Gary Bettman and the NHL love the Pens so much.

Red Wings fans heard the hype about Crosby before the series began, but now they are witnessing it first hand.

Sid’s new nickname, the "Greasy Mexican"...

10 things you didn’t know about Sidney Crosby

Both Ryan Malone and Sergei Gonchar are expected to play for the Penguins tonight (Did you really think they’d miss it?) Also, the Flower gets even with the octopus twirler.

Safe to say that Max Talbot will become much more well known thanks to his heroic effort last game. One thing is for sure though; this guy will never have to pay for a drink again in the Burgh.

The Pens must once again utilize the “us-against-them” mentality in order to stretch this series even further.

Now after his team gave it all they had in game 5, and still came up short, it’s Mike Babcock’s turn to start whining about the refs. PS, In the series so far (from the box scores):

Pittsburgh - 32 Penalties

Detroit - 22 Penalties

Wah Babcock Wah!

Complaining won’t win you games A-hole...

While you sit around being lazy, the Mellon Arena crew is hard at work making sure the ice will be up to par tonight for the Igloo’s last game of the season.

If you want a ticket for tonight’s game chances are your going to have to either sell your left arm, or auction off your first born child on ebay. (While the scalpers are grinning as they rub their hands together greedily)

Or, maybe the scalpers aren’t so happy after all. Apparently even they are having trouble scoring tickets.

I guess that's whythey're selling fake tickets instead.

Here’s the pic of that punk kid who tossed the octopus onto the ice of the Igloo during the anthem of game 4. I guess Hot Topic is paying pretty well these days, if this jagoff can afford to buy tickets and get thrown out before the game starts. If anyone sees this dude, please kick his ass on principle.

Nice braclet, Jim Jones!

Until lata...

PS (From Snack) - I saw this on one of the links and felt it was worthy of being posted by itself...Enjoy!

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