Monday, July 7, 2008

Diego's Screw the All-Star Game Report

Let me start off by saying this - I hate all-star game; not just the MLB one, but all the rest of them as well. Since the MLB all-star game is about a week away I will focus my hatred towards that one.

The main thing about the MLB all-star game that grinds me gears is the fact that the fans have the right to vote the starters to both teams. Lord knows Americans love to vote (EX American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, etc), but fans' stupidity, loyalty, or whatever you wanna call it leads to some pretty sketchy starters each year.

Surprisingly enough, for the most part, the fans actually got the infield right this year (yes I was shocked, and yes, Jeter starting for the AL is a bit iffy I will admit), but the outfield was a different story.

I thought this was America people? You really voted both Ichiro and Fukudome in as starters? Are you serious? To make this announcement so close to the 4th makes it hurt even worse!

The fact that Fukudome got in with such crappy stats (a whopping 7 HRs and 35 RBIs) amazes me. The Buccos Jason Bay has 10 more jacks and 10 more rbi’s, and also more runs scored then the Cubs outfielder. If I were Matt Holiday, Adam Dunn, or Ryan Ludwick I would be pissed about not getting the start. If I were Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, Aaron Rowand, Pat Burrel, or Carlos Lee I would be even more pissed about getting snubbed when scrubs like Fukudome are starting in the game.

Am I finished complaining yet? Not even close…

Of course I am not surprised that teams like the Red Sox, Yankees, and Cubs make up a majority of the starters in the game. I understand these are popular teams with the fans, so they will vote them in. However, it is inexcusable to not include Jermaine Dye and Carl Crawford on the AL team this season. Both these guys are having awesome first halfs, not to mention both players teams are in first place (Rays ahead of both the Red Sox and the Yanks in the AL East). This type of misrepresentation and bias against certain teams when it comes to “all-star” voting is BS.

Final Vote? You gotta be kiddin’ me

Lastly what the F is Brandon Webb doing starting this game for the NL? Sure he may have started out as the best pitcher in baseball, but now he’s not even the best pitcher on his team (Dan Haren), let alone in the national league.

The true ace of the National League is none other then “The Freak” lil Timmy Lincecum, and I will tell you why:

1. The dude is 5’7” 170 lbs and looks like he is about 15 years old, but his stuff is nasty; he has fastball in the upper 90’s and his 12-6 curve will freeze a batter in his tracks.

2. He plays for the San Francisco Giants (they suck), but yet he is 10-1 this year.

3. He leads the majors with 122 K’s in 115 innings pitched with only 44 walks and 100 hits given up.

(Note from Snack - Diego's just pissed cause he has "lil" Timmy, and I have Webb on my team in fantasy baseball...all I hear is an oversized Italian WAAAAAAAA!!!!)

If you want to know more about Tim Lincecum then get familiar with him by reading Tom Verducci’s article which was the feature story from Sports Illustrated last week.

Little guy with a big fastball

In closing, it would be one thing if this game meant nothing (as it did for many, many years), but now the winner gets home field advantage in the World Series; that’s a pretty big deal. Wouldn’t it make sense that you would want to have the best players representing your league? It does to me. On the other hand, who really gives a crap about the all-star game anyway?

Monday Links

The Buccos are bringin' Phil Dumatrait off the DL to fill the slot left open from Gorzelanny’s demotion to AAA earlier this week. Ian Snell is also expected to come off the DL this week.

A Rod is due to take a hefty shot in the pocketbook after his wife of 5 years filed for divorce today, lucky for him Madonna can probably pay for her own dates. (this guys life is like a soup opera, gotta love the NY media)

In Pens news, the team signed Matt Cooke as a replacement for Rutuu over this weekend. Apparently this guy is similar to Rutuu, but likes to hit more.

Shero sure does now how to pick up those role players doesn’t he? Here is a rundown of his off-season moves thus far. Gotta love talking about the Pens in July.

Lastly I was surprised to find out that Plaxico Burress has come out with a book titled Giant:A Road to the Super Bowl. The DVE morning show interviewed Plax this morning and I was shocked to learn A) that Plax could read, let alone write B) That he was good friends with Cowher and old Coach Chin was one of the first to call him to congratulate him after Giants won the NFC title C) that he couldn’t believe how many white homeless people lived in Pittsburgh!

And finally, this pic basically sums up the Littlefield Era in Pirate baseball...Thanks to reader Joe for sending it it...

Until lata...

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