Thursday, February 5, 2009

Penguins Update

So today is apparently a busy (or boring depending on how you look at it) day for Snack, so I'm gonna fill you in on a little secret...

If the Pens end up making the playoffs, which is no guarentee because they're in a tie for ninth place in the East, it will be because last night's game saved the season.

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We needed this one...

Last night looked alot like your typical Pens' game this season - we were losing 3-0 going into the third against one of the worst teams in the league, without much hope of pulling out a victory. Tampa Bay was all over us, and we couldn't even manage to score on a goalie who was making his first NHL start.

Then, it appeared something clicked in he third. Geno Malkin decided we would not lose another game, and he hoisted the Pens on his shoulders and started the bloodletting of the Lightning by scoring less then three minutes into the third, making it 3-1. His play in this period was amazing, as he was flying around, hitting anything that moves and registering some quality scoring chances.

Later in the third, Mark Eaton shot one on net that bounced off of a Lightning defender and into the twine making it 3-2. At this point, you pretty much felt something big was going to happen. The Pens controlled the play and were shooting the puck every time up the ice - in fact, they looked like the Pens from last year.

Finally, the Pens crashed the net and somehow managed the sneak the puck past the line to tie it 3-3 and send it to overtime. Sykora got credit for the goal, but Letang and Caputi were both crashing into the goalie, so I feel they all should get credit for it.

Overtime was high-flying and fast paced hockey, but of course you knew who was going to end it all....

After almost 5 exciting minutes of overtime hockey, Geno slammed the puck home 5-hole style winning this one for us and giving us a much needed two points. He was so excited he flung his stick down the ice and skated right to the boards, jumping into the glass. It was quite a celebration and one we haven't heard or seen in the Igloo since last year's playoff games.

Hopefully we can keep this roll going and surge into the playoffs, where we'll have Sarge Gonchar back leading out powerplay.

Until lata...

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