Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday Morning Hangover...(Part 2)

Wow I feel better after getting all the Penguin’s griping done and over with, until Friday morning at least. So now I can move on to bigger and better things, our Pittsburgh Steelers. These AFC North games have been a pushover up until the Cleveland Browns walked into Heinz Field for our second match up with them of the year this Sunday. Diego was once again tailgating at Hienz field so my memory may not be all that great as I was pounded beer drinking throughout the day on Sunday.

My first reaction was wow there is a lot of shit colored jerseys and jackets spread through Gold lot 2 where I was getting my drink on. One guy even had the balls to wave around a 20 ft browns flag while attempting to heckle Steelers fans (we don’t play that in Pittsburgh, lets just say the flag ended up in the Alleghany). Yes indeed folks it was shaping up to be a good one this week. The game didn’t start off too well for the Lers, with them going three and out and the Browns scoring a touchdown on a play action pass on their first drive of the game. In fact, the whole first half wasn’t going to great for the Steelers as we were holding the Browns to third and longs, which they continued to convert thanks to good play by the offensive line and smart throws from QB Derek Anderson. The defense was getting pressure, but Anderson was doing a good job getting rid of the ball before taking a sack. Two more touchdown passes and two Skippy Reed field goal’s later, and the Lers were going into halftime down 21-6.

After some halftime cherry bomb shots, all my friends and me over at Calico Jack’s were ready to watch the Steelers comeback in the second half so we could go over and taunt the table full of Brownies fans. Thankfully the Lers gave us a chance to do just that with a strong 2nd half performance. Both the defense and offense played outstanding in the 2nd half, the special teams though… not so much. But 2 outta 3 ain’t bad right? Although special teams did almost cost us the game, Big Ben took it upon himself to make sure that the Steelers weren’t going to lose this game or their firm grip atop the lead of the AFC North.

Big Ben,you can’t say enough about the way he has been playing so far this season, it seems as if overcoming all those obstacles in 2007 really helped him become a better QB this season. He has stepped up his game in a big way, and he seemed to show shades of a John Elway Sunday as he was scrambling around the pocket, breaking away from sacks, running the ball down field, and leading the Steelers on a drive that ultimately led to victory. This was quite possibly the best game of Bens short career as he passed for 278 yards and 2 TD’s and ran for another 49 yards, including a HUGE 30 yards TD run, the longest of his career. Even Bill Parcels was singing the praise of Ben and the Steelers offense after this weekend’s performance. I say this amidst all the ramblings throughout the national media stating that Ben isn’t an elite QB in this league and that he isn’t even one of the top 5 players at his position, which is absolute rubbish.

The new face of the NFL...

All in all it was a solid effort other then the miscues on special teams. (as Snack addressed yesterday) The Steelers managed to squeak by with a 3 point win after Phil Dawson missed a game tying 52-yard field goal with no time left on the clock. It was big to get this win, not only to silence critics, but to keep a hold on the top spot in the AFC North, and also to keep the Brownies fans from having their bragging rights.

That's 8 in a row in case you morons can't count that high...

Now the Steelers are headed to a softer part of the schedule with the next three games coming against teams with a combined record of 4 wins and 23 loses, if we keep playing the way we did Sunday there should be no problem at all.

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