Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Diego's Link's N'at....

Nice recap of the Pens game by the big guy… Good to see the Pens keeping the streak alive down in Florida, where they usually play like crap sandwiches. Ty Conklin almost recorded another shut out last night, and even though he let one in he still played a helluva game. Crosby also looked unreal, and how about that big Georges, Hall, and Taffe line? I like them a lot, and there seems to be a lot of chemistry between those guys.

As far as the Panthers go, they look like a team in shambles and they can’t even fill their arena with a two ticket, free parking, and free food and drink deal for $50 bucks and that is sad… Hey, why don’t the Buccos offer a deal like that? Oh that’s right it’s because they can draw a sell out crowd simply by offering a crappy made in China bobble head. Man we suck and man am I not looking forward to another baseball season filled with false hope and disappointment! I refuse to let myself get caught up in the Buccos spring “hype” trap that seems to get me every year…

Here’s a nice recap of the Steelers game from The Sports Network.

Now that we lost in the playoffs the only thing we have left to talk about is Heinz Field’s turf…super weak.

Ike Taylor thinks consistency is key for the Steelers next season. At least Ike is consistent, at dropping balls thrown right at him.

Here is 10 moments that defined the Steelers season.

Looks like Woodley will be the new starting OLB for our Pittsburgh Steelers in 08'.

I hate NBA Basketball, but Gilbert Arenas’ blog on is worth checking out, besides agent zero is the man.

Finally, check out my boy Basick Sickness he’s a hip hopper/rocker/entrepreneur who used to run the open mic hip hop night over at Hkan in the Southside. He has a new CD dropping real soon so be sure to be on the look out and make sure you cop it, it’s cosigned by

Until lata...

PS - That big news I was talking about is set to hit the blogosphere tomorrow, so be sure to check in with us and find out what all the hoopla's about. And there is some more bigtime news in the works, but it's totally in the planning stages right now, so I'll let you know more on that as it happens...

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