Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pitt Wins, Some Links from Diego

Pitt won last night against South Florida. It was their first Big East win and a real confidence booster after losing two recent games to ranked teams. Without Cook and Fields, Pitt is going to have to fight and claw their way every victory, and they did just that last night.

From my perch at the bar, I noticed Keith Benjamin having another stellar game, matching a career high in points with 20. My man averages over 18 points per since he entered the starting lineup. I have to admit, I was never a big fan of his, but he's been surprising me thus far and I hope he keeps on playing the same way.

One thing the boys have to watch out for is foul trouble. Blair and Young each had 2 first half fouls, and with our rotation being so crippled, we need those two on the court. It seems to be a big problem for Blair, but hopefully he'll learn as the year goes on, and I'm assuming the physical play allowed in Big East games will work to his advantage.

Let it never be said that I don't support our local Duquesne Dukes, as they won last night too, beating Fordham in their Atlantic 10 opener. I don't really know much about these guys, so I'll point you towards Dukes Court, a full time Duquesne blog that has really barnstormed the Pittsburgh blogging scene. He'll have all the numbers your little hearts could desire and will probably have a better recap then my 4 sentences here.

As for the rest of college basketball, last night, we saw a play at the bar that made all of our jaws drop, and, sure enough, it looks even better today -

Yea, I know, I hate UNC too, but did you see that crazy bastard Hansbrough dunking on a seven foot seven monster? That big SOB was dunking the ball without even jumping. Diego's first reaction was "damn, I guess white men can jump."

Why the hell he would let a scrawny guy like that emabarass him is beyond me. I would have at least taken his legs out or given him a CYO sucker punch or something...

Diesgo's Links N' at -

Adrew Ference tries to make excuses for why he got his ass kicked by Sidney Crosby.

Note from Snack - Ference is a little punk who got his face beat in by a superstar who's never had to fight before in his life. He claims he's a physical player, but all I hear is him calling Crosby soft (aka the guy who embarassed you on national TV). Big Georges, I think it's time you teach this 5-10 Canadian a lesson. Show him he can't run his mouth and call out the best player in the league just because he happened to be the first unlucky victim of Sid "the Slasher" Crosby. In closing, go to hell Ference, score a goal sometime this season then call me, jagoff.

The Buccos are discussing a long term deal with Adam LaRoche. About time they did something this winter I guess...

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