Monday, February 11, 2008

Couple of things...

First off, the Pens won yesterday 4-3 over the hated Philly Flyers...Malkin kept up his incredibly play, scoring a goal and adding three assists, and Ty Conklin was OK in net.

We now have a grip on second place in the Eastern Conference, and an even stronger grip on first in the Atlantic Division...The question, as reader benny benack's ghost pointed out, is what do you do when all these vets such as Adam Hall, Gary Roberts and Sid the Kid come back? Well Snack got you covered - here's how I think the lines should play out (barring any trades) when they playoffs begin...(in no particular order)


Malkin - Malone - Sykora

Crosby - Armstrong - Staal

Talbot - Ruutu - Laraque

Hall - Roberts - Taffe

Reserves - Smith, Kennedy


Whitney - Sydor

Gonchar - Scuderi

Letang - Orpik

In NFL news, my boy Tec over at Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies started a petition calling for all Patriots fans to henceforth be referred to as "nerd-ass idiot dork-jerks" because of their petition claiming the Patriots were robbed of some time or some crap. I read the stories about it and it all seems like whining to me (much like Seattle's "playing the refs" comments after XL), but I like the idea of calling the Patriots names, so I figured I'd let yinz all sign it...

Until lata...

PS - Check out Mondesi's House for our newest top 10 list...we'll have it posted here in a day or two, but we know how yinz can't wait for them, so we figured we'd let you know...

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