Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Morning Hangover (Part Duex)...

Reasons I’m Happy

Even though I had Giants 4 and Patriots 7 in a rather expensive block poll, and the final score was the exact opposite Giants 17 and Patriots 14. I am still pretty happy about the results of last night’s game. It woulda been nice to win all that money, but watching the Patriots blow their perfect season was also very nice. With that in mind here are a few reasons why I was happy after watching the Super Bowl…

I knew I wouldn’t have to wake up this morning and listen to every anchor and former football player sing the praises of the New England Patriots (As they’ve been doing all year long). It was refreshing to awaken and not have to hear arguments about whether this is the greatest team of all-time; thankfully they answered that question for us last night.

The season was a let down for all the Patriots fans. Remember when the Steelers went 15-1 and then lost to the Pats in the playoffs? It was nice to win all those games, but still pretty disappointing. All those smack talking, message board tough guys are eating a nice big slice of humble pie today thanks to Eli and the Giants, and that makes me smile. =)

Speaking of smiling, it was so sweet seeing Tom Brady walking off the field, as confetti poured down from the sky, not smiling at all. How great was it seeing Tom Brady slouched over walking off the field staring down at the ground in disbelief of what had just happened to him? So good that I actually put a picture of it on my desktop at work so I can come in every morning look at it and cheer myself up! Back to back years knocked out of the playoffs by the Super Manning Brothers… ouch that hurts.

(Pic from

I'll get you Mannings!

Junior Seau and Randy Moss did not get a ring. Junior is older then dirt and should just give up before the steroids really take their toll on his aging body. Randy still may get another shot one day, but blowing this chance will haunt him until that day comes. Just ask Junior if you don’t believe me.

Now that the Super Bowl is over all this Spygate talk is sure to increase over the off-season. With Arlen Spector and congress sticking theirs noses into it, this could spell more trouble for the Patriots if it was determined that they were making more tapes of teams sidelines and/or walk through. Either way, it's not looking like it’s going to be a carefree off-season for the Patriots.

Weird link of the week

In what has to be the weirdest thing I heard all week, Steelers WR Santonio Holmes was partying it up at the Maxim party Super Bowl week with none other then Mc Lovin… I can see the reality show possibilities now.

Until tomorrow, when we have a recap of our favorite (and probably least favorite) ads from the game...


Lance said...

I can finally watch sportcenter again!! Suck it Tom Brady!

Anonymous said...

Tom Brady is a great QB but not a good person we do have to give him the respect that he deserves

Anonymous said...

Such a fucking hater. They'll be back.