Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pens Suck...

What can be said about last night's game that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan? We looked bombed out and depleted as we fell to the hapless New York Islanders 4-1.

We looked like dog crap overall, and Ty Conklin reminded me of a younger Flower, letting in softies and not playing the puck well at all. Hell, he didn't even see one of the shots at all - his head was turned to the other corner when he got one lined right over his shoulder.

Luckily for the Pens, they don't have much time to ponder this beatdown, as they return to action tonite against the Devils, and have a home rematch with the Isles on Thursday night. The rest of their games are against Atlantic Division teams, so while we may only need 2 points to get in the playoffs, it could be a tough day come seeding time if we don't pick it up a notch. Where's the 7 goal outburst when we need it?

In other news, the Buccos sent five players down this morning, including Jonah Bayliss, Casey Fossum and Elmer Dessens. They also added Luis Rivas to the 25 man roster, all but assuring him a spot on the club.

The Pirates break camp next week, and as soon as the final team is announced, look for PNA to write a preview of our upcoming season. I mean honestly, we can't lose 16 years in a row, can we?

Until lata...

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