Friday, March 28, 2008

Pens win, Ruutu for President

The Pens won last night against the hated (and horrible) Islanders, 3-1. Ruutu netted three points, on a goal and two assists, which was his highest offensive output ever in a single game.

Everyone was psyched to see Crosby and Hossa play together, but Hossa kept getting knocked out of the game, with the final blow to him being a cheap shot from behind in the beginning of the third, which sent him off the ice for the final time. He also got sent off by a low hipcheck which took out his already ailing right knee, but he returned. No timetable has been released for him yet, and neither has an injury - let's hope this is just playoff manuvering (like the Steelers do when the flat out lie on the injury report), and not us covering up something serious.

Crosby and Hossa were both shut out of the scoring.

There was also the addition of the new look power play, which had Sid the Kid running the point with Gonchar, and Malkin, Hossa and Malone. The potential from this PP is ridiculous - three of the best scorers in the league, with one of, if not the highest scoring defensmen and a power forward on the cusp of 30 goals is perhaps the most talent EVER assembled on a line.

There will be more on this subject to come as Diego thinks the old PP of Malone, Malkin, Sykora, Gonchar and Whitney is better. I told him to lay off the crack rocks but apparently he didn't listen, so look for our conflicting views to be rather evident throughout the rest of the season and playoffs...

But back to Ruutu; Georges Laraque and him were absolutely handling business last night. On Geno Malkin's opener, Big Georges leveled some poor bastard in front of the net, allowing Geno's shot to squeek past. Rutuu then scored the second goal on a wrap around, where he flew up the boards and swooped behind the net so quickly that he beat not only the goalie but all the defenders as well to the net. And finally, Ruutu set up the final goal by shuffling a sweet saucer pass to Big Georges, who then flipped it in and did his patented "jump into the glass move" that he makes when he scores. The crazy SOB almost squashed some poor Isle against the glass during his celebration.

So congrats to Big Georges and Ruutu - keep it up men, we need ya to play like this in the playoffs.

In their honor, I'm going to post a couple of clips of what these two gentlemen are more known for...


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