Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Snack Attack -

First and foremost, I'd like to thank my "inside sources" for letting me in on their little secret yesterday, allowing us to break our first story...whoo hoo, watch out, people are going to start mistaking us for real reporters soon...

If you're interested in the story, check out our KDKA sidebar - it's a great widget and how I find out 90% of my Pittsburgh sports news (the other 10% is my old man yelling stuff at me about why we screwed up and who sucks and who doesn't)

Speaking of my old man, he sent me the following video. It's hilarious, and to think FSN, WTAE et al. all used this video on their newscast/shows. Enjoy!

Here's another reader contribution, this one courtesy of the man, the myth, the legend, Bobinkle. Enjoy!

I also found a few links yinz may like (the ones Diego left for me, Jesus he did a big post yesterday...)

Our boys over at Mondesi's House did a nice little number along the same lines as yesterday's post. It's called Get to know Detroit, MI, and is just as long and in depth as Diego's, so check it out if you call your self a hardcore Pens fan.

ESPN also has a story about goons and why we love them, and it's one of the better pieces I've seen out of them (the magazine that is, Sportscenter is still legendary)...You'll also find yourself liking a guy playing for the Syracuse Crunch named John "Nasty" Mirasty, who's as good a goon as there is. Check out these videos below of him in action and tell me you wouldn't like to see him in the Pens' lineup if we lost Big Georges to free agency...

He never really gets a knockout blow, but everyone in the videos (except that first guy) is a legendary tough guy. Dennis "the Menace" Bonvie and Steve "The Boss" Bosse is a hockey player/mixed martial artist. Yea, that jagoff actually goes in a cage and

Anyway, enjoy, and I'll have somethin' nee for ya tomorrow...

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