Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend Pens Links

You can tell this guy is Canadian...

The Pens finally realized that if they just let their bigger guys (Malone, Roberts, Orpik, Gill) kick the crap out of the smaller Red Wing players, it would help give us some momentum.

Wings beat the Pistons in ratings; I guess everybody in Detroit is as fed up as I am with Rasheed Wallace being a whiny little girl (not to mention Rip’s creepy face mask).

One shift could turn around the entire Stanley Cup Final. Therrien deserves some credit here, but it shouldn’t take a genius to figure out Malkin, Crosby, and Hossa can provide some serious speed and firepower.

The Red Wings' Thomas Holmstrom is a significant part of their first power play unit. Too bad for the Wings Holmstrom is hurting right now with a possible sports hernia, that’s what happens when you decide to mix it up with the USS Gill.

Brooks Orpik may resemble a serial killer, but he’s still one hell of a hockey player. Also, he had a great quote about the Wings saying, “They do have a lot of older guys on their team… So I think the more you can pound on them, it definitely takes its toll during the end of the series.”

Orpik put this theory on display on Wednesday night when he had perhaps one of the greatest shifts in Penguins defenseman history. This guy sure isn’t afraid to throw his body around.

Right in front of the Wings' fans too - awesome.

The Trib’s Joe Starkey hit’s the nail on the head when describing Gary Roberts effort in his latest article he says, “The "A" on that guy's jersey stands for "angry."” Does Roberts have any children? If so PNA thinks the Pens should sign them up now.

I think I have a man crush on Gary Roberts...

ESPN’s Scott Burnside takes a look at which stars have been MIA on both sides of the ice in the Stanley Cup Final.

Until lata...

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