Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pens and Steelers Talk

Instead of the usual links today, I'm going to discuss some things that have been going on recently with our beloved Pens and Steelers and let ya know how I feel about it (cause you all care so much)...

First let's talk about the Steelers...We know they're one of the AFC elite, even though they haven't played but a handful of good games this season. And why have they played so poorly (especially on offense)? Two words; Offensive Line. Our tackles may be the slowest in the NFL and NO ONE is blocking Ben's blindside. That poor bastard is only gonna last 7 or 8 years if we keep letting him get killed.

And as for Ben, you gotta learn to throw the ball buddy. You know your offensive line is crap, so you need to just take the quick slants (and not throw picks on them as you did against the Colts) and get rid of the ball. This is getting ridiculous big guy.

Bruce Arians - you (and the Pitt coaches for that matter) might be the most inconsistent coach I've ever seen. Some games, like against the Redskins, you look like a genius, everything goes well and Steeler Nation is happy. Then you go out and put up stinkers like you did last weekend that make us want to come out of hibernation and smack you around a little. You must be doing something right to be 6-3, but you also must be doing something wrong when we can't score at will on a team like the Colts.

And finally, missing Willie Parker has hurt more then people think. Sure, Melwelde Moore has been putting up good numbers, but it doesn't seem to me that he wears out defenses like Willie does. Maybe that's why they couldn't put the ball in from the 1 last game; the Colts D just wasn't as tired and beat as a team usually is at that point against us.

(Pic from

Welcome back Willie

Now for the Pens...

I can't really complain much about the way things have been going, seeing as we're near the top of the Eastern Conference without playing anywhere near full stregnth. However, I would like to see us grab a winger for Sid to play with for a few years, although Miro Satan seems to be playing very well next to him.

I'd also like to see a couple of trades (possibly for that winger). I like Gill on the penalty kill, but he's so big and slow that he almost negates his PK ability with his horribleness (that's a word, right?) at even stregnth. I also think, and I know people are not oging to like this, but we need to trade Jordan Staal now. I realize how good of a player he is, I really do, but we can't afford to keep three excellent young centers. With the salary cap where it is, we'd need to overlook other areas and we can't do that and expect to win.

Plus, I've heard through the rumor mill that we may be lookng at Illya Kovalchuk, and that would be an excellent return for Staal. I guess only time will tell...

Alrighty, I'm off to try and get a San Diego Charger all drunk (I'll explain lata...)

Until lata...

Oh and PS, I wanna wish a belated happy 23rd birthday to my lil bro, Pizzy Pop up in Dayton Ohio...Happy birthday brotha...

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