Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday's links (brought to you by Diego)...

Looks like gray bush still has some game… The Recchi’n ball scored 2 goals last night in his debut with the Thrashers.

Speaking of Recch’s some people are upset that he dissed Pittsburgh by some comments he made last week… What did you expect him to say we were right and he is washed up?

(note from Diego: Mike Ditka just picked Dolphins to upset Ravens as his underdog pick of the week on ESPN radio… I’m not sure what coach was smoking, but he needs to send some Diego’s way. Too bad Big Snack will probably take them on his parlay sheet now)

It looks like the Pens will be relying on ole’ Danny S. between the pipes as the Flower is going to be out with an ankle sprain for the next couple months. One of Diego’s favorite players, the Tal-BOT aka Max Talbot, will also be out for a couple weeks.

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Where is Tom Barrasso when you need him?

The Buccos signed 36 year old grizzled veteran Chris Gomez to a deal. Good to see the Bucco’s finally finding that last piece of the puzzle that they’ve been missing these last 15 years. Man I really hope Snack gets me Bucco’s season tickets for Christmas this year.

Rumor time

There are rumors circulating online that the Bucs are looking to acquire Mariners starting pitcher Jeff Weaver, maybe its because he pitched a 4 hit shutout against us June 20th. Let us not forget his record was 7-13 last year with a 6.20 ERA last year. Not to mention he comes with a 9 million dollar salary, no wonder the Bucs are interested.

More Jason Bay talk this week and now people are saying a deal could be in the works with the Padres, who have repeatedly failed to land a free agent outfielder this off-season. Catcher Michael Barrett is said to be involved, prospect Chase Headley’s name is coming up again, as is Xavier Nady. Only time will tell.

Random Ramblings

Tim Tebow is the man. Not only did he become the first sophomore to win the Heisman trophy this weekend, and he gets to hook up with hot coeds at Florida, but he also has a website dedicated to “Tim Tebow Facts”. If you’ve ever seen the Chuck Norris facts then you know what I’m talking about.

Diego’s movie pick of the week is No Country for Old Men. I checked out this flick last week and it is ruthless. It’s based on the book by Cormac McCarthy, and centers on a drug deal gone wrong on the prarie in Texas. Anton Chigurh steals the show as a sociopath who rolls around with captive bolt pistol (google it) and a shotgun equiped with a silencer trying to track down the missing drug money. Check this one out, you won’t be dissapointed.

Yes folks both Kennywood and the Meadows were sold to companies operating in Spain and Australia this week. People in Pittsburgh are acting like our small city is being taken over by foreign entities. It pains me to know that people in this town really are that ignorant as to think that Kennywood will turn into “one big taco stand”. Kennywood sucked anyway, its sucked for a lot of years, and if anything the sale will make it better because they’ll actually spend some money and put in some new rides to attract new customers. Instead of giving us the same crappy rides we’ve been going on since Greenfield day at Kennywood in the 1st grade. People in this town are so scared of change that it makes me wanna slap someone. I’ve heard, “are you gonna have to press 1 for spanish and 2 for english” and “they better not get rid of the fries for some rice and beans or there’s gonna be a problem” You closed minded yinzer’s need to find christ brah, and relax your precious Kennywood isn’t going anywhere.

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