Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Link's N'at

Steelers re-up’d Travis Kirschke with a two year deal. Knowing them, this will the Steelers big time free agent signing this off-season.

According to the crypt keeper aka John Clayton the Steelers are the 4th best drafting franchise in the NFL.

All 67 players on the Pirates roster in Spring Training this year. Hey that’s 1 Bucco for every win the team will get this season!

As I previously mentioned Geno Malkin took over the NHL points lead last night. I found this story over at Fanhouse about Alex Ovechkin and how he is currently dating this hottie. Now Malkin has the point lead in the NHL he needs a new hottie to have draped on his arm...

Disgraced reality star and PN@ favorite Dog “The Bounty Hunter” is set to return to his show on A&E.

For the drinkers out in Internet land, there is a new bar opening up tonight. Come check it out. The bar is called Hough’s and is located at 563 Greenfield Ave. in the Greenfield area of Pittsburgh (bordered by Sq Hill and Oakland). There will be good food, hot chicks, and cheap drinks… not too shabby. And lets not forget that at least one half of PN@ will be there, Diego.

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Burnsy said...

1st best drafting franchise in the NFL? The Miami Dolphins.

No? That's not right? Well, then I'm stumped.