Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday Morning Hangover...

Okay better late then never. Diego had the day off yesterday thanks to President’s day, but now its back to the hustle with another installment of Monday Morning Hangover. We had Pens in action, NBA skills competition, some fighting, and more drama from the world of baseball and steroids.

The highlight of the sports weekend from me was watching the NBA skills competition Saturday night. I hate the NBA and everyone knows that, but I can remember watching the dunk competition when I was just a young lad, then going out to a lowered hoop and attempting the dunks myself (often resulting in scraped up knees and bruised elbows). I could care less about the actual game itself.

The NBA skills competition has regressed in the past few years I will admit, but this year there was a lot hype surrounding the dunk contest. This was due to the fact that Dwight Howard asked for help on his dunk from NBA fans on Youtube, and also because there were rumors he and Rudy Gay would lift up the rim to 12 feet and attempt dunks. Rookie Jamario Moon predicted his own victory (didn’t happen). This kid really has some ups though and he has one hell of a story on how he made it to the NBA. He started off at a community college, played for the Harlem Globetrotters, and numerous minor league teams before making to the Toronto Raptors as a 27 years old rookie.

Howard single-handedly made sure that the dunk contest was entertaining this year; with three of the most creative and impressive dunks I have ever seen in my life. It is hard to pick a favorite, but I would probably go with the one where he ripped off his jersey to expose a Superman shirt underneath. Donning a cape he proceeded to fly through the air (his head above the rim) and throw down the dunk…

(Pic from shanghaidaily.com)

Up, Up and Awaaaayyyy!

The Pens got a quality win out of the boys on Sunday evening, with another impressive showing from Geno Malkin and Ty Conklin. Sid the Kid completed his first full practice on Monday since his ankle injury last month. Word has already come down that there will be no Sid tonight, but get ready though folks he should be back in the not too distant future.

Without Sid the Pens have still managed to come within two points of division leader New Jersey Devils. In Sid’s absence Geno Malkin has developed into the best player in the NHL. He simply can’t be stopped right now. The other team knows he is our bread and butter, but so far there has been nothing that they can do about it. Malkin, with 34 goals this year, is currently 14 goals behind fellow Russian Alex Ovechkin, but the way he’s scoring lately, he may catch him real soon.

It is crazy how well the Pens have meshed since losing their captain. It really looks like a whole other team out there at times. Before Sid went down its as if we only had one line doing the scoring, but after his injury the scoring has become more sporadic. This should help Therrien develop more lines with scoring ability and ultimately help the Pens win games in the playoffs.

Don’t miss the Pens tonight at 7:30 at home against the Panthers (PS - it's Jordan Staal bobblehead night)

(Pic from msnbc.msn.com)

Geno has good reason to be smiling...

There was also a couple fights that I wanted to see Saturday night, but I missed. First, there was Youngstown’s own Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik and his rematch against Jermaine Taylor. No one got KO’d in this one, like in the first match, but it was still a good fight. Most importantly, The Ghost got the win through a decision. Is Pavlik the next big thing in boxing? His record of 33-0 is impressive.

Also, street acclaimed street fighter and PN@ favorite Kimbo Slice took on a fat, sloppy, and man boobed Tank Abbot. This was Kimbo’s second mixed martial art fight, and he easily knocked out Tank in 43 seconds. Tank never stood a chance in this one, from the moment the bell rung he looked like he was about to crap his pants standing in the ring with the jacked up Slice. Personally I would like to see Kimbo take a shot at Mike Tyson. That would be just pure entertainment at its finest right there!

(Pic from w00tpwnoge.com)

Fight of the century...

In baseball news, the steroid drama continues… get used to hearing about this all summer long people because you most certainly will be. I am annoyed with it already, people cheat in sports deal with it. The greatest homerun hitter of all time cheated, and now its come to light that one of the best pitchers in the history of the game also is a cheater.

Andy Pettite is snitching on his friend Roger Clemens, and that isn’t right. However people who actually still believe that Clemens didn’t use performance enhancers are morons. Pettitte implicated his own father for supplying him with HGH, so why in the name of Brian McNamee would he lie about Clemens taking the steroids. It doesn’t make too much sense to me at all. Additionally whomever Roger Clemens hired as a defense team needs to be fired. You make over 20 million a year Roger don’t be an idiot, cuz they people that told you to get up there and talk about “misremembering” the past are jag offs.

Until lata...

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