Monday, March 17, 2008

When it rains it pours...

Well boys and girls, it was quite a weekend of sports here in the Burgh. Pitt won the Big East tourney on Saturday, and followed it up by being announced as a 4 seed in the NCAA tourney, matching up against Oral Roberts in Denver.

It's been a very impressive run for our Panthers - no one predicted they'd win the Big East Title, let alone be named a number 4 seed. Levance Fields has really stepped his game up, as has Biggs (I know I'm having trouble believing it too) and of course, the man, the myth, the piano-playing legend, Sam Young.

Young was the player of the tournament, absolutely shredding everyone that got in his way. Him and Levance are the main reasons we've been playing well, bringing that veteran intensity (at least Fields) that we need.

Super-frosh Dejuan Blair has played OK, but has been in foul trouble, much like he has been a lot of the season. When he's on the court, he's a hoss - but playing 9 minutes like he did in the semi-finals isn't gonna work in the Big Show.

And a little side note about Pitt that I thought yinz would be interested in - Bob "The General" Knight (and if you don't know who this is get off my site, now) predicted Pitt as the national champs last night on ESPN. He loves our mental toughness, which is something sweet coming from the man who is so tough he's thrown chairs and/or basketballs at referees, choked a player, and probably (not 100 percent sure) killed a man.

And what can be said about the Pens? They've been on a two game tear, scoring 14 goals over the span. They won 7-1 yesterday over the hated Flyers.

Geno Malkin scored twice, as did Petr Sykora, and we looked like the team everyone has expected us to be all year. Marian Hossa also got his first score as a Penguin, launching a nifty wrister from the slot into the bottom corner off of a great screen (can't remember who it was, but I wanna say Malone since it's always f-ing Malone).

Fluery played well in net, and the defense played perhaps their best game of the year. And my man, monster Hal "the Gill-a-tine" Gill, played a strong defensive game AND got to rub someone's face in the ice without getting a penalty called on him. I just keep thinking about the playoffs when Gill will be on the backline and Gary "I'll Eat your Children Come Playoff Time" Roberts will be on the frontline. If that doesn't strike fear into those stupid Canadians (not the team, the entire country), I don't know what will...

Until lata, and I promise that updated mock will be up soon - lil bro is in town till after Easter, so there's been lots of running around to do and the such. And I think Diego may have a MMH for yinz, but knowing my lazy ass, it'll be up tomorrow...

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Benny Benack's Ghost said...

i gotta admit, I thought Gill was a deal to build a little depth and kill penalties. Now Scuderi gotta be looking around and wondering who he's gonna replace when his boo boo gets better.

Geno, Sykora and Malone are playing outta their heads right now. Sid, Hossa and...Mad Max? Kennedy? Who knows? Who cares? Pick your poison.

I dunno if we're tuff enough to take a run at the Cup, but we shouldn't be losing 2-1 (unless the zebras revert to the bad ol' days).

These guys are looking more and more like the racehorse Pens of the early 90's every day.