Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Link's N'at

Bleacher Report keeps it real with their “different kind of preview” on our 2008 Pirates.

And who knew the Pirates had a bullpen? Apparently they do, so here’s a preview of the 2008 Bucco bullpen (or lack there of).

Bob Nutting believes the Pirates have a “tremendous respected franchise” and also uses the phrase “culture of success” to describe them. This holds true as long as you have had amnesia for the last 15 years that is.

Looks like Nyjer “Monday” Morgan picked the wrong sport as a youngster. I’m sure he’d much rather be playing for the first place Penguins rather then our lovable losers, the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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Nyjer please!

The Flyers face off against the Pens tonight at 7:30. Philly is looking to make the playoffs the return of RJ Umberger shouldn’t hurt their chances.

And our man, Old Balls Gary Roberts is eyeing a Sunday return from his broken leg/high ankle sprain...He's going to absolutely murder someone when he finally hits the ice - you know he's pissed that he's missed this run. Whoever we play better watch the hell out because they'll look like giant T-Bone steaks to that crazy old bastard.

Here is some Steelers 1st round draft pick speculation from Fanhouse.

As the off-season in football progresses, the Cardinals continue to make the case to change their team name to the Steelers-West.

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Fake ass Steelers...

Until lata...

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