Thursday, April 3, 2008

Link's N'at

The Pens game last night was pretty sweet; blood, sweat, sucker punches, cheap shots, 2 goals by Sid the kid, a win, and an Atlantic Division Championship.

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How sweet it is...

The Pens have set a franchise record by selling out all 41 home games this season. Translation… good luck getting playoff tickets, unless of course you’re Diego and Snack (we got the hook up).

A Pens- Flyers playoff series would be freakin’ awesome because it is probably the most heated rivalry in the NHL, we hate them and they hate us. Too bad if we beat them on Sunday in Philly they may not even make it to the playoffs. In this article from a Philly newspaper Daniel Briere calls Jarrko Ruutu “one of the dirtiest players in hockey”.

The Buccos bullpen let up 7 runs in the 8th as we went down 10-2. There goes that undefeated season…

Even though we lost last night, cheer up Buc’s fans, here’s a list of 10 Positive Things about being a Pirate Fan.

In a story filed under the too little too late category; the NFL officials have once again apologized to our Steelers for screwing us over with another shitty call (or lack there of) in the playoffs. In related news, Seahawks fans are still waiting for a an apology from the refs for all the calls they were crying about after Super Bowl 40. (crybabies)

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WE should have won the Super Bowl. WAAHHHHH!!!

I woke up to one of the stranger interviews I have seen in awhile between Chad “Ocho Stinko” Johnson and ESPN’s Brian Kenny. They shoulda changed the title of this segment to the awkward show, because it was plenty uncomfortable. Judge for yourself.

James Harrison had the charges against him dropped by his baby's mama...Apparently he's already done anger management and psychological counseling, which is impressive considering he's all finished with his "therapy" and the incident happened like 2 weeks ago...If I pimp handed one of my many lady friends, you can bet your sweet ass I'd still be rotting down at ACJ...

And finally, a lil more Cinci Criminals news - former WVU player Chris Henry was cut from the team (ala Cedrick Wilson) for allegedly hitting someone with a beer bottle or hanging some dogs or beating up his lady or something liek that...Hell, that crazy hoopie could be slangin crach rocks for all we know. But at least we don't gotta worry about him torchin the Steelers or his family staring down Big Snack at the 2006 Bengals - Steelers game...I won't get into it but let's just say the ushers were replaced by security...

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