Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pens Sweep Sens; Go Home Canadians

What a difference a year makes! The Pens delivered the fatal blow last night in Ottawa as they defeated the Senators 3-1. The Senators never really had a chance in this series, the Pens put forth a much better effort, and it showed.

There were a lot of difference makers out there for the Pens that you could give credit to, but the man who deserves the most praise for his play is the Flower, Marc Andre Fleury. Throughout the first four games Fleury has only allowed 5 goals total. Sure the Sens were a broken down team, but don’t take anything away from his effort. Despite missing a couple months due to a high ankle sprain, Flower has proven to everyone he is the best goalie in the playoffs thus far.

As for the Sens, they looked like a team who had given up. Sure captain Daniel Alfredsson came back in game 3, but he clearly wasn’t 100% and was largely a non-factor in the two games he had played. Superstar Jason Spezza also nursing a injury, couldn’t get it done. Spezza recorded only one assist in all four games. All in all the Pens were just too much for to handle.

Nice efforts from Hossa, Geno, Sid, and the rest of the crew in round one. Now we wait and see who will be next up on the hit list. Should give the players such as Gary Roberts plenty of time to heal up and be ready to go again next week. Lets go PENS!

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