Thursday, January 17, 2008

5 Reasons to watch the NFL Playoffs...(by Diego)

Ok people, with another weekend of football on the horizon, us Pittsburghers are left with an indifferent feeling as our Steelers have already been eliminated from competition. The questions remains how are we supposed to get excited to watch football now that the Lers have finished their season prematurely. Don’t sweat it, Diego’s got 5 reasons to give you so you can still get pumped to watch some football this weekend…

5. The Bucco’s season is coming sooner then you think.

You better believe that before you know it there will be 6 long months of baseball ahead of us. That means a whole lot of Bob Walk, bobble heads, fireworks nights, and pierogi races...and losing. Oh ya, and also not a whole lot of gridiron action going on except when you're playing Madden. Essentially what I am saying here is enjoy America’s true past time while you can. Of course I’m referring to football, not baseball. And remember the Steelers may not have lived up to expectations this year, but at least people actually have expectations for them… the Bucco’s just plain old stink.

4. It gives you an excuse to ignore responsibilities.

All you guys out there now exactly what I’m talking about... Instead of making a trip to Ikea and Home Depot this weekend, you can tell the wife to call her sister and go out with her because you’ll be glued to the tube watching the pigskin fly. Football gives you the excuse to have a guy’s night out, drink beer, eat chicken wings, fart, and act belligerent. (who really needs an excuse for that anyway but its always good to have one I suppose) Oh ya, and the most important thing, you can put off doing the chores around the house for another weekend so you can sit in front of that 100-inch wide screen plasma TV you bought your wife as a Christmas present and watch the NFL playoffs in crispy 1080i high definition.

3. You can root against the Patriots.

Lets face it, everyone in America hates the Patriots, except those idiots on our message board and the whole town of Boston, which can burn to the ground as far as I’m concerned. In fact, when I make it rich off of PNA, I am going to buy the town of Boston and promptly burn it to a crisp, using the warm ashes to cook Smores. Seriously though, it gets old hearing about these cheating bastards everyday day for the last 4 months. And honestly, I enjoy riling up the Bostonians, as they get overly emotional and defensive when you talk smack on their precious lil' team. I can only hope that they feel the pain that I felt when the Jags kicker booted that game winner on Saturday night. Let the hatred guide you, and watch the Pats get smacked down in the playoffs.

(Pic from

The mean streets of Boston!

2. Mike McCarthy

This guy is the man - not only did he come out of nowhere to become what I believe is the coach of the year in the NFL, (screw you Bellichicken) but he is also a transplanted Pittsburgher! McCarthy is from Greenfield, just like yours truly, so you know I am going to be rooting on his Pack now that the Lers have bowed out. What is not to like about him? He got Favre to first come back, second to calm down and stop making all those bad decisions he was making last season, and lastly he has a team that’s 2nd in the NFC with no real big name stars besides Favre. The man didn’t even have a decent running back until November and he still kicked ass all the while taking little to no credit for it! No one saw the Packers doing what they did this year in the NFC, winning all those games and getting a bye week in the playoffs. So cheers to you Mike McCarthy, make us Greenfielder’s and Pittsburgher’s proud this weekend!

1. Gambling

Why is the NFL so successful and a billion dollar industry? That’s right, its gambling… it makes the world go round. Without gambling football would be screwed, but luckily for us that’s not a problem cuz every Joe Schmo knows at least one bookie, and even if you don’t you can still bet with a buddy, or gamble online. One sure fire way to make sure you're paying close attention to a game is to throw some cheddar on it, then you won’t even blink in fear of missing a game changing play. (but you may also have a minor heart attack) Either way its going to make the game WAY more exciting… just try not to get in over your head - you wouldn’t wanna have these guys below showing up at your door to collect…

(Pic from

At least your kneecaps had a good year in 2007...

Until lata...


BooBoo said...

I hope those 5 guys you have in the picture are next year's Steeler O-line. Super Bowl guaranteed!

tha friendly stranger said...

go steelers!

Biobinkle said...

Are they free agents? If they were in the draft, we would probably pick some practice squad punter over them.