Thursday, January 17, 2008

Diego's Link's N'at....

Not a whole lot going on in terms of Pittsburgh sports, but here’s some quick links to keep you entertained and informed of any news happening today…

Pitt’s defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads is leaving to take the same job and join Tommy Tuberville down at Auburn.

Ok we get it he’s not gonna go to Pitt, but where do the experts say that Terrelle Pryor will go?

Ty Conklin is getting lots of love from the big media outlets.

ESPN’s Damien Cox thinks Conklin should be considered for the Hart Trophy this year.

Yocal Mark Madden still thinks Conk should ride the pine when the Flower fully recovers from his high ankle sprain. reported that Green Bay Fox affiliate WLUK will not run Seinfield in its normal timeslot Saturday afternoon because it is Eli Manning’s favorite show. I must say I find it hilarious knowing the extent some are willing to go to do what they believe will help their home team win. I do give them props for engaging in psychological warfare with Eli and I hope it works out for them. What’s next, sending a hooker to Plax’s room the night before the big game just like Lawerence Taylor used to do back in the day?

Until lata...

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BooBoo said...

It's a compliment - backhanded, maybe, but still a compliment - to Wanny that guys like his coaches enough to steal them. They're going to schools like Auburn and Miami, so it's not like they're bailing on him. He said he wants his guys to move on up, and the replacements he's gonna interview look like serious football guys and recruiters.
The Flower taking over Conk's spot between the pipes? That's up to Ty. If he keeps playing lights out, Fleury's in the runway and Saborin's in Wilkes-Barre. If he fades, then Marc Andre is the man again.
And never underestimate the Cheeseheads. They're every bit as nuts about the Pack as we are about the Stillers, and they don't have a hockey or b-ball team to share their love with.