Monday, January 14, 2008

Diego's Monday Morning Hangover...

We were treated to a pretty good weekend of sports, especially when you consider the fact that this was our first true Steelers-less weekend in quite some time. The NFL games were all entertaining, and definitely not as lopsided as the spreads for the game made them out to be.

In the AFC, the Pats handled business and simply outplayed the Jags, winning 31-20. The Jags gave 'em a decent game, but Brady and Moss proved to be too much for the Jagoffs to handle. At least you had a thrilling win against us, Garrard...better luck next year.

In the Sunday game, the Chargers held off the Colts, 28-24. Peyton had a hell of a day, but it wasn’t enough as the Chargers seem to have the Colts number. The Bolts held strong in this one after losing star running back LT and hot-head Phillip “Whiskey” Rivers to injury. See Steelers, whenever you actually have capable backups at running back you can actually still make progress in the run game whenever your star goes down. I am pretty sure there isn’t one team in the league that would rather have Dookie Davenport over either Michael Turner or Darren Sproles… (ya I’m kinda bitter)

So that leaves the Pats and Chargers in the AFC title game. The Chargers haven’t faired to well in this game in the past. (They are 1-3 in AFC Championships with the one win coming against the Steelers in 1994...) And only time will tell which players will return from injury to play next weekend.

That game at Lambeau was probably the most fun to watch because of the snow that was constantly coming down throughout the entire game. I was working during this one though, so I didn’t get to pay close attention, but the game was on a nearby TV. I swear that every time I looked up there were more points on the board. It was ridiculous… hope you gamblers out there bet the over in that one. Good to see Mike McCarthy leading his boys to a NFC Championship in his second year as coach. And screw the Seahawks anyway those bunch of whining little girls.

In other NFC action, the G-Men outlasted the Cowboys, 21-7, Sunday afternoon in Dallas. This proved to be the most entertaining game of the weekend due to all the extracurricular activity that was happening. With all the hoopla over Tony Romo and Yoko-Romo (Jessica Simpson), was there any surprise that Jessica wasn’t watching from inside the stadium this time? Or was she? The NY Post, those sly bastards, hired a Jessica Simpson look-a-like and stuck her three rows behind Dallas’ bench. Although I am pretty sure this crosses over the journalist boundary from appropriate to inappropriate, it is still funny as hell and a pretty harmless idea. They even decked her out in the now infamous pink and white Tony Romo jersey, and it actually worked...well done NY Post. That Jessica Simpson may be dumb as a rock, but she is the best type of distraction that I can think of.

(Pic from

I guess Romo never heard of keeping it on the down low...

It just kept getting better after the game was over, as TO broke down in tears and the Giants defensive players took shots at the loud mouth receiver. While TO used his stunna shades to cover up the tears squirting from his eyes, Michael Strahan and Antonio Pierce talked some smack of their own. Strahan said that TO and Patrick Crayton could eat some of that popcorn in TO’s home movie studio while they watch him play in the NFC Championship next weekend, while Pierce also commented about the popcorn quote. As for TO, he was left looking like his dog just died… calm down buddy, there’s no crying in football (unless of course you're Hines Ward and your best friend is supposedly retiring after a heart breaking loss in the AFC Championship at home… that’s the only time its acceptable)...

A few things I think….

The Giants have actually won 8 games in a row on the road, which is an impressive feat in the NFL these days, but can they really go into the frozen tundra and win in what could be one of the coldest games in the history of the league?

TO - what is with this guy? I mean he called Jeff Garcia gay after the 49ers lost in the playoffs, but he gets all teary eyed and tries to defend his QB now? I think the only person crazier then this TO fella is Britney Spears… therefore I thought it would be interesting to imagine the two hooking up in 2008. Yup that’s right, I am calling it now, TO and Brit Brit will be the hot new couple this year… is there any doubt that this one will end in heart break? Either that or murder suicide. Keep these two on their meds and there shouldn’t be any problems.

Refs… These NFL refs are killing me in the playoffs this year. More bad calls this week including a phantom holding call on a 90+ yard INT return TD by Antonio Cromartie, and another BS pass interference call against the Chargers later in the game. I know the NFL wanted Colts-Pats in the AFC, but it is absurd the refs make calls to help them win…

Steelers… as I was discussing above, the Steelers depth at RB is sad at best. I guess that's what happens whenever you take a punter in the fourth round, only to have him shank the last and most important punt of the year against the Jags… find Christ Sepulveda, you waste of a 4th rounder. How about this year we take one of the 8,000 running backs that are declaring for the NFL draft? An extra running back would come in a lot handier then another special teamer. (Though lord knows we need help there too)

Until lata...

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