Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Diego's Evening Ramblings...

First off, I know Big Snack already recapped the Ice Bowl/Winter Classic results but I figured I would throw in my two cents as well. Man this game was awesome, actually with all of the rowdy drunken fans, pyro, and patriotism it kinda felt more like a WWE wrestling match then it did an actual hockey game, but I am pretty sure that is a good thing.

PNA associate White Marcus was in attendance yesterday, and was kind enough to text me some pictures he took during and after the game. Word from Marcus was that the game was a great time and huge success. He said the game looked to be about 30% Pens fans, but he also told me that, “if I have to hear Sidney Crosby is a (homo) one more time I’m going to stab somebody.” Well played Marcus, I’ve been to Ralph Wilson for a Bills Steelers game and you are definitely right those Buffalo residents are some real scumbags.

The game play itself wouldn’t be described as top-notch hockey, but it was more about the ambiance for this one. Those Pens jerseys were ill and that mask Conklin was wearing was simply ruthless, way more serious then that gay little sock Miller wore on his head during the game. It kicked ass seeing these players skating around playing in the snow, and the crowd was simply unreal standing up for most of the game.

This game led me to thinking that maybe the Pens should try to incorporate some type of roof that opens up in their new arena. Now I’m sure this will be more expensive and time consuming, but just think about how bad ass it would be to have an arena where you could open the roof. (one that actually works that is) I dunno just a thought I guess; lets get you started with Diego’s first links of the New Year…

Here's a recap how yesterday’s Ice Bowl was for some of the fans in attendance.

Sid the Kid mighta got most of the admiration for the Pens win yesterday, but Ty Conklin also played a hell of a game. (not to mention wore a bad ass mask)

(Pic from

Not sure which was prettier that mask or Conk’s lightning quick glove hand...

The Pens home game this Saturday has has been moved from 7:30 to 3:00 due to the Steeler game kicking off at 8 Saturday night. So now some maniacs can actually attend both games.

Steelers end season for Starks and Kriedwalt, and also sign a couple more fat bodies and a guy who is best known for his skiing.

(Pic from

Hang on, is this guy a kicker, a skier, or an underwear model? Either way he can still probably return kicks better then Willie “Most Useless WR Ever” Reid...

The Philly newspaper calls for a WHAAmbulance for Freddy Taylor in response to his diss of Heinz Field.

Looks like everyone is jumping on the Jags bandwagon. They are the media’s sexy pick as underdog Super Bowl contender in the AFC.

With the team depleted by injuries, can can Big Ben be the difference maker this Saturday night for the Lers?

Adrian Peterson, aka Cash Register, aka Purple Jesus, aka Diego’s fantasy MVP has won rookie of the year honors. Too bad he couldn’t pass LT to win the rushing title too, this kid gives everyone a reason to watch the Vikings he’s simply that good.

Former Yankee is in some real hot water to start out 2008. Hope he still has some of that Steinbrenner money to pay for a lawyer.

Check out USA Today for a recap of yesterday's bowl game action.

Rumors are swirling that Reggie Bush has asked his girlfriend, and homemade porn star, Kim Kardashian to marry him.

(Pic from

She is smoking hot, but definitely more booty call hot then wife material. Wake up Reggie she’s just a semi-famous groupie!

Until lata...

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BooBoo said...

They snowballed the dude wearing God's sweater? Those Buffalo guys should be lucky enough to sit down and watch Lemieux, Francis, Coffey, Jagr and now the Kid skate every night. The Pen's may not have always been good, but haven't lacked star power for the past couple of decades.