Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Morning Hangover...

Its been a few weeks off, but Diego is back this week with another MMH. This weekend was filled with sports action and I’ve got plenty of things to get off my chest, so lets go…

Let me start out with everyone in Pittsburgh’s least favorite team the Pirates. They stink again, but the only difference is that this year people are finally starting to get fed up. As of last week the Pirates attendance dipped to last in the majors. This is right where it should be if you ask me. Sure we’ve got the nicest ball park in the game, but its frustrating having to hear about how “hard they’re trying” year in and year out, for 15 years.

I know what your saying, and yes it is early in the year, but the straw that broke the camels back was the release of Matt Morris today. I don’t blame Morris, I actually pat this guy on back he managed to pitch 4 games this year, going 0-4 with a 9.67 ERA and now he’s gonna be able to kick up his feet and collect his 10 million.

This is simply asinine move on the Bucco’s managements part. (old management not new) The Bucco’s and old GM (and jagoff of the year) David Littlefield acquired Morris to “stabilize the young pitching staff” whatever the f that means. We’re talking about the same GM who was too stingy to draft prospect catch Matt Weiters BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T WANT TO PAY HIM THE 10 MILLION DOLLAR SIGNING BONUS, opting instead for another left hander pitcher (I’m shocked). I don’t understand this, and maybe if you do you can explain it to me cuz now the Buc’s are not only on the hook for the 10 million this year, but Morris will cost them another cool million next year because of buy out cost!

I have had enough. I enjoy going to Buc’s game as much as the next guy, and I still may go down to toss back some IC lights with my friends, but I refuse to give these scumbags another dollar of my money. They do not deserve it because 5 years down the road (or less) we will fire our whole staff and start the whole “rebuilding” process all over again. Screw you Littlefield and I hope the Nutting’s jumps off one of the many bridges in this fine city.

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I'd like to wipe that smirk off his face...

Now back to the good teams in this city, the Steelers and Penguins. Steelers drafted this weekend (hope you enjoyed the live blog), and in a surprising move, they actually took a pair of guys on the first day that may be able to bring something to the table this season. (as long as we can get them signed and in camp)

In the first round the Lers selected Rashard Mendenhall, running back out Illinois. Certainly not a choice that Najeh “Dookie” Davenport wanted to hear, as it could spell the end for the “Dump Truck” here in the Burgh, but who knows? I like Mendenhall as he is big, fast, and most of all give’s FWP (Fast Willie Parker) a bit of break, as he won’t be forced to carry 30+ times a game anymore.

The only problem is he may be blind.

Second round Steelers drafted Limas Sweed, a tall WR from Texas, and of course, he is the answer to Big Ben’s prayers. I can’t believe we got this guy second round, as many speculated he would be the first or second receiver to go this year.

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He doesn't look like a Sweed...

Best first day the Steelers have had in awhile as far as I am concerned, lets hope it pans out. Either way though, you’ve gotta believe the Steelers took a look around the rest of the AFC and realized in order to be a top notch team they had to make their offense more explosive. That is just what they did on day one of the NFL draft this year.

On day two of the draft Steelers took Bruce Davis II in the third round, he was a defensive end at UCLA but Steelers plan on moving him to outside LB. He excels at rushing the QB, but might have some trouble with mobility. Coulda been a bit of a reach but we will see.

Next picked was Tony Hill a tackle from Texas. Finally, Steelers address the need of picking up another hoss for that O-line of theirs. Maybe this means we can send Sean Turd-han packing.

Fifth round we took Heisman candidate Dennis Dixon, quarterback out of Oregon. If he pans out this could be brilliant, unfortunately he reminds me of Kordell Jr (he even wears #10). Please no one show him the way to Schenley Park (just incase). Apparently this dude can also play some baseball, so the Bucs may wanna take a look if we cut him loose eventually.

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Shake and Bake...

In the 6th round we had two picks - one was Mike Humpal, a white boy linebacker out of Iowa. Can anyone say special teams specialist? Hopefully he can tackle cuz our special teams was pretty bootylicious again last year.

Our last pick was Ryan Mundy, safety formally of Michigan and WV fame, but he also played high school ball right here in at Woody high. (Note from Snack - little known fact, he also played at Central Catholic for a year)

Links for your viewing pleasure...

Yinz guys might think Mayor Luke is bad, but borrowing the home land security SUV doesn’t seem like a big deal when you read this story about another young mayor from outside DC.

This musta been one hell of an open bar. Over the weekend a couple from Shaler was arrested for starting a brawl after their own wedding. Apparently the groom ninja kicked the bride. Was he watching too much WWE or UFC fighting, or is he just a fan of Chuck Norris?

Looks like good ole’ Roger Clemens may have some bigger issues then steroid allegations… Good to know Roger enjoys him some underage ass.

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