Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pens Win, The Playoff Beard Continues...

The Pens won last night, 5-3 at MSG against the hated NY Rangers. It was also the seventh consecutive playoff win for the Pens, making them the first team to do so since 1994.

Apparently, the win came at a cost - Max Talbot may have broken his foot. He was spotted today wearing a walking boot, and no one around the team, including Talbot himself, will discuss the injury (as is customary in NFL and NHL playoffs).

Talbot may be a heavy price to pay, but I think Jeff Taffe or Gary Roberts will be up to the task. It's times like this that I'm glad we've had a lot of players gain a ton of experience during the regular season, guys like a Jeff Taffe or a Connor James.

Even these idiots got some playing time for the big team.

And, in some late breaking news, Snack's Public Enemy #1, Sean Avery is in the hospital with a lacerated spleen. I would normally use this space to bad mouth him, but he's in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit, so that's some scary stuff and I won't kick a man when he's down.

And finally, for those of you who know Big Snack, his playoff beard will not die. We'll post a pic of Snack in all of his glory sometime soon - hopefully before he turns into full ZZ Top Mode...

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