Monday, April 28, 2008

Snack Attack

As I mentioned earlier, the Pens won yesterday 2-0. It was a defensive game, with both goaltendersplaying very well, and it certainly was a hard hitting affair.

SS Gill and Big Georges handled their business with Mr. Avery (see last post) and the Flower kept his sheet clean in the net. Overall it was an awesome effort all around.

And check out this video - it may be the sweetest in person video that I've seen from the Igloo, and for those of you that don't know, it's Snack's Enemy #1 getting his face beat on by SS and Georges. I love how Talbot, Malone and Scuds all turn around to protect the big guys from the rest of the pissed of Rangers. Hell, Flower even jumps in and grabs somebody, all culminating in the celebration behind the net. Whoever shot this is the man, except the audio is a lil suspicious to say the least...

By the by, I have a couple of insiders down at the Igloo, and I'm not the only one who has a problem with Avery - you can now include the staff of the Igloo ice surface. Apparently while they were cleaning the corners of ice shavings before one of the periods, Avery and his "friends" decided to make fun of them and harass them, so much so that the referee came over and put them in their place.

My old man used to work on the ice crew, and said if that happened in his day, they woulda just slapped him with their shovel. I, for one, would like to volunteer my services as an "ice man" for game 5 (if we even need it).

Watch your back Avery, Snack's off the latter part of this week, and he's not above coming up to NYC to pay you a little visit...

Until lata, when Diego plans on sending me his MMH for yinz...

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