Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Morning Hangover...

It turns out the weekend started for me on Thursday this week as a trip to watch the Pens game at the bar in Shadyside turned into an all night affair. The Pens looked good early on Thursday night, but lost the lead to the Avalanche and could never quite get it back. Same old story for the Pens on Saturday night, minus me at the bar, but same results on the scoreboard with a 3-2 loss to the Islanders. Pens once again came out of the box looking sharp taking a two-goal lead and seemingly outplaying the Islanders early. The first NHL goal for Tyler Kennedy and the third of the season for Ryan Malone wasn’t enough for the Pens who went with Fleury in goal. The Pens once again struggled to keep up with the opposing team for three periods and it showed as they lost their second stright on the road. These past two games for the Pens have been let downs but tonight they will have another chance to step up their game at 7:00 against New Jersey.


There was a ton of good college football this weekend, which started off with Pitt laying the smack down on Syracuse to get what is almost certain to be their last win of the 2007, but hey you never know I guess. Shady McCoy continues to impress racking up 140 on the ground and another TD, to put him at over 1,000 rushing yards on the season and only two TD’s behind Tony Dorsett’s freshmen record of 13. Pitt got to quarterbacks Cameron Dantley and Andrew Robinson sacking them six times on the day. The defense came up huge all day long, but the biggest play for the D came with under 30 seconds left when freshmen Greg Romeus sacked Dantley, to seal the fate for the Orangemen.

All in all it was a good effort put forth by Pitt at home, and with the second win of the year coming with Wannie in the booth one has to think his knee surgery may have been somewhat of a good luck charm for the Panthers, or at least a rallying point.

In other news in college football, UConn defeated Rutgers to tie a school record with 9 wins on the season. Who the hell is a UConn? I can’t name 3 players on this team and they are winning the Big East; that ain’t right. I know at least 3 players on South Florida, but they lost to Cincy this weekend after turning the ball over 8 times...looks likes someone had a case of banana hands. In a Big 10 match up Ohio St. came back in the 4th quarter to defeat Wisconsin and avoid the upset. Finally Kansas lumped Nebraska scoring a Big 12 record 76, word has it that Nebraska is still nursing a few bruised egos after taking that beatings at the hands of Kansas. For the rest of the weekend recap in college football check out this recap.

Finally Sunday is here and as I wake up I realize the only games on are Bills vs Bungals and some other crap sandwich on Fox, that I don’t even remember. On that note, I am off to Damons, to spend Sunday anticipating the Lers game and watching the 1 o’clock’s at the bar.

I had to watch this scary bastard all day...

Some of these games kept my interest, especially Minnesota vs San Diego, where All Day, aka the cashier (shout out to Merril Hoge), aka Adrian Peterson ran 30 times for 296 yards and 3TD’s. I think Hoge said it right when he stated, "this man makes you pay every time you try to tackle him". AD is an absolute beast, and Childress is insane if he doesn’t give him 30 touches every game he is single handedly carrying the feeble Vikings offense, sorry Chester Taylor. Peterson keeps this up and he will have a shot at taking down the all time record for rushing yards in a season 2,105 held by Eric Dickerson. Screw rookie of the year, if the Vikes can hold on to make the playoffs there is no doubt in my mind Peterson is the MVP of the NFC.

Another highlight was the interception by Shaun Rogers of Detroit. The Lions rolled on the Broncos at home 44-7, but all I know is that had to be the fastest I have ever seen a 350 lbs man run 66 yards. I haven’t seen a fat man move that fast since last time I went to a buffet with Big Snack. My man was running like he stole something. And the best part wasn’t the ruthless stiff arm he gave to little guy Selvin Young around the 10-yard line; the best part was the leap he made into the end zone. Was this a celebration? Or was Shaun just lunging for the oxygen mask?

Colts-Pats started off kinda slow, but the finish proved to live up to the billing. Colts defense looked up to the task of stopping Brady, until the 4th quarter that is. Although the Colts led in the 4th quarter, Brady managed two TD drives that led his team to another win. I know, I know, everyone in America hates the Pats but they keep winning, and I think I have figured out why. It’s one of two reasons. One, Giselle Bundchen has magical lady parts. Or two, Brady is a robot sent back from the future, Terminator style, sent here to save the world from any more stupid ass Peyton Manning commercials.

Hey baby...

Looks like the old Favre really is back this year, guess McCarthy and the Packers are for real this year in the NFC.

That also goes for Drew Brees, Reggie Bush and the gang. The Saints have now won 4 in a row.

How's you face?

Brownies pull off their first 3 game win streak in 1.5 millions years, and its gonna be real interesting in the Burgh next week if the Ravens manage to get a win tonight at Heinz field.

That's it from Diego...And remember about election could be interesting... Until lata...

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