Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Diego's Pens Recap and News...

After being disappointed by Pitt I was ready to head downtown to check out the Pens for the third time this year. Before going into the game I first paid a visit to the Souper Bowl on 5th avenue so I could get my yager bomb on and try, to no avail, to lower my intake of $7.50 Labatt Blue’s inside the Igloo. One observation I’d like to share is about the pat down on the way into the arena; lets just say they get a lot more friendly with you at Heinz Field then they do at the Mellon Arena (not that I am complaining about that but come on give me a little challenge sneaking my flask and/or other paraphernalia into the game) Step your game up Mellon security.

As for the game itself it started out not so great… the Canadians were beating us up and beating us by two goals. At this point I was ready to help the teenagers in front of me jump the obnoxious Habs fans sitting rows ahead taunting us waving around their stupid Canadian flag (don’t they know they are America’s hat, stupid Canadians) The 2nd period didn’t start off too hot either as the ever unstable Fluery gave up his third goal and was subsequently pulled for back up Danny Sabourin. It seemed that Therrien had some choice words for the team at intermission because they came out playing a lot better after letting up that third goal, scoring twice to tie up the game. They had one goal from Crosby, to Malkin, back to Crosby that was absolutely ridiculous and got the crowd of 17 thousand right on their feet and cheering. (and shut up those Canadians for the time being)

The third period was a struggle but the Pens pulled Sabby and ended up scoring with under two minutes left in the game, stealing a point from the Habs. The crowd was pretty rowdy at this point even though they stop selling beers at the drop of the third. However, the Pens couldn’t score in OT and for the second time this year I got to see a shoot out, live in person. On a side note, I am a big fan of the shoot out. Who wants to sit for a whole game and have it end in a tie? That shit's weak style. What should I do, shake hands with the Canandians fan and go home? No I wanna see some more action, and action is what we got with 16 shooters going and more then one quicker then lightning glove save from the backup goalie. Unfortunately, the Pens couldn’t get the win but it was still a great comeback.

Players of the game for me were Evgeni Malkin and Danny Sabourin. Geno had three assists and seemed to be playing like a man on a mission. Danny, who came in for the piss poor Fluery, made some clutch saves prompting the crowd to chant SABBY! SABBY! Also, the nachos I ate during the 1st period were the shit (gotta love those stadium cho’s). The lowlights were the fact me and Snack were both in the house and we got a loss further confirming my theory that Snack is indeed the whammy. (I’m thinking about starting a petition to prevent him from going to the Steelers Monday nighter next week)

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