Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Random Sports News and Links #1...

After watching MNF last night, I am pretty sure the only way to explain Favre’s play is that he is back on the meds. Not to mention that he now has the Pittsburgh connection thanks to Mike McCarthy. ABC’s Take

Looks like not only did Cowboys party boy, Tony Romo, pick up a new $67 million contract, but apparently he may have also picked up a little VD, Britney Spears style. Gotta love that bye week...Here's the Story

The Pens go on the first game of the road trip to play the number one team in the Pacific conference tonight the Minnesota Wild, and Flower will be watching, just like us, because Danny Sabourin should be getting the nod after that shoot out performance this weekend. Check it Out

Speaking of Minnesota, here is a link to an A-Z description of the Xcel Energy Center, one of the premier hockey venues in the states. If you’re like me then after 30 years of narrow hallways and mini scoreboards your ready for the Pens to get that new arena built ASAP.Xcel Center

Something that has pissed me off for a number of years are all the jagoff’s that try to have a fake ass terrible towel whenever their drill riding team makes the playoffs, it happens in every sport, or sometimes when football teams play against the Steelers. Get your own idea to support your team you unoriginal bastards or Myron Cope is gonna come kick you in the nuts...

Looks like Girardi is going to manage the Yankees. There goes Snack’s dream of him becoming the next Bucco skipper to lose 90 games in a season, maybe you should hold your breath for my uncle Joe Torre or Don Mattingly.

Speaking of Yankees, someone needs to punch A Rod directly in his adam's apple; this arrogant prick conveniently announce he was opting out of his contract the same day as game 4 of the World Series. Really Alex you’re that much of a self-centered moron that you couldn’t stand any other story in baseball taking the lead over your Excellency on Sportscenter. Take a look

CREEP OF THE WEEK: I could probably pick this part on magicians alone they are so weird, but man this David Copperfield takes the cake, just one look at the dude he freaks me the f out. I mean personally, I don’t trust a man with a weird looking mini-fro that just so happens to be able to make the statue of liberty disappear at the snap of a finger. But on the other hand, who really is the bigger creep Copperfield or this chick for 1. Going to a David Copperfield show in the first place 2. Actually going backstage after the show to try to get “autographs” (that’s what you kids are calling it these days?) 3. Not taking the 2 million dollar pay off, could it really have been that bad?

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