Thursday, November 1, 2007

Midday Munchies (brought to you by Diego today)

Note from Snack...

Diego emailed me some links to post this's the goods, and look for my dinner time posting, which will probably be the last of the evening...Diego and I are planning on heading over to South City Tavern in South Side to see our boy Jack for the game. We'll have a Pens recap up in the morning, and possibly a bar review too...sorry for the delay but trust me, you don't want a drunk Snack rambling on about the good and/or bad side of the Pens..

Steelers are undefeated at home this year, outscoring opponents 84-19, and they also have won 11 straight at home while playing on Monday Night Football.

Kornheiser can't even hold his microphone right...

Reggie Bush is still in hot water for allegedly receiving almost $300,000 while playing at USC from 2004 to 2006. What, you thought all that Cali Trainwreck was free?

Jesus freak Jon Kitna is making news, not for his play, but for his Halloween costume.

He just looks like he belongs in Cinci, doesn't he?

The Brownies picked up Ricardo Colclough off waivers. With any luck he’ll be “catching” punts for them in the November 11 match up with the Steelers.

Hope you took the over in this one. A team out of Kansas, Smith Center High School, made national headlines scoring a record 72 points in the 1st quarter. Place your obligatory Bill Belichick joke here.

He always looks like he hates life so damn much...

Could there be a new slash playing for Duquesne? Since coming to play for the Dukes, former Pine Richland standout, Greg Hough, has played fullback his freshman year, linebacker his sophomore year, and now as a junior he is the team’s starting running back and captain. He is also second in the MAAC with 372 yards rushing.

Sid the Kid visits the Colorado Avalanche for the first time in his career tonight at 9:00.

I hope Sid can deliver wins as well as he delivers season tickets...

Kelly “the Ghost” Pavlik is a skinny white boy from Youngstown Ohio, but he is also the middleweight champion of the World. With a big 6’2” frame and 75” reach Pavlik knocks people the f out using his ferocious right hand. He is an imposing 32-0 with 29 wins coming by way of knock out. Get familiar with him at his homepage. And please do yourself a favor and check out this clip of him dropping people.

If you haven’t seen the movie Grandma’s Boy I suggest you rent it off NetFlix immediately because it is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. One of the main reasons is actor/comedian Nick Swardson’s performance; this dude is hilarious. If you're looking to kill some time, check him out at his Myspace page and be sure to check out all the clips he has posted - they kick ass. Swardson, who was also in The Benchwarmers and Reno 911, just dropped his debut CD, Party on Comedy Central records last Tuesday.

Check it out...

Until tonight...

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