Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday Morning Hangover...

Alright, well after sobering up from the weekend festivities, it's none other than Diego the great here stopping in to write his first weekend recap for pierogis n’at hereby titled the Monday Morning Hangover. In this segment I’ll recap this weekend’s sports action, the stuff I care about at least, and give you some insights and observations I made while I was watching the games, greazing, and drinking some Irons…

The weekend in sports started off pretty f’n weak, as they didn’t even give as a World Series game on Friday night. I mean I am as sick of baseball as the next guy, but there wasn’t even a college football game on Friday night. So if you were looking for any sports action your best bet would have been to go to a high school football game and hit on some “mature looking” high school students. To quote Matthew McConaughey’s Wooderson from Dazed and Confused, “That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.”

Speaking of high school football did anyone else see that Jeanette Greesburg CC game Thursday night on FSN? Ya, I didn’t either, but while tuning in before the start of the Pens game they showed one highlight of the two TD’s Jeanette had already scored. It involved All-Everything QB Terrell Pryor aka Superboy faking a handoff right and running a naked boot left, scoring about a 10 yard TD, and along the way just about decapitating a poor Greensburg CC linebacker… and not only did he just about knock this kid into next week but this kid was also rewarded with Pryor giving him the longest "f you buddy I’m sure you’ll remember this when your watching me play starting for Ohio St. next year in both football and basketball stares that I’d ever seen in my life". It looks like Pryor is already a pro at bruising both bodies and egos alike. If you don’t know about this kid check out and crawl out from whatever rock you’ve been living under.

I was looking forward to Saturday because its finally that time of the year when we are getting past all the BS in college football now that the Penn St.’s and OSU’s of the world are done playing teams the likes of Florida International and Kent St we can finally see some real ball and some rivalry games. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending how you look at it, I had tickets to the Pens game that evening, so I couldn’t watch highly touted OSU-Penn St match up at 8:00, I had to settle for a little Pitt-Louisville action at high noon.

My first thought after watching a few series from this Pitt game is the same thought I had after watching every Pitt game so far this year… these guys are hard to watch. With such a young group of players Pitt just looks disorganized and they have trouble executing, constantly starting out the game going three and out. Once again Pitt offense underperforms gaining only 270 yards on a team that hasn’t been able to stop anyone all year long. Pitt did do a good job of holding future NFL QB Brian Brohm to well under his season average in passing yards.

Still, the story of the game was Shady McCoy getting a case of fumbilitis on the one yard line, just as we were about to tie the game up. Although it’s easy to point fingers at Wannstache (shout out to Mondesi’s house) or Cavanaugh for the disappointing season, the bottom line is they are doing the best with a depleted roster due to injury, and with the young talent they have. After all, it’s not easy to win games when starting three true freshmen on offense in any conference, let alone the Big East.

On a positive note, the last two weeks have shown that Pitt isn’t giving up. After coming back to upset 23rd ranked Cinci, and this week almost completing a comeback against Louisville, Pitt showed that they have a solid core of young players led by freshmen starters McCoy and Pat Bostick. Hopefully Pitt can finish the season strong with a few more wins to have momentum built up for next year because after this disappointing season Pitt fans are just counting down the days till hoops starts. The Trib’s take on it

JoePA craps his pants again (figuratively) and Happy Valley is left dejected as #1 OSU silences critics and Penn St fans alike. Penn St. Sucks

West Virginia keeps their win streak alive and stays in contention for the Big East Title and BCS bowl birth. WVU Sucks

Uconn proves to skeptics they are for real taking out South Florida and staying at the top of the Big East standings. UConn Sucks Too